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Part 7 - What to do now?

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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I leant back against the common room side of the portrait hole, with a sigh. My first kiss with HIM, and I felt so... exalted, but MISERABLE... "Oh merlin..." I whispered. I felt like I had betrayed my family and friends, or something like that... What would happen tomorrow in detention when I was FORCED to see him again, or if we met during the day somewhere in school?!?! Oh merlin... merlin... I was going to get very little sleep tonight...

The next day...
"Melina! Meli-i-i-i-NA!!!" was being shouted in my ear by three familiar female voices as they shook me awake...
I groaned as I opened my eyes to Jenny, May, and Mimi and a bedside clock with a very alarming time displayed on it... OH NO!!! We were going to be late if I didn't hurry!!!
"We're going to be late if you don't hurry!!!" They all exclaimed, on the same wave-length as my thought (oh wow, sooo eerie. rolls eyes lol... It sooo was not obvious.)
I ended up running around getting ready so fast that I felt dizzy... 5 minutes in the shower, 5 minutes getting school robes on, a minute grabbing all my school books... I'd never been ready so quickly in my life... O_O Although... I couldn't help but dread stepping out of the Gryffindor tower... What if I ran into HIM?!?!

James' POV (Melina's older brother, the head boy)
/Melissa/... I sighed, and leant my chin in the palm of my hand, still gazing at her back. She sat in the row in front of me studiously copying down everything Professor Binns said, and having her in the same NEWTS level Ravenclaw and Gryffindor History of Magic Class meant I was paying absolutely no attention to Professor Binns. Why did she have to hate me? I mean, I haven't done anything wrong to her... Okay, maybe that's a bit of a lie, but nothing in the past few years. I did tease her mercilessly up until third year, but that was only because I found her so... I don't know, interesting and appealing... I hadn't known how to behave around girls, I treated them like guys... and when I started being interested in girls and noticing how much she was turning into one... I started wanting to go out with her. Of course by then she hated me with a vengeance. She thinks i'm a jerk. I've been trying to get her to go out with me for four years now with no success. I'm not trying to be conceited, but there are tons of girls here who would love to go out with me, (That's no secret, my family always mock me on the number of valentine's cards I get a year. Of course Patrick, Nat, Dev and Drake can't exactly talk. They get just as many as me). I mean, I'm bloody Head Boy for merlin's sake. I just don't want any of the other girls... I want Melissa. She's the only interesting one of the lot of them. I sighed again.
Patrick glanced away from looking out of the window and grinned amusedly at me. "Staring at Mendel again, James?" he whispered, mocking me.
I glared witheringly at him. "So?" I whispered back.
"You know, mate, she's as stubborn as you are. She's not going to go out with you, unless you change her opinion of you drastically." He smiled again. "You shouldn't have annoyed her so much when we were younger."
"Hey! You don't think I know that? I just don't know how... and you're one to talk! What were you staring out the window at?"
Patrick went red. "Um... nothing..." he mumbled.
I grinned and raised an eyebrow at him. "If you don't mock me, I won't mock you, but you're going to tell me later, aren't you..."
He winced, then grinned back and whispered, "Fine."
Unfortunately at that moment, Professor 'Ghosty' (as we nicknamed him) Binns, chose to turn around. He said in his dull as ditchwater voice, "Whoooo isss whhhiisspperrinng?" His transparent eyes focused on Patrick and I's innocent faces.
Everyone else turned around to stare at us. Melissa and her friends were glaring at us. Oh Great. I've just pissed her off some more... I'm never going to get her to go out with me... :( Most people were grinning at us, they were mostly friends who'd known us well for years, but Melissa and her studious, bookworm, group gave us hostile stares.
Professor 'Ghosty' Binns continued on, "I hooooope it waaasss noooot yoooouuuu twoooo Jaaaaames and Paaaaatrick. The Heaaad Boooy aaand Quiiidiiitch Caaaptaaaiin..." He shook his head slowly.
I grinned at Patrick and said, "Of course not, sir. We were very interested in the fascinating topic you have been presenting to us. I hope whoever was making that disturbing noise, stops, so that you may continue your absorbing lesson in peace."
"Yeeeeessss. Quiiiitttee riiiiight..." He turned back to the board and continued droning on.
Everyone else turned back to the board as well, except for Melissa, who was still glaring at me. I winked at her.
She made a sound of disgust and flipped around.
Damn. This is pathetic. This is my last year at Hogwarts and I am bloody well going to get her this year, if it's the last thing I do! I've just got to figure out how...

Melissa's POV (Head Girl)
Argh!!! I hate that jerk!!! He is such an attention seeker. Always disrupting classes and ruining them when i'm just getting into them! And now, he just had the temerity to wink at me! Why does he have to annoy me so much?! Why does he have to harass me constantly?! Wasn't it enough for him that he tortured me for two years straight? I had finally thought he was going to leave me alone... and then he started asking me out constantly! I haven't been out with any other boys here because of him! Everyone decided that they didn't want to make him mad and tons of girls hate me because he's always after me and no one else! He's the source of all my problems!!! Okay, I suppose I should be reasonable. He's not the source of all my problems, but he figures a lot in my misery at this school. You'd think, him being Head Boy and with his high grades, that after two years of torturing me and fours years of rejections he'd be intelligent enough to realise I would NEVER go out with him... Even if he is goodlooking... Alright! Fine! He's absolutely gorgeous! There, I admit it! That doesn't give him the right to treat people badly though, and it certainly doesn't give him the right to pursue me. I wish he'd leave me alone...
/Yeah right. You /love /the attention you get from him chasing around after you, because of him everyone knows your name. He's Head Boy, plays quidditch, is on that silly Hogwart's hottest list and he goes after you. You love it/.
No I don't!!!
/Yes you do/.
No I don't!!!
/Yes you do/.
No I don't!!!
/Yes you do/.
No I--- Ugh!!! You stupid, ridiculous, evil conscience!!! I can't believe i'm having a pantomime argument with myself... I must be going mad... It's all his fault!
/No it isn't/.
Oh fine! It isn't his fault then. Happy now?!
/Yes. Oh, and i'm not your conscience. Just to clear /that /up/.
/Just thought you should know/.
Who on earth are you then?
/Well... It's complicated/.
So, let me guess, that means you're not going to tell me?
Thanks a lot.
/You're welcome. Goodbye/.
What? Where are you going? Damn you!!! Okay... That was odd. I suppose I should explain everything... I'm not normally so volatile. Generally everyone says i'm really calm, sensible and reliable, but when it comes to James Potter... I blow up. I HATE him. He was so cruel when we were in the first and second years, pranking me, teasing me, it really hurt my feelings, especially after i'd first met him on the train and thought he was... um... and then suddenly when we got to third year he started asking me to go out with him... I mean, how dare he? He's so pompous, and thinks he can do whatever he likes... He's never even apologised to me...
/No he doesn't. He's not like that anymore/.
Oh, so YOU'RE back again.
/Just get on with your schoolwork and don't work yourself up into hysterics/.
WHAT?! And where are you going now?
/It's not really your business. Sorry. I've got to get going/...
Oh Merlin... This is one confusing day...

Back to Melina's POV (Later in the day after classes)
Today was odd. I went to my classes as usual and spent the day trying, and succeeding, to avoid Denethon... Maybe he's trying to avoid me as well... Anyways, it's supper in a couple of hours and I dread the detention afterwards... Also, the strangest thing happened today... I got this weird mind visit thing while I was worrying about that damned Denethon... At first, from the things it said, I thought it was my conscience, but then it said it wasn't... and it wouldn't explain to me what it actually was... That was very confusing... Oh Merlin... I'm really starting to feel sick... I don't want to go... I really really really don't want to go...
/Stop feeling sorry for yourself/.
But I...
/Don't be pathetic. You'll be fine. The worst that can happen will be that you're rejected/.
I... I know... It's just...
/It'll be fine. I promise/.
Are you sure?
/Positive. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some other business to attend to/...
Well, I finished my Astrology homework and went down to supper... and then I went to the detention...
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