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Part 6 - The dreaded detention...

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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I walked soberly with the gang to dinner and ate... The food was fantastic as usual, but I didn't really taste anything... I was too sickened at the thought of the hours I would be spending with Denethon Malfoy and Snape each night until the weekend... UGH!!! Denethon is SUCH a jerk... It's all his fault... We wouldn't have been caught if it weren't for him... All right! So I bumped into him/... but if he had covered us both with his invisibility cloak, or if he hadn't been there in the /first place we would NEVER have been caught... grr... It's all his fault... I noticed Denethon stand up and leave his seat at the Slytherin table so I excused myself as well and headed towards detention...
~~~Denethon's thoughts~~~
That PotterWeasel girl... UGH... What on EARTH was she doing wandering the halls in the middle of the night... Okay okay... fine, I was wandering the halls too, but why did we have to meet... Those PottyWeasels are some of the most annoying and moronic people I have ever had the misfortune to come across... Although... She is beautiful... and so nice to people other than myself... WAIT! What am I /thinking/?!?! She's SCARHEAD'S daughter!!! But Scarhead definately married someone goodlooking enough to father such a hot daughter... I really wish she wasn't a Potter or a Weasley, then I might actually be able to make a move on her... No no NO!!! Merlin's beard! I must be going mad... I never thought she was attractive before... Damn these teenage hormones, DAMN THEM!!! I'm crazy... I swear I'm crazy... I'm talking to myself, so maybe i'm hallucinating too... maybe she actually looks as ugly as that parkinson girl who always follows me around... what's her name? Something flowery... Oh yeah... Geranium. Brr... How that name brings fear... I'm telling you, she is a bloody stalker. I mean her mum used to do the same to my dad, but MERLIN, she takes it to extremes... she once tried to get into my bathroom when I was having a shower... and she was naked... Merlin, that image has scarred me for life...
I glanced over to where Melina was sitting. Nope. Still hot as ever, (until she opens her mouth). Still looking nothing like Parkinson... Damn.
I jumped out of my thoughts. I swiveled round to look my best and only mate Nick Zambini in the face. (Crabbe and Goyle don't count, they're more like mindless servants) Longish black hair, blackish eyes, tanned skin. We really are a contrast, what with my pale skin, blue eyes and whitish blonde hair... "Yes Nick?" He is the only, and I mean /only/, sane Slytherin, apart from me of course, if you could even call me sane, in the whole year, possibly whole house... The rest are all inbred, evil, greedy, nutcases... Our house is supposed to be cunning, but they're all ridiculous excuses for Slytherins... excepting some... Nick is normal, his brothers and sisters are all right too, there are some others, especially a few younger ones on my quidditch team. Yeah, I'm quidditch captain of the Slytherin team and quidditch captain of the school now that Gryffindor quidditch obsessor Liam Wood has left to play for Puddlemere United. Damn I wish I could get out of here and go do something like that. Although, I have to admit, Wood is an amazing player, he made sure Gryffindor won the quidditch cup every year he was captain... but now he's gone, and I am going to whip the Slytherin team into shape, I want a chance at that quidditch cup this year. It's my seventh and last year after all, I think I deserve to go out with a bang... It's going to be hard though, Wood taught his successor well, that Weasel boy Patrick is good...
Nick interrupted my thoughts again and said "D? You really are out of it tonight... Just thought you should know, your detention with Snape's coming up..." He smirked at the look on my face and pointed at the door. "You should get going."
I smirked back at him. "Oh thanks so much..." I said mockthankingly.
"Oh you're welcome." He said innocently. Innocent? /Right/... Nick innocent is like a Gryffindor being evil and cunning... not about to happen. I got up, saying, "See you later" and left the Great Hall. Detention with Professor Snape and Melina Potter... This could be interesting...

~~~Back to Melina's POV~~~
Once I had reached Snape's potions room, I knocked on the door.
"Come in." Snape called from inside.
I entered, Denethon was already sitting.
"Sit." He said.
I sat. (In a chair as far from that Denethon Malfoy as possible of course) After all, it would just make things worse if I mouthed off at Snape...
"Right you two," Snape started. "I have to leave for other matters, so you two will go through all of my potions cupboards and re-lable every potions vial and bottle. The doors are spelled to unlock at eleven and then you will be able to go back to your dorms. You will continue this for the rest of the week." He pointed at all of the cupboards around his potions classroom, at the re-labeling items on a desk, and swept out of the room.
Great. Just great. I was stuck here for 5 hours, labeling hundreds and thousands of potions bottles, with Denethon Malfoy. Gosh, I felt like just jumping for joy. Yippee. Grr... Why was he such a jerk and Snape such a... such a... UGH!
Denethon smirked. "I suppose we should get on with it."
Wait! Wasn't he going to go all Slytheriny on me and force me to do it all? He smirked again. I glared at him. Slytherins were some of the few people I hated... "Yeah."
About four and a half hours later, my fingers were killing me... I placed my pen, half written label, and bottle of veritaserum down.
Denethon glanced over at me. "You know..." He said. "We wouldn't be in this situation if it weren't for you." ME? If it weren't for ME? How dare he!
"Oh /right/..." I said. "And if you hadn't been invisible and there in the first place, I would never have bumped into you!"
"Oh, so now it's my fault!" He exclaimed, his eyes narrowing and looking really pissed off.
"YES!" I exclaimed just as angrily. It hadn't only been my fault... "You were standing, /invisible/, in the middle of the hall way! I didn't know you were there! If you had moved I would never have bumped into you!!! It's all your fault!!!" I accused, jumping up from the desk I had been sitting at, in anger.
"WHAT?!" He exclaimed jumping up from his desk also.
"You heard what I said! It's all your fault!" I said, advancing up to him, until in fury, with his head bent down from his far larger height, our noses were almost touching.
"It. Is. Not. My. Fault." He said, gritting his teeth in rage and trying to control himself.
"It is!" I exclaimed back, slipping back into childish argument.
"Merlin's beard!" He said furiously. "You are so... so... INFURIATING!!!"
"Same goes for YOU!!!" I replied angrily.
"You... You..." He started.
Somehow, something... something just happened. It was as if something pushed us into eachother... Our fiery tempers had raised us to a point where the slightest thing would have tipped us... our eyes were looking straight into eachothers, my emerald green and his icy blue... then I just had this feeling... like I had to touch him...
Denethon caught my face between his hands and brought his lips crashing down on mine. It was... amazing... like this was what I had wanted the whole time... This was a time when anything that would never have been previously allowed could go... I slid my arms up around his neck, my fingers sliding through his soft whitish blonde hair. My first kiss... Absolutely... I can't even think of a word... I lost myself, I couldn't even remember that we were supposed to be enemies, to hate eachother... only flashes of what was happening were actually getting to me... He ran his tongue over my lower lip... Somehow my mouth opened of it's own accord. Then he actually had his tongue in my mouth, exploring, stroking, his hands slid down over my back and around my waist... He was holding me tightly... Was this why people came together...? What it was all about...? I had never experienced this before and he was such a good kisser... Denethon started moving his lips down over my neck kissing and sucking...
The bell in the clock tower struck the first of the eleven times it would strike... Then it hit me. O_O WHAT WERE WE DOING?!?! This was DENETHON MALFOY/!!! My family and I's enemy... We /hated the Malfoys... Merlin though... where he was kissing... omg... it felt so... NO! What was I thinking?!?!?! I had to stop this!!! Now!!! I pulled out of his arms and ran out of the potions classroom door, and all the way to my dorm, not stopping once.
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