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Part 10 - A letter...

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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Back to the tower and Melina's POV.
"I think... Ugh, I don't know what to think...! Or even say... This is such an unusual and confusing situation..." He finished muttering to himself.
I sighed. Searching his face, I tried to see what he was going to say... but nothing. Icy, blank features, staring back at me, a chin resting in a hand. I slowly got up from my position against the wall and wandered over to the tower's moonlit, illuminated, window and window sill. A full moon... a sky lit with millions of brightly burning, stars... Little to our view, but, faraway, a size beyond contemplation in reality. I wrapped my arms around myself, and wondered where the odd little mind voices could possibly be. They were so usually around at most times... Especially when I was with Denethon...

~~~Denethon's POV~~~
As I watched her there, at that window, hugging herself, something shot through me. I knew what I had to do. I ran a hand through my hair in a moment of sheer nervousness. What if she rejected me? I shook myself internally. Were my wits scrambled?!?! Malfoys do not doubt themselves! We are strong and irresistable. I rose from my seat on the floor and strode silently across the tower's stones.

~~~Back to Melina's POV~~~
Arms slid around me and under my own. Denethon's arms... Pulling me backwards into his solid, muscular, frame, hardened by Quidditch. His soft lips caressed my neck. He was all around me, holding me, supporting me.
"I know all this is strange, and happening very quickly. We're supposed to hate each other... yet I don't think I could, or ever have, hated you... For once... I don't understand it. But, I do know that you are a very special person... to... me."
What that confession must have cost him... "Denethon..." I turned around in his arms and brushed his lips with my own...

~~~The Next Day, at dinnertime. Liana~~~
Liana Zambini paced the, for once, empty, Ravenclaw commonroom. It was dinner time and everyone else was down in the Great Hall. She and Patrick were going to meet secretly in the room of requirement in about ten mintues, with extra food he was getting from the kitchen and House elves for their dinner.

She had a problem. A big problem. It was starting to near christmas and she hadn't been able to find, or even think of, a very special present for a very special person. Liana knew it was a little weird, but she liked to have everyone's christmas presents sorted out way before Christmas, she could be forgetful at times, and it helped to have everything organised beforehand, not to mention beating the hogsmeade last minute christmas rush time. She had everyone else on her list planned out for and all the presents bought, excepting the things like chocolate and sweets which she would get from Honeydukes in the week before christmas. Liana's problem was a handsome, muscular, six foot tall, redhead, who was incredibly dense with anything other than quidditch and schoolwork. Although, he could also be incredibly sweet at times... Yes, as you'd probably guessed, his name; Patrick Weasley.

"Oh, Patrick." Liana sighed, slumping down into a sofa and wringing her hands. "What on Earth am I going to get you?" She sighed again and sank back into the lush cushions of the sofa, leaning her head on the hard armrest. The armrest... She'd found it to be quite a good substitute for Patrick's strong shoulder, when they weren't able to be around each other. "Ugh! That idiot! Oh...!" Patrick was causing her so much frustration! Why for Merlin's sake, couldn't he stop being so ridiculously DENSE?! Why couldn't he take a good look around him and actually see things for once?! Oh, she realised he'd finally noticed her body, most boys did, but he was still denying it to himself and treating her as platonically as ever. He would probably rather get a girlfriend than admit it! What. Was. Wrong. With. Him?! His christmas present was just a tiny issue in all this. Their platonic, brother and sister like, relationship had been coming to an end for a long time now, and unless they developed and changed it, she would lose him! Well, Liana had succeeded where no other girl, outside of his family, had before. She had actually befriended the mighty Gryffindor and school Quidditch Captain, member of the Hogwarts' Hottest list, and unattainable one. Once, friendship had been enough, but they were growing up and Patrick need to realise it. Merlin, she'd make him realise! She'd tried making him jealous, but that hadn't worked at all yet, what was he made of... stone?! Well... he certainly felt like it... Stop it! Liana told herself. She had no idea what she was going to do on that front...

But back to the Christmas present issue. Who could she turn to for help? Any of her friends or even his friends wouldn't be a good idea, as Liana and Patrick needed to keep their friendship a secret. Her mum Mrs. Ella Zambini and her dad Mr. Blaise Zambini were on a much needed holiday and second or third honeymoon together, so she didn't want to disturb her mum. Then a metallic glint caught her eye. Her bracelet! The one that she had been given by Mrs. Sarah Malfoy, the wife of Draco Malfoy, the mother of her brother's and her friend, Denethon, but also her own godmother. Liana grinned happily. Aunty Sarah would be able to come up with something! She ran to a window and called out, "Arlenia?!"
After a few moments and brown speckled owl landed on the window sill and squawked questioningly.
Liana stroked Arlenia's feathers. "I need you to take a letter to someone..."
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