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Part 17 - Meetings

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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~~~In a cafe in Diagon Alley~~~
Sirena and Leo were each nursing a variation of coffee in The Broomstick's Coffee Shop. They sat opposite one another at a two seater table close to the wide window, gazing into their rapidly emptying cups.
Madam Dirikis smiled over at her best 'customer', and Leo smiled back shaking his head ever so slightly at her, to indicate that they hadn't finished just yet. She nodded once and disappeared off to another table leaving them undisturbed.
Sirena glanced up at her fiery-headed companion, the sun's morning light burnishing his locks. "So... you come here a lot?"
The corners of Leo's mouth lifted a fraction. He nodded, unable to stop a grin making it's way to the surface. "You could say I'm a regular customer..."
Sirena stared back into the creamy depths of her cappuccino, swirling it with a spoon. "Um... well..."
Leo studied her, raising an eyebrow. "Yes...?"
She sighed and returned to stirring her drink.
Leo leant back in his chair and gazed at Sirena. "Have you decided yet?" His voice was calm, but inside he was on edge. He didn't understand why, but with this girl he really wanted, no needed her to say yes. Come on...
Sirena peeked up at him through her eyelashes.
Say yes... He sent at her. Oh if only he could have those muggle jedi mind trick thingies. Whatever they were.
Sirena raised her cappucino, and drank from it, caressing the rim of the mug with her lips. She set the empty mug gently down when she'd finished that last sip, and pulled her coat lapels in closer, tightening her scarf.
Leo sat in a state of confusion. Why wasn't she answering?
Sirena rose and slid a sickle across the table towards him. "Thanks for the coffee, but I really wouldn't feel right letting you pay." She smiled at him and flounced off through the door, a little bell jingling as the door clicked shut behind her.
WHAT?! That was it?! His mouth hung open in astonishment.
Madam Dirikis laughed and made her way over to Leo, a grin playing about her face. "I see your young lady decided not to give in to you. This one's obviously different from the others." Leo still didn't answer. His face had taken on a look of bewilderment. No other girl had ever refused or walked out on him before. Poor lad. She smiled and pushed his hanging jaw back into his face, closing his mouth.
Leo turned slowly to face her. "Hello Aunt Mermia. She just... /nevermind/." He shook his head, getting himself back in control of the situation. "How's Uncle Fred?"

~~~Hogwarts, later that day~~~
Liana spotted the head girl Melissa Mendel making her way through the corridor, her nose in a History of Magic book. Finally! She ran after her, calling out, "Melissa!"
Melissa jumped at the sound of someone shouting her name and shutting her book with a soft clap, peered around trying to locate the person who had called to her. Finally she saw Liana waving at her and she halted, a smile lighting her face.
Liana reached her and through her gasps managed to get out, "Finally...! I've... been looking... everywhere... for you!"
Melissa grinned. "You can't have been looking very far then. I've been in the library all afternoon since classes ended. How's Aunty Ella?"
"My Mum's fine, at least she was in her last letter. She and Dad have gone away on holiday for a while... My little brother and sister are at Aunty Sarah's I think."
"You know she's not really your aunt."
"I know, but she was almost another sister to our mums during... /you know/. But stop trying to change the subject! You know you're supposed to be organising this halloween costume ball."
Melissa winced. "But..."
Liana arched a brow at her. "Just because you hate any sort of dance where James Potter can torment you, doesn't mean you can get away with avoiding the issue." She locked eyes with her. "There are lots of people complaining about it now. They want to see some signs of something in the works."
Melissa sighed reluctantly. "I know... it's just..."
Liana patted her arm and smiled encouragingly. "I know. He's not all evil though. He's grown up a bit at least now. Give the poor, obsessed idiot a chance." Before Melissa could argue the opposite, Liana pulled her along the corridor. "Now, don't worry. I'm going to help you..."
Oh dear... Melissa thought. When she says she's going to help... it means trouble... AND WHO SAYS JAMES BLOODY POTTER ISN'T ALL EVIL?! I'd say that that bath /incident completely disproved that theory!/
~~~Along the corridor... Melissa's POV (Duh. Duh. Duh! :p)~~~
Patrick Weasley and James Potter were sauntering down the corridor. Well, James was, and Patrick was... just being Patrick I suppose. The strong silent type... It was quite intimidating really, he and James were always together. And before you say anything you evil little voices, I am not in the mood, and I do not feel anything but extreme hatred of James Potter.
'We weren't going to say anything.'
'All I want to add to R-, I mean "voice 1's" comment, is that there's a fine line between love and hate.'

'Oh for Merlin's sake please leave me alone... What did I do to deserve this...?'
'You were just next on the list.' A little grin pressed itself into my mind.
'Oh ha ha. Very funny.'
'Now, now. Don't be a grouch.'
'I wasn't being a grouch!'
'Shhhh. Listen. He's saying something.'
'Oh I give up!' I turned and met the eyes of James (AKA the evil monster) and Patrick.
"Hi /Melissa/." He grinned at me, an evil glint lighting his green eyes behind his glasses.
Oh please don't mention the bath incident... please/...? Especially not in front of my younger cousin... /please don't...
'Don't worry. He won't.'
'We'll make sure he doesn't.'

'Thanks. Wait... How can you do that?'
'Oh you idiot!' the sound of a thwack resounded through my head.
'What did I do now Bess?!' the male voice whined.
Another thwack. 'You just did it again! You're giving us away!'
A sound of frustration.
Okay/... These voices are worrying me... is this a normal everyday occurrence? Do /you hear voices in your head? Okay. I know I sound like a schizophrenic now, but I'm honestly not mad, I'm really not.
'You're not mad. Don't worry. Now get back to listening to James.'
I sighed. 'Okay'. Now what was he saying... something about me going with him to the halloween costume ball with him...? Fat chance. "In your dreams." I spat at him and carried on down the hall.
~~~Back to the corridor~~~
Liana smiled secretively and Patrick winked back at her. As she brushed past him to follow Melissa, he murmured quickly, "Quidditch locker room. 6 o'clock."
She nodded almost imperceptively, and continued down the corridor.
James turned to Patrick, watching him closely. "What was that... Nevermind." James shook his head. Patrick wouldn't. He always refused or rejected all the girls who fawned on him... "I'll get Melissa to agree soon." He stated. "Come on, we should get to quidditch practice. There's that house match against Hufflepuff next week."
Patrick let a breath out. /Phew/... He hadn't been caught out. At the words 'quidditch match' Patrick snapped back to reality. Woooo he needed to sort out some strategies! They were so going to keep the cup this year!

~~~That night, May~~~
Melina was walking in the grounds... just on the edge of the forbidden forest... She seemed to be laughing about something... a scrap of paper held in her hands... Suddenly a hooded and cloaked figure jumped out at her...! The figure was muttering something... some evil spell... it would... it would kill her! No! Someone needed to save Melina! No! A flash of fire shot out at the figure... it ran away... A young man was standing before Melina... a black mask covering his face. He bowed to her, slashing a fiery A into the tree beside her with his wand... Who was it? Why was he there? Who attacked Melina?
May shot up in bed. Her sheets were twisted around her and her body was in a cold sweat. It was just a dream... wasn't it? But it had seemed so real...
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