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Part 13 - Hypocrite

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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I watched Melina leave the Great Hall in a rush. Why was she leaving in the middle of dinner? I'll have to ask her tonight in the Tower. I glanced over at Nick to see if he'd finished. I really want to go over some quidditch tactics with the team tonight... Nope. Still stuffing his face.
Suddenly the door to the Great Hall swung open and McGonagall strode in with two people, a guy and a girl who looked to be about my age, following in her wake. Professor McGonagall almost stomped up to Dumbledore, mumbling some incoherent angry-sounding words. Bloody Gryffindors. The girl and the guy stood there surveying the Great Hall a slight frown at the corners of the girl's mouth as she looked over the Gryffindor table's empty seats. Her eyes seemed so all-seeing and penetrating... I shivered as her eyes and then boy's passed over me. It felt like I was being picked apart and observed with that stare... but there was the oddest feeling... their presences seemed so familiar... but from where?
"I am pleased to announce we have two new students joining us this evening." Dumbledore smiled mysteriously (The weirdo... ~_~) and snapped his fingers. A stool appeared in the middle of the Hall with that bloody Sorting Hat sitting on top of it. That thing sees right into your mind... shudder. The boy walked calmly to the stool and sat himself in it, slipping the hat over his messy sticky up black hair. Malfoys have so much better hair.
~~~In the hat~~~
"Just pick a house Sorty."
"Raven. I thought I was finally done with you. I suppose Elizabeth will be along in a few moments."
Raven smirked. "Yeah."
The Sorting Hate seemed to sigh. "What house do you want to be in?"
The Sorting Hat's voice took on an acidic tone, cutting off Raven. "Actually, no... This time I am going to put you where I choose..."
A sound of Mwahahaha reverberated around Raven's head. /Shit/. "Get on with it hatface."
"I could put you in Hufflepuff..." Mwahahahahahaha...
The hat seemed to take a long time choosing. Eventually, it must have been about 5 minutes or so, but it called out, "Slytherin!"
That was unexpected. I wonder if he plays quidditch? I need a good new beater or chaser.
After the boy had come and sat at our table, the girl took his place on the stool, and a couple of minutes later, the hat again called out, this time with "Gryffindor!" Bah... Another miserable gryffindor... >_> _> Good thing Melina isn't here, and can't read my mind. ^_^
Anyway... cough I shifted my eyes around the room glancing at the various peoples. As I turned to look down the table, my eyes clashed with those of the boy from earlier. He was staring right at me... He smirked, (Hey!~_~ Smirks are Malfoy property...) then turned to glance at the new gryffindor girl sitting at her table. She blew him a kiss and he raised his hand as if to catch it. Doesn't he know Slytherins don't go with Gryffindors?!?! o_o!
"Don't YOU know Slytherins don't go with Gryffindors?"
"Oh shut up."
The voice muttered something like "Hypocrite..."
"Hey I heard that!"

After Dinner I entered the prefects bathroom, you know the one the Head Girl, Head Boy, and Quidditch Captain can use. ^_^ I love that bathroom, with all those taps and everything it's so lovely to bathe in that bath... sigh It's like swimming but in much warmer, delicious, water... Mmmm... And best of all, NO JAMES! ^_^
I removed my clothes and slid into the water, quickly wading to a warmer part... mmm...

This is hell... I can feel that she's in that bath... Don't ask me how I know, I just do. Merlin's beard! It would be just one little peek... just one little glimpse of heaven... NO! What's the matter with me? I turned back to my History of Magic parchment and tried to focus on the words. I'd only written a foot so far... I'm running out of words... @_@ and the entrance to that corridor is only a few minutes away... Stop it! I'm such a pervert... Ugh. Right. I. AM. GETTING. ON. WITH. THIS. ESSAY.
"Woo. You go. Tell yourself to work and you actually do! Because of course, you're not still thinking about Melissa and imagining what you'd see if you did go in that corridor.
"Shut up! You're not helping!"
"So you do admit you're a pervert then?"
"I am not a pervert!"
I smiled to myself evilly... Mwahahaha... I don't have to be a weird 'peeping tom' to see Melissa... I can go to the bathroom myself and join her... she'd never know I planned it... Ha! That's it. "You can go now voice thing... you probably have much better things to do..."
"Oh no. We are coming right along with you to make sure you don't do anything stupid."
"Who're the 'peeping tom's now then?"
"You might want to get out or cover yourself up at this point... 'SOMEONE' is coming..."
"What?! Who?!"
"Just thought you should know."
"Too right I should know! AGH! Who is it? In Merlin's name, I hope it's not some weird pervert! Oh Merlin... Oh merlin..."
"Don't have a hernia for goodness sake. It's someone you say you don't like but in some corner of yourself do and you've know HIM a long time."
"I do not like James!!!"
"Well considering that's pretty much all I gave you to guess with, I'd be rather uncertain about that personally..." The voice laughed.
"I do NOT like James!"
"Keep on telling yourself that... Merlin you sound just like him." The new more masculine sort of voice joined in laughter with the first more feminine one.
The voices burst into even more laughter.
Oh merlin... I didn't just say Love... did I?
They trailed off laughing. "He's coming in now."
I pushed myself into a corner of the bath where he wouldn't see me, and waited...
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