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Part 9 - Many loves intertwined?

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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Somewhere else at the same moment in time...
Sirena Malfoy swirled around with a partner on the ballroom floor being passed from person to person, her beautiful blue ballgown swishing and swooshing around her. Then as the dance progressed she found herself facing... HIM! Oh Merlin... She stiffened in his arms.
"Hello sweetie. Surprise, surprise. We meet again." His deep, silky, voice spoke huskily to her ear over the lilting music and chatter of the room.
"Don't call me sweetie!" Sirena spat out. Oh, but he was gorgeous... With those piercing emerald green eyes and that fierce red hair with only a slightly browner shade to it. He looked like a lion... Thank goodness he was all right. The last time she had seen him, he'd been running away, escaping danger on the streets of Knockturn alley. She didn't even want to admit the worry she had felt for him for weeks after and she still didn't know his name! Sirena finally glanced away from her perusal of his features and gasped in surprise. He had danced her out onto a hidden, but astonishingly beautiful balcony that had steps leading down to the gardens. Now they were alone...
"Oh, you know you like it." He grinned and swept down to brush his lips against hers. "Besides, I don't have anything else to call you. You won't tell me your name."
She moaned as his brushed her highly sensitised lips. Then she dragged herself back to reality. "Stop it! Right now! And you won't tell me yours either, so don't give me that rubbish!"
He grinned again and ran his forefinger across her lower lip, causing her to sigh in pleasure. "I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours..." He slid his free arm around her waist and pulled her into hard contact with his own body. The moonlight fell down across her upturned face. With her pale blonde hair and the lightest of blue eyes, she looked like he imagined a goddess of the moon would.
She tried to resist him, she did! Well, that was what Sirena told herself... She put her arms around his neck. The delicious contact between them had her small frame pressed tightly against his strong male form. "Only if you go first..." She whispered. She really shouldn't be doing this with someone almost a complete stranger... He kissed her cheek and she made a sound of impatience. She wanted his lips on hers again!
"Fine." He murmured trailing his lips around her face to stop an inch before her mouth. Teasing her excruciatingly. "Leo."
Lion. She knew she'd had it right. "Sirena..." She whispered back, waiting for him to finally bring his mouth down upon her own.
Leo smiled in triumph. He had succeeded in learning her name! He brought his lips down on to Sirena's own.
Sirena smiled under his kisses. He had been so persistent... mmm...
Two little voices smiled on somewhere else as they watched... Their work was working out perfectly. At least THESE two weren't complete idiots most of the time. They could actually ADMIT what they were feeling to themselves. THEY didn't need telling half the time. Raven smiled and turned to Elizabeth. Bessie?
/Yes darling?/
You know I love you, don't you?
/Oh Raven!/ Elizabeth smiled happily and he pulled her out of her chair and into his arms and lap. I love you too
/Do you think we'll have to have any direct contact with our... fated couples?/
Maybe... She glanced at the locked door to their haven and back at his yummy yummy lips. They'd been so busy recently... Oh, we can get back to them in a minute... Shut up and kiss me!
/Gladly.../ He grinned and bent to meet her request...

~~~Back to Melina's POV~~~
Snape sat down at his desk and motioned us to hurry up with the bottle labelling. We worked faster. I hope he didn't see anything... At eleven Denethon and I were dismissed and we stepped out of the potions room into the hall closing the door behind us. My face was as red as... as... I don't know! I can't exactly think properly right now!!! @_@!
Denethon turned to me and said, "Melina... Would you... please come with me for a little while?"
I turned to face him and managed to get out "Yes..."
He took my hand, pulled his invisibility cloak out of the folds of his robes and pulled it over us. Then Denethon proceeded to guide me through the corridors to a tower... The Astronomy tower... We walked slowly up the steps and sank down against one of the walls.
"I-" We both started at the same time.
"Um... You... You go first." I said blushing.
"Yeah..." Denethon said. "Melina. Well... I think-"

~~~Another place at the same time~~~
Patrick turned over in his bed and folded his arms behind his head. He couldn't sleep. He knew it was ridiculous. Hell, she would never think of him in that way... Maybe he was just a little odd being such good friends with a fifth year... who wasn't family... who's family were all in slytherin even if she wasn't... and who he couldn't seem to get his mind not to mention EYES off these days... She was so... for lack of coherent words... HOT!
Her name? Liana. Liana ZAMBINI. The sister of MALFOY'S best friend, (who she was actually friends with as well, but he couldn't bring himself to think about that...). That was why they had to sneak around. They'd been friends since Merlin knew how long. It must have been around his third year and her first year when they'd first met. Corridors, halls, the sorting. Then in his fourth year and her second year... They'd been alone in the library together... Liana had been having trouble with a spell and he had gone over and helped her. They had gotten to talking and despite the fact that Liana's family were all in Slytherin, she was actually in Ravenclaw... and although he was in Gryffindor, they had become firm friends.
3 years on, after a somewhat big brother, little sister relationship of very good friends, she was in the middle of developing into something that was definitely not 'possible friend/little sister' material. He sighed again. But he doubted Liana saw him as anything but a second big brother. Friendly, brotherly, Patrick. It was agony having her ask him his opinion on other guys and her saying things about his friends or fellow classmates during their secret but unfortunately not so frequent meetings. When she hugged him or threw herself against him and her arms around him, or settled into the crook of his arm, Liana couldn't possibly guess what it did to him. When all Patrick wanted to do was pull her into him and kiss the living daylights out of her, he had to settle for a quick brotherly cuddle. Urgh... Patrick supposed he could get a girlfriend... the girls at Hogwarts were practically queuing up for the Gryffindor quidditch captain, and the other fellow Hogwarts' hottest list members (Oh yes, he'd seen that ridiculous list)... but no one else held the same appeal to him as Liana. He'd been watching Liana during that History of Magic lesson, while she'd been out with Flying and Quidditch with Madam Hooch (who was about to retire and was training her replacement). Patrick couldn't exactly tell James that, could he? He was obsessed with his secret, younger, friend who was in Ravenclaw. Merlin... He sounded like a stalker...
Patrick dragged his hand down his face wearily. He had to do something about this. He was losing valuable sleep over Liana Zambini, sleep which he should use to further his quidditch performance and that of his team's.
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