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Part 14 - A debt...

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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I made my way into the prefects' bathroom, (obviously wearing my robes I wouldn't wander through the halls nude... but now you think about it, that would cause quite a stir... especially seeing as I'm Head Boy :P) with a towel slung over my arm. I glanced quickly over the bath's edges and corners, I couldn't see Melissa anywhere... oh well I might as well get undressed and see if I can find her... Of course, she might not be here anymore, but I have a pretty strong inkling that she is...

Oh my god!!! He's starting to get undressed! Eek! covers eyes I wonder... peeks a little nope I didn't see anything! I didn't! covers eyes quickly again
At the sound of a splash I peered between my fingers. I could see... his... naked... chest... now... heart beats quicker No stop it! Stop it! I am scarred for life! hits head against metaphorical wall (AN: lol ^_^) Although... he's not wearing his glasses... and he looks even more amazing without them... (Wait! Merlin! What am I saying?! This is jerky James Potter here!) I sank back a bit in the water so that only my face, from the chin up, was above the water level. James waded into the centre of the pool, humming some disjointed melody under his breath. I felt a strange familiarity with that song, but I couldn't for the life of me place where it came from... I shook myself inwardly and whispered a quick spell to conceal my hiding place. It's still a bit odd though being in the same bath as him, and he doesn't even know I'm there... I feel a bit like a voyeur... :S
I ducked my head under water, and when I came back up for air, I shook my hair out, making water droplets splatter out all over the place. I felt eyes on me, and heard a little smothered gasp from my left. I whirled around quickly. Now I'm positive Melissa's here.
Oh Merlin! He heard me! I tried to be as quiet as possible, but what would you do if someone started spraying you with water droplets...? Oh dear he's staring straight at me... but he can't possibly see me... I used a concealment spell!
"Melissa. I know you're in here."
What?! How on Earth can he know i'm in here?
'I really don't think you want to know...'
'Yes I do!'
'Trust me, you don't.'
I swam out from my hiding place, making doubly sure to keep all of my body below the water. When I reached the horrible... um can't think of a word that is bad enough to describe his total discrepancy and revoltingness... um... oh that's it! When I finally reached the horrible MAGGOT, I exclaimed, "How on Earth did you know I was here, you... you... jerk?!"
He grinned mockingly, his lips curling up at the edges. (Why am I noticing his lips' movement?! o_o') "I don't know... could have been your total inability to keep yourself quiet... or it might have been them." He glanced over at the pile of my clothes above where I'd been hiding... With a big shiny Head Girl badge lying on top... Rats. I'm. An. Idiot.
"Get out of here now! What are you? Some kind of pervert?! What a fantastic example to set as Head Boy!"
He just grinned. "Why don't you leave first?"
"WHAT?!" I stared openmouthed at him. "How dare you!" I stood up. "If you don't leave this instant, I'll... I'll..."
His green eyes glinted. "You'll what? Dazzle me with your nudity?"
At my quizzical glance, wondering what he was talking about it, he flicked his eyes down at my body, and with my own eyes following, I squeaked and mumbled another spell. Soapy bubbles popped one by one out of nowhere, settling themselves all about the upper half of my body and across the watery surface of the bath. He saw my naked chest! AHHHHHHH! James the Jerk saw my naked breasts...! #@_@#!
Lol. Shame she used the bubble spell. That sight was worth all the trouble she's put me through chasing after her all these years. Hahaha! Melissa Mendel, her chestnut-brown hair curling down her front, framing her face and body, trailing into the water, her chocolate brown eyes staring fretfully, intently into mine, was naked with me, James Potter, in the prefects bathroom. What a situation ^_^. Now... I could take advantage of this.... but I won't because she'll just be even more angry at me. But she doesn't have to know that. Yet. I grinned again.
Why is he grinning?! What's he planning?! Merlin's beard! I need to get out of here and fast! I backed away a little bit from him. "Wh-what are you th-thinking? P-please leave? P-please?"
He stepped closer, following my retreat. "What will you give me if I do?"
"I-I don't know wh-what you mean." I backed away a little further.
He stepped forward again. "What would you give me if I left the bathroom for you?"
I stepped back again. "N-nothing?"
He came forwards again and glanced at me as if to say, 'try again'.
Back again. "Um... um... my undying gratitude?"
Forward again. "That would end the minute I left you alone. No... perhaps... a kiss would sway me?"
Back again. "A k-kiss?" I stared at him. He had to be joking. I looked into his eyes, partially covered by his wet black hair flopping in front. He wasn't joking. What am I going to do? Voices?! Help me?! They weren't answering... "Um... um..." My back hit the bath's wall... rats.
Mercifully, he stepped back a bit, giving me some breathing space again. "I will leave the bathroom for you, if you promise me a kiss, which I can claim at anytime I see fit."
If it would get me out of this bathroom situation with him, anything! (Well, not quite /anything/... but you know what I mean...) "Fine. Now... please, please leave?"
"First, promise me."
"Do you think I would lie?"
At his reproving gaze, I sighed reluctantly. "I... I promise." He half-nodded, a not quite hidden smile curling at the corners of his mouth, before sweeping away from me, leaving me with my back against the cold bath's wall, and an odd feeling of loss settling itself around me...
Unseen and unheard, Raven and Elizabeth grinned secretly in their respective common rooms. 'Yes!'
As someone was walking past the prefects' bathroom... they noticed the Head Boy James Potter leave it, his hair wet and dripping from a bath. This wasn't an unusual sight, as of course he was Head Boy and permitted to use these private bathrooms, but when the Head Girl Melissa Mendel also left it but a minute after James Potter, this person really stopped and stared. Interesting... They smiled sinisterly...

At about 9pm I made my way up to the Tower, meandering through all those moving staircases and portrait filled corridors. Denethon was surely up there waiting for me. I smiled happily. If only our families didn't hate eachother... then i'd be able to introduce him to my family like a normal girl could with her boyfriend. Instead we're reduced to having to meet at the Tower every evening we can... sigh and i'm really worried about Jenny. She won't go and see Madam Pomfrey. And by won't, I mean that she absolutely refuses. I've never seen any illness like it before... I hope she sees sense soon, otherwise i'm going to force her to see Madam Pomfrey... At least tomorrow's Saturday and the Hogsmeade Weekend, that way she won't have any classes until Monday, and some time to get better. I hope it's just a 24 hour bug. My foot touched the landing and I realised I'd finally reached the Tower's upper chamber. Brrr... It's cold up there at night with no glass or curtains in the windows... shiver
Ah! There he was! "Denethon!" I rushed over, and threw my arms around his neck, kissing whatever part of his face that I could get to. (^_^ what? I've missed him...)
I stumbled a bit as Melina flew onto me, but hey, I've got a beautiful, and enthusiastic girl jumping on top of me kissing me... what more could a guy want? ^_^ I kissed her back. I am not going to think about her surname. I will not think about her parents or her family. She's Melina and that's all that's important. Oh, and that she's hot ^_~. Now all I have to do is figure out how to ask her... "Melina..."
I stopped kissing him and let him settle me back on my feet. On the ground. :P. I looked at him quizzically.
He rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly, his hand sliding underneath that overly long white-blond hair of his. When he realised what he was doing he let his hand fall down quickly. "Hey, Melina, do you... d'you wanna go to Hogsmeade with me tomorrow?"
I beamed. "I'd love to! But what about my family? If they find out..."
"Yeah... well..."
Okay... he's being a bit vague...
Don't worry, he's just in a state of denial. He won't let his mind put together the fact that the girl he likes is a product of the Potter and Weasley families who are the two families his father hates most. It's just a really difficult concept for him to get around. Don't fret, he'll come around eventually.
Oh okay, well here goes... ^_^ "Oh nevermind... it doesn't matter. We'll just go anyway. Where should we meet?"
His icyblue eyes lightened as he grinned. (Oh how sweet I'd never noticed that before!) "How about around the back of The Three Broomsticks?"
I grinned back. "Yes that sounds great! I'll try to get away from my cousins without them noticing as soon as possible." We stood there smiling widely and daftly at eachother for a few silent minutes, before I threw myself back on top of him again, trying to kiss the living daylights out of my dazzlingly darling dearest D! (Okay I know i'm being a little OTT here, so sue me ^_^).
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