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Part 16 - 'Entrances'

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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Monday was the day we'd all decided would be a good day for Denethon and I to make our "entrance". A new week, a new teacher, and a new relationship! ^_^ I'm so happy! Now if only the word 'homework' could be removed from existence, and my parents and extended family could stop hating Denethon's family, everything would be perfect! It's not as if Denethon's parents were Voldemort supporters. His most nefarious self, the original "Prince of Slytherin", came over to the Order and the 'good side', with his wife Sarah, in his seventh and last year at Hogwarts. They helped destroy Voldemort for goodness sake, but there's still this ridiculous family feud between us all, and our fathers still hate each other too. Well so what! Denethon and I don't care anymore! I grasped his hand tightly and mentally steeled myself for the ordeal ahead.
I'm not one of those wimpy guys who hide behind girls, but for once, hiding behind Melina was starting to look very tempting... We're pretty much making a statement to the entire school about our 'relationship', and news travels fast. Very fast. When my father finds out about this, and don't doubt it he surely will, I am screwed. Totally, utterly and completely screwed. I can imagine the scene even now... He'll probably go mad, ranting about how of all the girls at Hogwarts I had to pick her, and then... well then he'll tear me limb from limb. Melina squeezed my hand in a death grip as we rounded the doorjambs, passed under the door lintels, and into the Great Hall followed by her family 'gang'. Oh crap. This was going to be... /different/.
Total silence greeted us. The chattering racket that had been echoing around the Great Hall had ceased to an abrupt halt. I blushed in embarrassment. I hate being the centre of attention... At this unexpected, sudden, and wholly rare silence, the teachers glanced up in surprise. There was an empty seat at their head table, presumably for the new teacher who had yet to put in an appearance. They all wore shocked looks. All except Dumbledore that is, he stared straight at us, inclining his head in a nod and then... he winked! O_O. Why isn't he in shock? How did he know? What-? Why-? /How/-? I stilled in astonishment. Now that I come to mention it... those two odd new students didn't look at all surprised either... I wonder why?
They probably don't know about all the um... rules and conduct for the school. They probably don't realise about the divide amongst the Slytherin and Gryffindor houses.
/Yeah... that's it! They are new after all./
Mm hmm... I murmured almost absently. The voices were probably right, (even though it still sounded suspicious) but I was too focussed with the current situation to think anything through properly. Denethon was tense all over, so much so, that his hand was actually shaking, it's tendons were being pulled so tightly. My face still heated red, we made our way over to the Gryffindor table, and sat down next to each other there. You could practically see the Slytherin students seething inwardly. Their perfect little 'Slytherin Prince' was sitting at the Gryffindor house table with his new girlfriend out of the blue. The only Slytherin student, who wasn't glaring evilly at us, was Denethon's best friend Nick Zabini. He grinned and lifted a hand in salute. Oh ha, ha. Very funny. I stuck my tongue out at him, but he just smiled even more.
Boys will be boys.
After a while, even though we were still getting odd looks, the normal chatter resumed, a few nervous laughs intersperced between. Just as the normal noise level was finally returning, Dumbledore stood up and tapped his glass with a spoon.
"I am sorry to interrupt you all in your time of gobbling, and as I do not usually make breakfast speeches, I will make this one quickly." He glanced over all the tables with a twinkle in his eye. "With no further ado, allow me to present your new charms professor, Professor Potter!"
A puff of smoke began spreading from the space in the centre of the Great Hall. A loud bang resounded about the room, which had all of us jumping in surprise and shock. The House banners waved as if they were in a breeze (even though we were inside/), the Gryffindor ones the most frantically, and a stool was unceremoniously pulled out from some blonde girl sitting at the Slytherin table who squealed in astonishment as she landed with a thump on the stone floor, to disappear into the cloud of the now red tinged smoke. Another loud bang startled us all again, and then the smoke slowly started to disperse... Sitting perched on the stool, in the middle of the Great Hall, sat a red headed, emerald-green eyed man, with a mocking grin playing about his face, and his arms folded across the chest of his well-built body. He peered over his hazel framed glasses and through his long fringe, surveying his audience calmly. Not a student didn't wear a look of awe or downright shock on their faces. /He always did like to make an entrance. I rolled my eyes. Everybody, meet my second oldest brother Sean. I don't understand why he's the new charms teacher though... Granted, he was always good at Charms, but he's an /auror/! What on earth is he doing here?
Sean took his empty seat at the high table with all the other teachers. He was probably enjoying this immensely. His 'return' to Hogwarts, he'd probably call it. I don't think I want to go to my next charms lesson. God knows what he'll be like. I wonder if he's even any good at teaching? And Merlin knows what all the drooly girls who make up things like the 'Hogwarts hottest' will do. I shudder to think.

~~~Later that day (after classes)~~~
After classes, instead of joining the rest of the gang in the Gryffindor common room, or out in the grounds, I escaped to the library. It was reasonably quiet for once, as most of the other students didn't bother to do their homework until after dinner. I was at a table in the back, and therefore screened from view by the numerous bookcases surrounding me, and surprisingly, alone. I rested my cheek on my hand and flicked slowly through the pages of a spellbook of charms. I looked up quickly, and glanced around. /Good/. As far as I could tell, no one was around. /Perfect/. You see, I'd sort of taken this book out of the more senior, /forbidden/, section of the library... I slipped my wand out of my robe's pocket. The spell I wanted to try, would finally resolve the bane of my existence; my sight. It was called the 'Sight Spell', and apparently a spell for perfect 'vision'.
Having pulled my glasses off, I glanced at the text of the book. Being as shortsighted as I was, I could just make out the words of the spell, at least I thought could... Plenus... vates... visus... I pointed my wand at my eyes as the book instructed, and chanted, "Plenus vates visus."
It was almost as if it came from somewhere else, but suddenly a huge bang exploded around me, for a moment I saw a flash of black nothingness, and then I came to on the floor, my chair having careened backwards and hands shaking me. I opened my eyes slowly, hoping desperately the spell had worked, but all that met my eyes was a golden tanned male face with blueback hair flopping into the most adorable coffee brown eyes, that were filled with concern.
"May, May, are you all right?"
I sat up dizzily, averting my eyes from what was for me, the real life embodiment of my 'ideal male', and tried to look around the room. All my previous hopes crashed down around me, and even though I tried, I couldn't control my expression. I stared miserably about my fuzzy surroundings trying to locate my glasses.
Kneeling beside me on the library floor, Nick Zambini frowned at me. "Merlin's Beard! What the bloody hell were you trying to do?"
Mutely, I flicked my gaze at the spellbook half falling off the table, before returning to stare at my intertwined hands clasped about my knees.
He reached up, pulling the open book off the table-top with one hand and scanned the page. Nick's lips tightened together, almost as if he was trying to withhold a laugh, and he glanced over at me quickly.
My face reddened, and then he did laugh. /Loudly/.
I stood up abruptly in embarrassment, grabbing my things together as fast as I could.
He also rose from the floor, and thankfully he'd stopped laughing. /Finally/. Nick took me by the shoulders, and turned me around to face him.
"You little idiot." He leant down to pick up my glasses, and gently replaced them on my face.
My eyes refocussed and I blinked confusedly at him.
He grinned at me. "You don't need to get rid of your glasses to look pretty, May." At my puzzled look, he winked and chucked my chin, before sliding the book back on its shelf, and walked out of the room.
What... what did he mean? I stared after his retreating back, my face a picture of utter shock.
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