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Part 18 - The plot thickens?

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The main character's name is Melina Potter, and she is the daughter of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley. The Weasley/Potter gang, is a group that her brothers and cousins formed who previously went t...

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~~~In the Ravenclaw Common Room~~~
Liana punched the air with her fist. "Yeeee-es!" Finally she'd gotten Liss around to the idea of sorting out the Halloween costume ball. She smiled secretively. Not to mention arranging an assignation with Patrick. Oh the cherry on top had never been sweeter.
A tick brought her attention to the blue, raven-shaped clock on the wall. It was 10 to 6! She reaaaally needed to have started getting down to the quidditch pitch. About 5 minutes ago. She grabbed her scarf off a blue sofa arm and threw it around her neck. Brr it had certainly turned chilly. Summer was definitely over. She sighed. Here came the season of falling leaves... but at least she'd be able to spend a whole evening with Patrick uninterrupted at the Ball. Oh the beauty of costumes... She grinned.

~~~On the pitch~~~
~~~Patrick's POV~~~
I looked down from my broom 20 feet up in the air, to meet the gaze of Liana, sitting in the stands, watching our house quidditch practice... She looked so gorgeous, her brown eyes twinkling up at me, her soft midnight hair shimmering in the sun... Oh Merlin this broom is getting uncomfortable--- BLOODY HELL!!!
I managed to catch hold of my broomstick with one hand as a bludger smacked me in the side, knocking me off my broom. Well that's definitely one way to kill the mood.
'It's your own fault boyo. Such dirty thoughts for so early in the evening, I think we'll call it mid-air madness.'
'Now, now Mate. Calm yourself. There's no need to get... over-excited.'
I heard the voice snicker. 'Bastard.' I muttered.
'I heard that!'
'So sue me.'
'All right, all right. No more bludgers. But hurry up, everyone's starting to look at you oddly. You arrre the captain... hehe it's nearly 6 O'clock by the way, have fun with Liana' I caught a glimpse of an eye winking just as the voice disappeared. That /voice/!
I swung myself back up onto my broom and motioned for one last play. Liana is going to see me, the Captain, at my best. Not falling off some damn broomstick like a six year old with a toy version.

I sagged back against my bed's headboard. Closing my eyes, I laid a hand on my abdomen. At least the morning sickness will be over with soon. That was obviously the first give-away sweetie. I can't believe Melina hasn't figured it out yet baby, but then again May has always been the most observant of us all. Our family are going to go mad. All of them. And my big brother... Merlin I don't want to think about what your uncle Patrick's going to do when he finds out. Your daddy is his hero and predecessor in the quidditch department.
I know i'm talking to a 2 month old foetus, and that he or she can't possibly be conscious of this, but it's calming okay?
'Yes Ray?'
'I know she can't hear us at the moment, but... poor girl...'
'I know Ray... I know. I can't bear it. Have we tried anything on that Liam yet?'
'Don't worry. I'll damn well sort him out. I have a plan.'
'Don't be too hard on him, he has no idea there's a little one involved.'
'He should bloody well have made an effort to find out! He knew they forgot to do any protection spells!'
'He probably supposed she'd tell him, and now thinks it's far past that now.'
'Liam hasn't written to her in weeks! How would she have been able to 'break the news' if he wasn't in contact with her Bess?!'
'I don't know... For once I just don't know Ray. You know I love you don't you?'
'Of course. I'll get this cleared up. Trust me. And you know I'd go to the ends of the universe for you.'

I rolled over onto my front and pulled out my letters from Liam. They make a sadly meagre pile under my pillow. Many 'Jenny Love's met my blurring vision. Oh Liam... You beloved bastard! For Merlin's Sake! Don't... don't you love me anymore...?
I rubbed furiously at my streaming eyes. I can take this. I will take this. I have to be strong for you Baby, and we are going to be just fine together. Somehow we'll be okay without your daddy. I'll be okay... without... /Liam/...
Oh Liam... Why aren't you here when I damn well need you most...?

~~~The Quidditch Pitch... Again.~~~
I held my hand up to shield my eyes from the early Autumn sun. Summer may have faded away, but at the moment it was still bright enough to necessitate not looking at it. (Hmm... I have realised that lately I always get used to ramble on about the weather and to give a sense of atmosphere to the readers. AuroraNight... I'm on to you! Stop making me sound so vapid and mysterious! AN: Hehe...backs away Sorry Liana...)
"All right guys, well done! Practice is over! Now get inside and stuff yourselves. We need to build up energy for the game next week."
I hid a smile. Watching Patrick throwing around his weight as Captain is so amusing. I am in Ravenclaw. I do realise he does it all to impress me. He's such a sweet young man. (>_> For some very odd reason, I feel like chortling as though i'm a wrinkly old grandma now... XD)
Patrick swept down on his broom, sending a wink my way as he dismounted. He waited for every last tired and grumbling Gryffindor quidditch player to leave the pitch, hustling them off, before making his slow but oh so sexy way towards me. He ran a hand through his red hair, ruffling the silky locks... Meooooow! (Did I just say Meooooow?!?!?! -_-' Please shoot me. BANG I DIDN'T MEAN IT LITERALLY!!! AN: Hehe whoopsy daisy! :P I'm oh so sorry... ^_^)
Patrick's arms enfolded me, pulling me close into him. I snuggled further into the quidditch robes he wore, for extra warmth. "Mmmm..." I murmured softly.
"Exactly my sentiments." He grinned. He took my small hand into his large one and led me towards the quidditch locker room building...

~~~A crumbling cottage in a dark forbidden wood...~~~
"So Sliemeir... You have sought to disturb me with 'news'?" A cold reptilian voice slithered across the room through the fire place and to the face darkening the fire's grate. "What is it you bring for me?"
"Master... I have developed methods of using certain... /unwanted/... people to cause hatred and dissension amongst the students of Hogwarts. Already rumours will begin to spread in range and form... Dumbledore's reputation will be irrevocably tarnished..." The sinister servant laughed an evil hair-raising laugh.
"I will leave this matter in your capable hands... for the time being. But now I grow weary. Leave me!" The authoritative voice spat. "I have no need for your inferior presence at this time!"

~~~The Malfoy Home~~~
"What's this?! POTTER'S DAUGHTER?!" Draco rose to a stand. "No son of mine embarrasses me by consorting with a bloody POTTERWEASLEY! Ohh... Denethon will be hearing about this..."
Sarah grasped his wrist. "Go easy on him. Harry or Ron's family aren't bad people darling. You know they gave you a second chance. They gave us a place to live and a cause to follow."
Draco frowned. "I just... I can't let him involve himself with a child of Harry's... it's not right!"
Sarah rose on tiptoe to kiss him softly. "I know it's difficult. Give it a think though. It's not as though you're giving up or anything. I trust you to do what you think is right." She swept from the room.
Draco sagged back into the chair at his desk, his chin resting in his hand. "Sarah's right... but... I... I can't let this happen! Not Potter's daughter... Denethon's gone too far this time!" Draco reached for a quill, bending over a glowing red piece of parchement...

I arched my back up from the sofa stretching my arms in contentment. Somehow, a little smile crept it's way onto my face as well. I do love having a common room of my own =]. Well, okay, it's not completttely my own... I have to share it with that evil monster (also known as James/)... but he's hardly ever here so it's nice to relax by myself, away from the noise of the whole house Gryffindor common room. It's amazing how complicated this castle is really, I mean, my bedroom is separate from /James' and has it's own en suite, but through a third door it connects onto this little common room, and this room connects through a second door to James' bedroom and en suite. You even have to go up the girls' stairs and through the girls' dorm just to get to my room, and James has to go up the boys' stairs and through the boys' dorm to get to his room. Hmmm, thinking about it, maybe it's so that if any of the younger girls or boys in our house need to talk to us they can just knock on our doors. We even have to have a private office in another part of the building and we'll get a message to floo down there if a younger year of another house or a teacher needs to talk to us... It's so much work! =S
Shuffly noises sounded from behind James' door, and I tensed. Even the little hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. Somehow, I knew he was there. It's been odd like that lately... I shivered. Please don't let him come in, please/. I know I have to speak to him about the Halloween Costume Ball at some point, but... can't that /wait/? =S I've not been alone with him since /that night in the prefect's bathroom...

The door handle creaked. Drat! He's coming in. I shot up, grabbed my notes of ideas for organising the ball and retreated further into the sofa's big cushions. I felt like I needed protection okay? I tried to relax my body, and put across some sort of semi-believable pretence that He didn't bother me at all.

The door creaked open and He popped his head around the door to scan the room. As his eyes passed over me, they stopped and lit with an unholy glee... /Rats/.
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