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Part 11 - Exciting news, and underhand plans

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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Jenny rubbed her sore red eyes, and turned over in bed. She felt like crap. Utter and complete crap. She thought again of Liam, and just as she'd thought no more tears could come, she cried even more. She was not only miserable, but sick as well. Her head throbbed and Jenny felt like she was going to throw up any minute. In fact she already had. She decided she wouldn't go down to dinner in the Great hall. Maybe if she was lucky, Professor McGonagall wouldn't force her to go to the lessons tomorrow. She'd ask Melina what she thought when she came up. Melina wanted to become a healer when they were out of Hogwarts and had generally pretty good instincts on sickness and incapacitation times.
The summer had been crap, she had worried about Liam the whole 6 weeks and any correspondence between them had drizzled to practically nothing. She had just gotten a 'letter' if you could call it that, from Liam today, but it was only a scrawled line, and he hadn't even put "love, Liam" on it to end it. "Hey Jenny, hope things are well, I'm good." That was it. She still sent him page long letters full of info about their mutual friends, funny little anecdotes, loving happy things. She missed him so much, adored him, and all he could bother to do was write one line scrawls. She wasn't ungrateful though, the one line scrawls were far better than nothing, and she didn't want him to feel as if he had to write to her still... Jenny appreciated that he bothered to think about her at all.
The reason she'd gotten sick, was from being outside in the pouring rain, looking at the 'love tree'. That tree had magical love properties and worn out initials scratched in. DM and /MP/... What odd letters... she couldn't think of anyone at the time who they could possibly belong to... probably some old generation pair of young lovers. The kind she and Liam had been once... before he left... and they hardly spoke anymore.
Oh Merlin... she was going to be sick. She raced for the bathroom adjoining the Fifth year dorm rooms.

Mimi grinned, hugged herself, swirled around and squealed! About 15 minutes ago, she'd been pulled into a little deserted classroom filled with all kinds of odds and ends, by the boy of her dreams, soundly kissed, and given her most coveted wish! Nate had just asked her to go out with him on a date during the Hogsmeade weekend!!! ^_^ WOW! NATE NATE NATE NATE NATE!!! She skipped down the hall on her way to dinner.
Mimi stopped suddenly. She'd need to look really good on the day so she could entice him into falling in love with her! She'd have to look perfect... and she knew just the person to turn to! Jenny loved to do make-up and clothing and design it as well... also it could be just the thing to cheer her cousin up about missing Liam! Mimi'd make sure she'd ask if Jenny, May and Melina would give her a make-over for that day, it could be a really good idea! She hugged herself again, and rushed for dinner in the Great Hall. SHe'd be able to tell everyone the news then!

James paced his room, musing furiously over what his possible actions could be. He did have the whole marauders map and codes and passwords comitted to memory... and there was one little secret corridor which peeked into a certain bathroom... a bathroom which Melissa was known to frequently visit... Two little eyeholes in a painting that looked into the room... two little eyeholes that with a spell could zoom in on anything in the room. MERLIN he was tempted... SOOOOO tempted... but should he do it? It would be really wrong and she'd kill him if she found out... not to mention the teachers would as well. He was Head Boy for goodness sake. He shook his head at his wayward thoughts and headed down to dinner. She would be there though tonight... (Two little voices had chosen not to speak that night... but Raven and Elizabeth watched their charges carefully. Although they were a little unsure about James' plans... things were definitely going as planned...)
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