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Part 3 - An outing

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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As I was immersed in my thoughts, I didn't notice someone lean their tall frame against the tree.
Then, a cold drawl came to my ears... "What are you doing in my place?"
I jumped at the sudden interruption, and turned to face this intruder of my thoughts. As I met cold icy-blue eyes with white-blond hair/fringe falling into them, in a way that made any girl itch to brush them away, I cursed mentally, [Noooo! /Why did it have to be him/? WHY?] I looked at him and said heatedly in reply to his coolness, "What do you mean, 'your place'? This is my place!"
"I don't see your name on it anywhere." He drawled coolly and smirked.
Ugh! How I wished to wipe that annoying smirk off his face! I stood up in front of him, glared into his face, even though I was at least a foot shorter than him, and said emphatically "I don't see yours either!"
"Ahh... that's where you're wrong, little Miss Potter..." Denethon said leaning around me and tapping his forefinger on the letters 'D.M.' carved into the tree trunk.
"So?" I said, glaring at him even more, for being proven wrong. There has always been just something about Denethon Malfoy which rubs me up the wrong way... "Those could be anyone's initials other than yours! They could be any random person's initials, someone with a first name beginning with D and a surname beginning with M! Even your /father's/."
"I assure you, they're mine. I carved them in, when I experienced this same situation many years ago. Only, that time, I was in your position. It doesn't matter though, if they were my father's initials this would still be my place inherited from him. So, either way, it's mine."
Grr... He was such a smartmouth. Always so quick to answer back. And... that hair falling in his eyes, is really sexy... WAIT! WHERE ON EARTH DID THAT COME FROM? Ugh! He is NOT sexy! NOT sexy! He is an evil, evil Malfoy! My anger flared down. It wasn't getting me anywhere being so angry, when he was so cold and smirky. "I'm not moving." I said stubbornly and sat back down against the tree.
"Did I ask you to?" he said smirking, and sitting down next to me, causing my stomach to do a strange sort of flip flop, I had never experienced before... "I just asked what you were doing here in my place."
This was wrong! There was absolutely no way I would sit next to a Malfoy like him!!! I jumped up and exclaimed, "This is not your place! It's mine!"
"And I just explained why it's mine." He said leaning back against the tree and closing his eyes.
Now he was ignoring me? The nerve of him! UGH! I was so mad I just walked off and left him. By the time I was sitting down in the library to read, I realised that he had gotten exactly what he wanted. He had figured me out pretty well. He had deliberately sat down next to me and made me mad, knowing that I would walk off in a fury and leave him alone in 'his' place. OH! I HATED HIM! Later at night I would go down and carve my initials in the tree also.

As I leafed through the pages of a random potions book, I felt someone place their hand on my shoulder. I whipped around and saw Jenny with her hand on my shoulder, and May and Mimi behind her! Yay! They were finally up! Now we could have a good gossip or chat, or go to Hogsmeade! I decided that maybe it would be best if I kept the earlier incident with that Denethon Malfoy to myself for a while. We were all a bit unpredictable, and if the boys found out they might have gone and started a fight with him. It would not be a good idea to get house points docked off Gryffindor before school even /started/.
The girls grinned and sat down next to me, whispering, "Let's get out of here so we can have some fun! Do you want to go to Hogsmeade or not?"
I nodded emphatically back and we all jumped up, and practically ran out of the library, ignoring Madam Pince's shouts of behaving in the library.
We made our way to the hump-backed one-eyed witch statue on the third floor, took out our wands and muttered "Dissendium.", going into the secret passage to Honeydukes' cellar. It was more fun to go this way, than by the carriages pulled by the Threstals. When we finally reached Honeydukes cellar, we waited for a few moments before scurrying into Honeydukes and feasting our eyes on the many sweets that lay before us. After the quarter of an hour it took us to actually decide what sweets to purchase, we eventually bought our chosen sweets and left the shop to go to the next shop on our list... Zonkos Joke Shop! We were regular customers there and good friends with Zonko himself. He gave all of our gang previews of new items, and sometimes he even gave us free merchandise! ^^ As all of us were either children, nieces or nephews of Uncle Fred and George, this greatly helped when buying from joke shops.
May flicked her shoulder-length, custom Weasley, red hair out of her face, pulled out and opened her box of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, that she had just purchased in Honeydukes. She popped an inconspicuous looking red bean in her mouth, then sighed in relief that it was cherry flavoured, before offering the box round at everyone else with a grin. Jenny picked a yellowish bean and spat it out quickly when she found it to be Vomit flavoured. "/Yuck/!" She exclaimed, quickly unwrapping one of her chocolate frogs and chewing frantically on it to get rid of the vomit taste the bean had left in her mouth.
Mimi and I declined, choosing our own sweets of Acid Pops for her, and Fizzing Whizzbees for me, over May's high risk beans, of which there was a large chance of choosing disgusting flavours.
After picking up usual supplies such as firecrackers, dungbombs, stinkbombs and the like, from Zonkos to torment the aged Filch and his cat Mrs. Kibbles (Mrs. Norris sadly died a long time ago... yeah! Ha. Right. Really sad. I love cats normally, but the stories we had been told of her from our parents didn't give us a very nice idea of what she had been like, but Mrs. Kibbles was even worse. She actually tried to trap us until Filch came!) So, as I was saying, we picked up usual prank supplies from Zonkos, we did a little window shopping and stared at the expensive new Lightstreaker brooms in the quidditch shop. Then we went to the Three Broomsticks for much needed rest and Butterbeers. ^^ Butterbeers are so delicious!

Jenny slumped down on her seat by the window table we had chosen, and exclaimed, "Merlin I am so tired. After all the travelling yesterday and our shopping trip today, I'm going to sleep soundly tonight, that's for sure." She yawned loudly.
"Cover your mouth, Jenny." May, Mimi and I said out of habit. Then we all laughed. That was like a reflex for us now. ^^
"Yeah, yeah." She answered vaguely. "So... Are there any goodlooking blokes this year? Do we have any transfers from Durmstrang or Beauxbatons? Any love interests at all for you three?" She questioned, her eyes lighting up with interest.
"Whoa... slow down with the questions!" Mimi said grinning. "Well... I got to talking with my dad's friend's, Lee Jordan's, son, when they came for a visit over the summer holidays... You know, Nate Jordan, in the sixth year?"
Jenny and I furrowed our brows and asked, "Who's Nate Jordan?"
Mimi's cheeks became a little pinker than usual and she said "Oh, oops... His name's actually Nathan Jordan. He asked me to call him Nate... He said all his friends do..."
May, nodded and grinned, "Oh yeah! At that dinner party Mum and Dad had! I thought you'd deserted me, you were off alone with him in the garden so long!"
Mimi blushed bright red, and mumbled something along the lines of "Um... yeah."
I pinched her cheek and said in a singsong voice, "Awww... how cute. Little Mimi's got a boyfriend!"
She covered my mouth with her hand and muttered forcefully, "SHUT UP!"
The rest of us giggled at her actions and Jenny asked, "Is he fit?"
Mimi's eyes suddenly went dreamy, and she spaced out.
May looked at us and rolled her eyes, but said, "Yeah, I suppose he was all right, not my type, but he was pretty good looking yeah." She glanced at Mimi before laughing and saying, "She probably thinks he's a god... Although, the oddest thing was that when his family left late in the evening, he said goodbye to Mimi and I, and could actually tell us apart easily. He must be pretty observant..."
I replied, "Yeah that is quite odd... Most people can't tell you apart at all, even after knowing you for a while... and you two haven't really hung around him here at Hogwarts, have you?"
May shook her head. "No we haven't... but I think I've seen him hanging around Nat, Drake and Dev a lot. Maybe he knows from them, but then... that would have to mean he had been watching us... So..."
I grinned as we reached a conclusion, and finished her sentence for her, "So that would mean he probably has a thing for Mimi..."
Mimi went starry eyed. "You think he has a thing for me? Oh that would be amazing! There's the Halloween dance, and the Christmas ball coming up! Maybe he'll ask me to go with him!"
"Hey, Hey, Mimi! Hold your horses! We're not sure he fancies you, we'll just have to wait and see..." Jenny said trying to calm Mimi down. "And back to my earlier question, what about transfer students from Durmstrang or Beauxbatons?" When we shrugged in reply, she said, "Oh well, I suppose not... It's not likely to happen in the middle of the year, is it, now that the school year's starting. Anyways, what about you two, have any lads taken your fancies?"
May and I shook our heads in unison. We didn't have any boyfriends and never actually had had one. "Nah," I said. "I suppose there are plenty of fit guys at Hogwarts, but, well, There's just no one I like that way..."
May nodded and said, "Yeah, same for me... The boys we know are more like really good friends for me."
Jenny smiled sympathetically at us, before exclaiming, "Well, we'll just have to fix that, won't we!"
"/Jenny/..." I said wearily. "Just because you're so happy shackled to your Liam, doesn't mean we all need to share in it..." (Bet you didn't expect her to have a boyfriend, did you?)
Jenny's smile faded and she looked a little miserable. "I know..." She sighed. "But I want to see you guys happy, and now he's finished Hogwarts and gone off to play quidditch for Puddlemere United, like his dad did at his age, I'm really lonely and I miss him so much..."
"Oh Jenny..." May, Mimi and I sighed, leaning over to give her a hug. "I'm sure it'll all be all right..." I said, trying to cheer her up.
"But what if it isn't? I mean, he's three years older than me. What if he can't wait for me to finish school? I really do love him." Jenny said, her eyes filling with tears. The age difference had always worried her.
May handed her a tissue, and we all hugged her again, before I said, "Look, lets get out of here, it's too public for all this talk of boys. Shall we go back to our dormroom? Then we can talk it all out."
Jenny nodded at my suggestion, and we all left the Three Broomsticks with our bags, this time deciding to take the Threstal-pulled carriages back to Hogwarts instead of the Honeydukes passage. We didn't have an ivisibility cloak to use anyway, and if we were caught sneaking into the cellar, we would be in a difficult situation.
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