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Part 12 - Symptoms?

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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Melina strode up the stairs in the Castle entrance hall, heading for her and her cousins' dorm room in the gryffindor tower. Everyone else was still in the Great Hall eating dinner. Melina had left, taking her food, and some for Jenny wrapped up, as soon as she realised that Jenny hadn't come down to dinner. Jenny never missed dinner. /Ever/. Something had to be seriously wrong. "I hope she's all right..." Melina whispered worriedly to herself and increased her pace.
As she finally entered the dorm room, she immediately noticed Jenny's bedcovers all rucked up, and the door to the en suite bathroom swinging open. Melina raced across to the bathroom, arriving just in time to find Jenny retch one more time into the toilet, before sliding down to lay curled up spent on the floor.
"Oh Jenny..." Melina murmured, grabbing a flannel and towel, and gliding over to kneel before Jenny.
At the sound of Melina's voice, Jenny looked up and smiled weakly at her cousin. "Hey..."
"Jenny... You should have told someone you weren't feeling well. You should have told /me/..." Melina gently wiped Jenny's face with the flannel, dried with the towel, and helped her up. Supporting Jenny, Melina and her cousin made their way back to Jenny's bed. She placed her bag of food on Jenny's bedside table, and sat on the edge of the bed. Surveying her cousin, she pondered these new events. Jenny at 16, was several months older than the other three who were 15 but still in the same year, and therefore had always looked after them and been the unofficial leader of the girls. Now, instead, Melina was sitting there looking after /Jenny/. She laid her hand on Jenny's forehead, and pursed her lips upon discovering that Jenny didn't have a high temperature at all. She didn't have a fever then... and she hadn't eaten anything odd, so it couldn't be food poisoning. Pulling her medicine book out of her own bedside table, she perused the contents looking for symptoms.

~~~Patrick and Liana~~~
Patrick placed the tray of food he'd gotten from the House elf kitchen on the table in the room of requirement. Looking around he couldn't see Liana anywhere so he sat down on the sofa...
Liana opened the door, slipping into the room of requirement. She shut it softly behind her, the little click making Patrick turn to face her, his mouth dropping in awe. What was she wearing...?!
Liana smiled to herself. Yes! Her plan was working. Admittedly, her clothes were a little bit sheer... (it's cold eek), but whatever it took! She walked slowly over to Patrick, swaying her hips as she did so. It was a very heady feeling seeing his gulp of surprise at her actions. Liana settled herself on Patrick's lap, caressing his cheek with her fingers, swinging her legs over the other side, pushing him back into the cushions.
"What... What are you doing Li..mmph!" She covered his lips with her own smothering his halfhearted cry of protest. "Tell him what you want!"
Pulling back she stared him straight in the eyes firmly. "Patrick, I've had enough of this tiptoeing around eachother. I am attracted to you. I want to be with you. You need to make up your mind about us and you need to give me an answer."
"You go girl!
Patrick hesitated a moment to check if this wasn't some fantasy, but it wasn't. He grinned at her. "How's this for an answer?!" Grabbing Liana, Patrick flipped her under him, pinning her. "You have tormented me ever since we met, but now... now you're mine." He crashed his lips down against hers passionately, and Liana threw her arms about his neck. Finally!

That damned Leo! Who did he think he was? Ridiculous, arrogant, pushy, obstinate, jerk! Sirena glanced behind her. Damn! He was still following! She could see him even now, striding through the street strength and anger in his wake. She'd only said she wouldn't go out with the jerk, she didn't even know his last name for goodness sake!
That torturing, evil, tempting seductress! Who did she think she was? He'd only asked her to go with him to the Annual Cauldron Ball. The woman didn't have to go all crazy beserk on him, and refuse! Now she was running away! How was that normal? Grr! He was going to catch her and when he did she was going to be toast in his arms!
Sirena glanced saucily back at Leo. "Stalker!" She called back mockingly. Even though he was much too goodlooking to be a stalker...
"Saucy witch!"
"I... You... WHAT?!"
"I call 'em as I see 'em." He answered in a fair imitation of the accent.
Sirena smiled and slowed to a stop. At least he wasn't so mad any more...

~~~Somewhere else~~~
A cloaked and hooded elder opened the heavy oak door and entered the room in which Raven and Elizabeth were sitting watching over their charges.
Raven turned quickly around, Elizabeth following his gaze. He jumped up speedily from his chair and bowed lowly, Elizabeth following suit and curtsying in deference.
The hooded and cloaked figure inclined his head, accepting their respectful gestures. "You are to take a direct involvement in the situation. We have spoken to Dumbledore. You are enrolled in Hogwarts from this day forth. You are to pack your bags and travel to Hogwarts within the hour." He swept from the room...
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