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Part 8 - An untimely interruption

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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~~~Denethon's POV~~~
Merlin! Why the hell did I kiss her?!?! I have no idea what possessed me to do it... well... okay maybe because she looked so beautiful and appealing yesterday, when she was standing before me, all heated up and staring intensely at me... and her lips were so sweet... like honey... mmmmmmm... WAIT!!! NO! STOP IT!!! Professor Snape could walk in at any moment, and here I am fantasising about kissing her again... What is wrong with me?! I mean, she's a POTTER-WEASLEY! My dad is going to be furious about this if he finds out... I've really let him down... And this is so uncomfortable... She's blushing bright red as well... I've never felt so uncomfortable around any other girl before... I feel like i'm going out of my mind! And it doesn't help that i've been having visits in my mind from a mysterious voice all day! I really feel like i'm starting to go insane... and that damned voice is really starting to get on my nerves... It says it's not my conscience, but won't tell me what it is!!! Ugh!
'Oh get /over yourself!'/
'Oh great. It's back.'
'Hey! I'm not some kind of it!'
/'Hi sweet, i'll deal with this one. You go deal with one of the others.'/
'Are you sure?'
/'Mm hmm.'/
'Okay... well knock yourself out, darling.'
'Oh Merlin! Now there's two of them... And they're in love with each other?! Sheesh! AND who are the 'others'?!'
'Calm down. Just because you're nervous because your girl is in the room, and you're uncomfortable, doesn't mean you should take it out on us.'
'Fine, but she's not my girl and you still haven't answered my question.'
'Hmmm, you're very perceptive, aren't you. One of the other wouldn't have picked that up... hmm...'
'Who. Are. The. Others.?'
'Nevermind. It's not any of your business anyway. You know more than you should already.'
'Oh, and if you want to meet her eyes, now's the time to look up.'
'What?' Then I looked up without thinking. Merlin i'm an idiot. That damn voice. What the hell is it trying to do?!?! I met her beautiful... shining... emerald green eyes... so warm, yet cold at the same time... I wonder... could I kiss her...?
'I'm still here, you know. And it's about time you broke this silence. She's not going to say anything, so you should probably get it over with.'
'Okay. Um... maybe in a... a little while...'
'Now. Get on with it.'
Um... Right. Okay. Well here goes nothing...

~~~Back to Melina's POV~~~
'Oh, and he's going to speak.'
Oh my God!!! What am I going to do?!?!
'Don't worry, it'll be fine. We'll make sure it is.'
Um... Nevermind.
Pay attention now. Be back in a little while!
"M-" Denethon coughed. "Melina?"
I glanced up to his icy blue eyes then back down to the potions vial. "Y-yes?"
"I'm... sorry."
"For... wh-what?"
He just looked at me sceptically as if to say, you know what.
Is he sorry? Because... honestly... I don't actually think I am... Oh Merlin!!! If he kissed me again... I blushed brightly. Blushing is the curse of redheads... Oh dear... He must have seen that... "I... I'm... sorry too..."

~~~Denethon's POV~~~
Okay, honestly, I'm not really sorry... but she does deserve an apology... but... she's sorry too? That's depressing for a guy to hear. Especially when i'm dreaming about kissing her again...
Get /real and actually look for once in your life. She's not sorry either. In fact she probably wouldn't stop you if you tried it again.'/
The voice left. Okay. Now i'm really provoked. I've been regarded as the best kisser etc, and Melina says she's sorry I kissed her... Oh, we'll see how sorry she'll be. I stood up and walked to the front of her desk. "Really? You're sorry?"

~~~Melina's POV~~~
Denethon was standing in front of my desk. Oh my god!!! What is he doing?! He slid two fingers through my hanging hair and under my chin. Then he tilted it up. I tried to say something along the lines of mm hmm, but my eyes were already glazing over... Was he going to kiss me again... oh please, I was screaming internally. Oh please...
His lips brushed mine once, twice, thrice... Then he brushed them over my cheeks... and then my eye lids... I couldn't stand it anymore... I had to have his soft, delicious, lips on mine again. I reached my hand up through the longish whity blondness that fell to his collar... He was like a drug... With my hand around his neck, I pulled his head down to my own. His lips to my own... Mmmm... Nibbling my bottom lip, sucking it... Mmmm... His tongue finding it's way into my mouth to tangle and tease my tongue... I slid a second hand up into his hair to slide through it's soft smoothness... Oh... I could become addicted to kissing him... I pushed my tongue back against his own... Oh god... I love h- kissing him...
We were in a completely awkward position, me; half leaning up over the desk, him; half bending down over it... but neither of us even realised it we were so caught up in that kiss... that delicious... delicious... kiss...
Suddenly a creak came from the door... Thank Merlin for creaky doors... We jumped apart and quickly scrambled to our chairs. Just as we were picking up our potions bottles again, Snape strode into the room...
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