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Part 4 - Could things get any worse?!

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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Once we had gotten into a carriage, Jenny tried really hard to keep her tears at bay until we could get to our dormroom. Luckily she succeeded, but once we had entered the hall, made our way to the gryffindor common room, went up the stairs to the girls' dorm, and entered our dorm room shared between the four of us, she burst into tears.
"It's just... It's just... I..." she managed between sobs. I hugged her and May pulled out her wand, spoke a spell and magicked a box of tissues. Jenny pulled a tissue out of the box, blew her nose loudly and wiped her tears.
"Do you think you're able to talk about it now?" Mimi asked comfortingly.
Jenny nodded and rubbed her hands against her sore red eyes and blotchy face. For some reason all of us girls in our family, never could look good when we cried. Some girls can but some can't. We're of the can't section. Jenny breathed deeply, and said huskily, "I... It's..." She cleared her throat. "I... I've been pretty... pretty upset all summer... I... I tried to keep it in and not make you... you guys worry... but... I... I suppose I can't do that anymore. Um... You see, I haven't been able to... to see Liam since the before the summer holidays and... and at first we exchanged long letters frequently, but as the summer holidays went on, he started..." At this she broke into sobs again. "Oh my god! Arggh! I hate feeling like this!" She exclaimed, rubbing her hands harshly against her tearing eyes. "I'm really sorry, I sound like a complete wet rag! Like those girls we always made fun of... I'm just so... so scared and upset..."
This sounded more like the Jenny we knew and loved. We all smiled sympathetically at her and waited for her to finish.
"Well you see... it's... well... well Liam started sending shorter letters and... and less frequently... and now, the last letter I had from him was two weeks ago and only a few short lines. I have it here." She fished in her pocket and produced a worn scrap of paper. Jenny obviously missed Liam terribly. She had probably had the letter close to her since she received it, two weeks ago. Jenny was such a romantic sometimes! ^-^! "Anyways," she continued without even looking at the letter. She must have memorised it! "All it says is; 'Hi Jenny-love, I hope everything's good for you, I'm really busy here at Puddlemere. I miss you. Liam.'"
Mimi grinned. "Ooohhh... Jenny-love is it?"
Jenny blushed brightly. "Oh... um... That's a pet name he has for me..."
"Aw... How sweet!" Mimi, May and I chorused giggling.
"Shut up!" Jenny exclaimed, blushing even brighter. "/Anyways/! Do you think i'm being paranoid, or... do... do you think he's... he's... l-l-lost in-in-interest in me?"
"Don't be silly, Jenny!" I exclaimed. "He adores you. A three year age difference is nothing, and isn't anything to him either!"
"Yeah!" May chipped in. "Whenever you're together, it's plain for everyone to see how much you two love each other!"
"Yes! You're his Juliet!" Mimi added. Everyone burst out laughing at Mimi's comment. "What? What did I say?" When no one replied for giggling, she added sarcastically, "I'm so glad i'm so /amusing/!"
"S-sorry!" We managed to gasp between giggles. "H-have you been re-reading your Shakespeare's plays again, in the romantic feeling from your Natey?"
"It's Nate! N. A. T. E. Nate!" Mimi exclaimed, blushing bright red.
"So you were re-reading them in the hope of new romance?" I replied laughing.
"Um... Um... Change of subject! Let's get back to Jenny and Liam!"
"Oh you so were!" I exclaimed grinning.
"Um... Oh, fine! So what if I was?! I like Shakespeare's plays!!!" (AuroraNight: I LOVE SHAKESPEARE TOO!!! ^_^! YAY FOR SHAKESPEARE!!! WOOT!!! ^_^' um... heh heh heh... lol God I'm weird... lol)

Jenny grinned. "Yeah we all like them too, but not to the point of obsession and consulting them when ever you fancy blokes!"
May and I nodded solemnly.
"Yeah well... Um... NEVERMIND! Jens, it's really nothing to worry about. I am positive Liam still loves you as much as you love him, and it's probably because he's so busy playing quidditch."
Jenny sighed. "I really hope so..."
"Hey!" I said. "Everything'll be alright!" Then I grinned, shouted, "Group pile up!" and jumped on top of Jenny, joined mid air by May and Mimi.
We all ended up as a giggling mass of bodies with Jenny's muffled screams of "Get off me!!!" but sounded more like "Gedduff me" lol ^-^

Later, it turned out we had missed dinner, from all the ensuing talk and gossip about the rest of the gang and their relationships etc. One remark particularly caught my attention though.
May had said something about how she thought my older brother James fancied Melissa Mendel from Ravenclaw. That was crazy... she hated him... and I told everyone else so. But, with him being Head Boy and she being Head Girl, they would have to spend most of their time together because of all their duties. Something flickered in the back of my mind... I know I've seen something... That was it!
"Hey everyone!" I said quickly. "I've just remembered something! James has this pocketbook/diary thingy which he writes important dates into and notes etc, well, I'm sure I saw the letters M.M. on the cover..."
May grinned widely. "I knew it!!! When I saw them walking in the hall he looked like he was running after her trying to talk to her... I wonder if he'll be able to get her to go out with him by the end of the year..."
It turned out that we missed dinner and it was past the time that students were allowed out around the castle... so we drew straws to see who would go down to the kitchens and ask the house elves for some food. Well, I bet everyone can guess what happened with my luck... Yep! I picked the shortest straw! So I was the one who had to go down and get the food... Oh, Joy! Plus, if I got caught I would have a weeks detention... o_o' That wouldn't be good... Anyways, I left the dorm and sneaked out into the dark halls, but just as I stepped down off a staircase and entered a dark hall, I whacked straight into something! [OH NO!] I thought wildly. [It must be a teacher! Eek!] But as I looked around I couldn't see anyone... I couldn't have just bumped into nothing, could I? This was odd... But as I stood stock still, an invisibility cloak was pulled off a body to reveal someone. Can everyone guess, come on now, think hard, who would it be, with all my bad luck? Yup. Denethon Malfoy. Every inch of his six foot body riddled with cold, icy, smirkiness! Of course he was gorgeous.. but what did I care? cough cough Okay so what? Fine he's absolutely damn gorgeous! But I don't fancy him! I don't! No way!
"What are you staring at Melina?" He said coldly. (He actually knew my name?!?! O.O)"Never seen someone else walk around at night like you are doing now?"
GRRR... He's soooo... UGH! "Of course I have. And why would I want to stare at you?"
"Oh that hurts. That really hurts." He said sarcastically, putting a hand over his heart and a smirk playing about his face.
"Good!" I said sharply. He always makes me so mad! UGH!!!
Then another voice came floating out of nowhere. "Well, well, well. What do we have here?" Snape said, coming around the corner. Denethon quickly shoved his invisibility cloak up his robes. "A Gryffindor and a Slytherin student out of bed arguing in the halls? Hmm... I believe this calls for detention, Potter and Malfoy."
Denethon nodded and said, "Yes, Professor." there was no point arguing with /Snape/. It would just make things worse.
"A weeks detention to both of you, the first starting tomorrow evening in my classroom. Be there straight after dinner. Do not be late."
When I turned to look at Denethon again, he had disappeared. Oh, it was all his fault! Ugh! Now I had a weeks detention! And school hadn't even started yet! Great. Just great! Well, since Snape had already caught me I thought I might as well go and get the food anyways.
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