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Part 15 - A day of moments, dear diary...

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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~~~The Saturday morning of the Hogsmeade Weekend~~~
Hands were shaking me... "Unh..." I groaned and stretched. My eyes blinked as they met the sunlight streaming in from the window and then met the sight of Mimi, May and, a miraculously much better, Jenny, standing over me in their pajamas, their hair as equally ruffled and sleeptousled as my own...
"Melina! Melina!" Jenny smiled. "Oh you're up."
I flicked my eyes over them all sceptically. "I am now..."
Jenny grinned. "Yeah... What a coincidence."
"Don't you remember? You said you'd help Jenny and May make me up for my date with Nate?" Mimi babbled eagerly, beaming down at me hopefully.
"Date with Nate..." May stated amusedly, before joining Jenny and I in gales of laughter.
"Hey! I didn't mean to rhyme! It's just we've got so little time!"
We giggled even more, and Mimi stuck her tongue out at us playfully.
Finally we settled down, and as I glanced at my bedside clock, I sighed reluctantly. "I gather we're up at six because of Mimi's date?"
They nodded back grinning.
"Thanks a lot... but promises are promises... fine." I scrambled out of bed joining them in the middle of our dorm room. Surprisingly enough, our new Dorm-mate Elizabeth, was already up and gone from the Dorm Room... Wow... what an early bird... o_o'
We began with helping Mimi pick out her clothes, eventually settling upon a pale green t-shirt with darker green flowers and stems patterned upon it, and for the lower half, a skirt with 4 sections, each a different shade of green, ranging from lime green to forest green, to aqua to dark aqua green. The green accentuated her characteristic red hair, and complimented her green eyes, both features which we all shared in. She'd throw a black jacket and scarf for the cold on later as we left Hogwarts.
We all took turns taking showers, brushing our teeth, etc, with Mimi first. I turned to Jenny and May, asking if they could make me up as well but "for fun". It was true they'd never given me a make over before... May looked suspiciously at me but they both nodded and smiled in agreement and picked out my outfit, while we waited for Mimi to finish in the shower. I'd also throw on a jacket and scarf later as we left Hogwarts.
I took a shower after Mimi, and as I did so, they began on Mimi's make-up, putting on as little as possible for a more natural look, as we all didn't really use make-up, except for special occasions to accentuate our good features. ^_^
May took her shower and got dressed as Jenny did my make-up, pretty much the same as Mimi's and Mimi brushed my hair, as May had done for her. Jenny took her shower and got dressed as May did first Mimi's and then my nails.
When we were all ready we sat around together making notes of things that Mimi could say if the date turned awkward and just generally hanging out. Jenny yawned and I glanced quickly at her. "Oh Melina, don't worry, honestly. I'm feeling much better, a little nauseous, but really i'm perfectly fine." She said in answer to my studying of her.
"I'm glad you're better then." I said hugging her. "But if you throw up once more i'm taking you to Madam Pomfrey!"
Jenny grinned. "If."
At about 8:00 we all went downstairs to the Great Hall for breakfast. At 9:00 everyone going to Hogsmeade had to meet by the huge doors that served as the entrance to Hogwarts Castle, for the Threstal Carriages to take us to Hogsmeade.
As I sat down with my cousins at the Gryffindor table for breakfast, I noticed Jenny's face turn a sickly pale colour at the sight of the breakfast feast spread out across the table, but when she saw me watching her again, Jenny turned back to the food and selected a couple of pieces of dry toast with no butter or jam. She smiled at me as if to say 'See, i'm fine'. I raised my eyebrows at her and nodded reluctantly, my mind turning back to the more delightful and absorbing thoughts of my date with Denethon. Where would we go? What would we do? I smiled dreamily, and ate my breakfast almost absentmindedly.
Suddenly, Dumbledore's voice cut through the rabble at breakfast time. "Students. I am sorry to interrupt your breakfast, but I have some sad news for you all. Professor Flitwick, whom you all know as the charms professor... had a heart attack early this morning."
Silence rang throughout the room. Everyone was shocked. Oh my god...
He waved his hand dismissively, a smile of relief lighting his face. "Do not be alarmed. Fortunately we managed to get him to St. Mungos quickly enough. He is alive and out of danger, but will be taking a break from teaching. During this break we have managed to secure the position of a new Charms professor. You will all make his aquaintance on Monday."
Gasps of relief mingled with curiosity, sounded around the room. All the students burst out in excited chatter. Who could this new Charms Professor be?
Later as we arrived on the carriages at Hogsmeade, Mimi flew over to her Nate at the first sight of him, standing up on tiptoe, kissing him lightly on the lips, and before leaving with him, waving goodbye to us. I smiled and waved back, Jenny and May doing the same. Once Mimi had disappeared from view in the crowd, I turned to May and Jenny. "Um... I... um... said I'd meet someone today... um... would you two mind, if I left you as well? I'll try and find you later."
May watched me even more suspiciously. "No... I don't mind. Do you Jenny?"
Jenny jumped and looked at us surprised. "I... what?"
May smiled. "Nevermind. She doesn't mind either." She winked at me. "Have fun."
I stared at her oddly, but smiled, said goodbye to both of them and left to find Denethon.
I took hold of Jenny's arm and pulled her with me in the direction of the Three Broomsticks. She was not going to slip out of this conversation. As she got a table I got us two Butterbeers. Once I reached the table again, I joined her sitting down, passed her her Butterbeer, and turned to look her firmly in the eyes. She tried to avoid my gaze. "Jenny. You're pregnant, aren't you?" I whispered softly.
Jenny looked up at me quickly, then glanced around at everyone in the room, making sure there was no one we knew who could possibly be listening. She turned back to me and sighed. "I think so yes. Oh May, i'm so frightened and worried that I am..."
I sighed as well. I'd suspected... but it wasn't really a good thing to be right about. "Does anyone know?"
She shook her head. "No, but Melina'll probably figure it out soon. I want to keep it a secret as long as I can though."
I stared at her again. "Does Liam know?"
Jenny rested her chin on one hand and eyed me as if to say 'Yeah right.'
I smiled even though it wasn't really something to smile about. "Ah. I see."
"I suppose you would, but how on Earth am I supposed to tell him, when he practically doesn't bother to write to me anymore? We haven't seen eachother since the last day of school last year." At my questioning look, she continued, "Yes. It was probably the last night at school."
I pursed my lips. "I'm surprised you slept with him. You're usually the most sensible and practical one of us all. I mean, Hermione is your mother."
She nodded. "I know... it's just I love him so much..." She noticed me watching her sceptically. "It's not just teenage crush love, I know you think i'm too young for it, but I really will love him for the rest of my life. But that's not the point, it wasn't even his idea. I suggested it. So don't get any ideas that's he a lecherous perve. I didn't want him to leave without us... you know..."
I smiled softly. "If you really believe that you do then I can't say anything different to you, but what are you going to do?"
"Oh May..." She tried to smile, failing miserably. "I just don't know."
I leant over and hugged her. "Whatever happens, I want you to know that i'll be here supporting you in anyway I can."
"Thanks." Jenny mumbled back.
I grinned conspiratorially. "Now... I have some... shall we say... strange... suspicions about what Melina's really doing." I stood up, pulling Jenny up too. "Lets go see what's really going on."
Jenny nodded, grinning just as naughtily back at me. "Yes. Lets..."

I slipped around the back of the Three Broomsticks, peering around trying to catch a glimpse of Denethon. A minute or two later, I felt two hands slip around my face, covering my eyes, and the sound of his voice whispering in my ear, "Guess who?"
I turned around, a little smile settling itself on my face. "Hmm... I don't know..." I brushed my lips softly across his, my eyes still closed. "Could it be... Denethon?"
He crushed me to him, deepening the kiss. "Got it in one." He grinned against my mouth.
When we finally let go of eachother, he grabbed my hand pulling me out onto the street. We walked hand in hand through the streetways breaking apart from eachother at the first sight of anyone we knew, but joining hands again once the person or people had passed.
We slipped into a book shop, that not many students frequented, and although I felt the tingling sensation of someone's gaze, down my spine, I shook it off, kissed D's mouth quickly and pulled him into a deserted book aisle.
~~~Sunday Morning~~~
Dear Diary,
Well this has been an odd couple of days... My twin sister Mimi, my cousin Jenny, and myself found out Melina was secretly going out with Denethon Malfoy... we were going to keep it secret even though we disapproved a little bit, seeing as he's a Malfoy and we confronted her... but Jenny, Mimi and I were all happy that Melina had finally found someone. Then the boys overheard us talking about it with Melina... There was a huge blow up, and James and Patrick stalked off to find Malfoy... A few hours later, they came back bruised and battered, along with an equally roughed up Denethon Malfoy, and amazingly enough... they were all being perfectly civil to eachother... they didn't seem like they totally trusted eachother yet, they weren't exactly friendly amongst themselves, but they didn't hate each other anymore. And for the rest of Saturday evening, we all spent the evening relaxing, hanging out in the room of requirement.
p.s. We also have a new student in our house and year, her name's apparently Elizabeth and she's now sleeping in my sister's, my cousins' and my dorm room with us...! She's a bit strange though, almost as if she sees into your mind and all of your thoughts... This is going to be an interesting situation...
p.p.s. Also, interestingly enough, my suspicions about Jenny, were confirmed...

I put my pen down with a sigh, and stretched my fingers out. Last night had been... different, I suppose. ^_^ Gosh it had been so weird hanging out with a Malfoy and there being no insults flying around all over the place... The events that happen in this family... shakes head I could probably turn this diary into a book... it's pretty much just a recording of this huge family's amusing, but sometimes frankly ridiculous, antics. :P
I turned around at the sound of someone speaking the common room's entrance password to the Fat Lady's portrait and was surprised to see pretty much all of the gang, as well as Mimi's Nate, make their way inside, excepting Christina who was probably off playing with her younger friends... and following behind them was... Denethon Malfoy and his friend that always seems to go around with him...!
We all trooped into the Gryffindor common room, with Mimi's Nate, Denethon and his friend Nick Zambini joining us. Thank god there was no one in the common room except May... It would have caused quite a stir if anyone else had seen the famous prince of Slytherin and his lord-like companion in the Gryffindor common room... :P ^_^ I'm so glad everyone's more or less all right with Denethon now, we don't have to keep ourselves a secret anymore! ^_^! Yay! (Okay I know I sound a little bit over-excited here, but it's just so fantastic that my family aren't mad about Denethon! Now I just have to worry about what my parents will do... gulp)
I glanced over at May, but she was sitting swivelled around in her chair staring somewhat awestruck at us... It wasn't that surprising having two Slytherins in here was it? I'm surprised that she's surprised though... It was one of her ideas...
'Surprised that she's surprised, ooo I love it lol.'
'Oh shut up.'
'Gladly.' I got an image of a mocking smile just as the voice faded away... oh damn that voice! Grrr...!
James turned to Nick and said somewhat hesitantly, almost as if he wasn't quite sure about him yet, "Nick, this is our cousin, and Mimi's twin sister, May."
I glanced over as James began to speak, eyeing them all, and noticed strangely enough... Patrick was almost sidling away from Nick and kept watching him warily... What is that about? One of the voices started laughing distantly... o_O
Nick started over to where May was, holding his hand out to shake her hand and say hi, but May jumped up unsteadily from her chair, dropping her book in the process. Nick bent over to help her pick it up, but so did May and they ended up bumping their heads into one another. Then May jerked back, snatched up her mysterious book shoving it in her bag, mumbled something inaudible and blushing a bright tomato red, ran out of the entrance to the common room.
Silence reigned throughout the room and all of us who knew May glanced around at eachother... That was... odd...
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