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I Want To Be the 'T' In Her Wenz

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I was alone, wishing for the seventy-sixth day that seventy-six days ago things would've went different.

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June 2004

The night had been a blur.

I woke up from a brief nap at 5:45 AM, and checked my phone for missed calls. One from Joe, another from Patrick, and a few more from other friends, but none of those names were what I wanted to see.

I set the phone back on the overly expensive oak wood, bed-side table and retreated back under my covers. Then mentally etched another line into my brain, indicating the days that had passed.

Today had been the seventy-sixth etch. Two months and a half since the 'surprise' that was supposed to make everything go right. But like everything in a classic Pete Wentz style, things turned out for the worse.

So it had been seventy-six days since I had last seen her, which meant, I had burned seventy-six days swearing to myself that I couldn't change a thing, slash, she deserved better than me, slash, should stop wasting my time and move on, which all lead to back to square one.

She was my world.

The apple in my eyes.

The diamond in my ruff.

What ever cliché saying you can think of.

She was simply, my everything.

And to make the seventy-sixth day extra special, it landed on my birthday.

Whoop dee doo.

We can all imagine how my day went.

A bunch of thank yous, singing the traditional birthday song, a drunken Patrick, and a few ladies offering a 'special gift later'. Nothing could get my mind off that etch in my head though, and when I walked back into my house, and back up to my room, I was still alone.

Which brought me here.

Lying on my back, staring at a white-washed ceiling, and the little cracks here and there from the rain that pounded on this roof for years and eventually made a dent through.

I was alone, wishing for the seventy-sixth day that seventy-six days ago things would've went different.

Say that seven times fast.

I stared up into nothing for awhile, crickets singing loudly outside, somewhat clearing my head and slowing down time and my thoughts.

I played with a rip in my old comforter, and occasionally looked over at my other twin bed, that had been unoccupied for what seemed like an eternity.

If I could have a sign, or an epiphany on what to do next instead of walking in a complete circle every day, I would jump on the first flight to Arizona, just to catch a glimpse of her.

I didn't have to speak to her, all I wanted was to see her, to see if she was still the same, if she was happier without me.

Suddenly, that epiphany hit me, with a choir of angels and bright lights. I grabbed my phone and dialed a number I had become familiar with from touring for so long. A lady answered and a smile curled on the edges on my mouth.

"When does the next flight to Arizona leave?"


It seemed that no matter how long I stayed out of one place it could stay so familiar. My feet took me wherever I needed to go in the heat that never ended of Arizona. But something in the back of my mind was telling me this was dangerous territory to cross.

I never listen.

I stood across the street, just staring at the gated house that stood at the most 40 feet away from me. Being that the sky was already turning that unforgettable shade of deep pink and purple, I took my chances and sucked in breath, taking nervous steps towards Castle De Wenz.

I remember the first time I came here, plagued by listening to her and Andy going at it all night and then watching Evie with the glow of happiness on one of the worst Christmases ever.

I let my hands curl around the tall, black metal bars that trapped me from doing something stupid. Taking a deep breath, I let my heart rise a bit, in the slight hope that I'd see her during my visit. I lost my senses and fell forward a bit, finding that the gate was open.

My breath lodged in my throat as I slicked past the whirling sprinklers, finding that I had landed on her front porch. My eyes scanned the driveway, finding it empty. That's when the jet lag kicked in and my eyelids became heavy.

Using the doorframe as a support, I lowered myself to the ground and sat there for a while, leaning against the door until I got too tired for my own good, sliding down until I was lying down like a dead dog.

Sleeping on her front porch.


"Peter?" I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion as my name was muttered in the darkness that surrounded me.

As I opened my eyes, I observed Mr. Wenz standing in front of me, holding the door open.

"Huh?" I asked. He blinked down at me, confusion etched into his features.

"Not to be rude, but what the hell are you doing sleeping on my front porch?" I smiled lightly, using my arms to sit up at first before standing and dusting myself off.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled.

He frowned.

"You came to see Evie, right?" he asked. I bit my lip before I nodded.

"Just to see her, not really to...err, talk," I managed out.

I mean, I was in the presence of her /dad/. Then again he didn't even look like he was that mad. I took a step back to be cautious. He raised his eyebrow.

"I'm not going to castrate you if that's what you're thinking," I gulped before shaking my head.

"Mr. Wenz," he cut me off.

"David," he corrected. I bit my lip.

I was going to be a stuttering mess in a moment.

"Err...David," I paused to recollect my thoughts. "I mean, I pretty much..." he cut me off again.

"Stole my daughter away, showed her a good time, got her into an affair, broke her engagement, got her pregnant, then left her,"

I felt my heart sink to pit of my stomach again.

"I never thought it could sound so harsh," David let out a bellowing laugh.

"Come in, Peter," I blinked.

"Huh?" I asked, my hand rose, pointing towards behind him. "I thought,"

David cut me off again.

"I never got to know /you/, Peter. Just the idea of you," I bit my lip before shuffling my feet.

"I'm actually just wondering where Ev is," He looked persistently at me before sighing and crossing his arms.

"Ryan's band had a show tonight and she's working the merch booth," I gulped.

"Martini Ranch?" I asked. David nodded before placing a strong hand on my shoulder.

"I only have one condition, Pete," I gulped again and nodded faintly. David bore his eyes into mine. "She comes up to /you/,"

I nodded again before nodding more fiercely and taking a deep breath.

"I just want to see her," I commented.

David flashed a smile.

"Then go at it, Peter," I bit my lip, forcing back a smile.

Tonight, I observed.


The club smelt of sweat and heavy alcohol. The music filled every corner of the room, and the crowd responded happily to the songs.

I had forgotten what it was like to stand in a crowd rather than stand in front of one.

I pushed a little further to the front, getting some weird glances and a few whispers, but I dismissed them as I watched the band light up the stage with their presence.

The song ended with heavy guitar riffs from Ryan and hard drum lines, then to top it off, a classical scream from the lead singer. The crowd went into an uproar and I had to give it up to them.

The whole forty-five seconds I was here, I was impressed.

I felt glances being thrown at me from all over the room, not daring to turn for the main reason Evie might catch a full on glance at me.

Estimating about 60 feet away, behind one of the booths stood a girl.

And even though I had not seen her yet, I knew she was still going to be the beautiful mess I left her. I heard the lead man, walking around the stage announce that they were to play one last song.

And boy, did it hit me.

"Hey, there goes my girlfriend,"

Slowly I made my way around the crowd, sliding against the side wall as my eyes took quick and curious glances at the higher lever of the club, where most of the merch tables were.

My bottom lip ended up wedged between my teeth, my nerves getting the best of me. I was still washed up Pete, desperate for attention at the fresh age of 25.

And yet I had already managed to ruin a 21 year olds' life by thinking with my dick instead of my heart.



That's when I heard the regular music system come onto the speakers and a familiar name being screamed in the distance.

"Evie!" I widened my eyes and glanced around, finding the familiar head of her brother, or /half/-brother making his way through the crowd.

He ended at the stairs to the upstairs area to glance up at the large open balcony as somebody leaned out of it, looking down at him with a bright smile.

"Ryan," A voice of adoration, a voice I had longed to hear for what seemed like ages. "You guys were amazing!"

I frowned, knowing that's exactly what she used to tell us back home.

Well, my home.

I always found myself reminding my brain that Evie no longer belonged in Chicago.

Another voice joined the group as Ryan and another fellow made their way up the stairs.

On the other side of the deck was another, the one I found myself climbing, taking a seat in a far off chair, pretending to read the drink menu. Glancing up I recognized the other guy.

The lead singer.

"Bobby, you never seize to amaze me,"

What was she? A doll?

Was there a string on her back that you pulled and every time a guy enters her life she says the same things?

I observed the hug they shared before glancing back down at the menu.

Alcohol sounded good right about now.

I started with a daiquiri as I observed the talking amongst the group, another girl joining them, her arms around Ryan's torso, his around her shoulders.

They were a couple, and it was obvious.

"So, when are you due, Ev?"

For once my eyes snapped up in time for Evie to turn from her back facing me to stand behind the booth again, exchanging a CD to a kid giving her money.

She glowed even brighter than last time I saw her.

Good thing she was at least living life like it was normal.

I frowned deeply again, taking another sip from my drink that burned my throat. Her deep, dark brown hair however was shorter now, chopped up into the layered look.

My eyes lowered to her waist where rest...our baby.

She was a lot bigger than last time.

And if I was counting correctly, she was 6 and a half months. Evie smiled faintly before answering the other girl's question.

"Late August, early September," I heard, even over the hustle and bustle of the river of people. I head a laugh come from Ryan.

"Hey Jenn, you want to have babies one day with me?" I nearly laughed too, realizing that it could blow my cover. So her name is Jenn.

Now what about...

"Bobby," I heard the tone of voice Evie had used.

It was the same.../no surprise there/.

I glanced up to see Jenn and Ryan ascending down the stairs. A gentle smile appeared on his lips and I felt my eye twitch as the waitress set down my third drink.

I knew that smile of adoration, only the top row of her teeth visible, it lightly clutching to her lip. And the bastard acted just as Andy or I would, resting his hand on her cheek before bringing her face close and kissing her mouth.

My stomach fell and dissolved in the alcohol burning in my stomach. I raised my eyes, curious as to what it was. Bobby pulled away from her and kissed her nose, her face contorting as she sneezed before laughing.

I remember when she got so playfully angry about it. And now she's just...a flirty kind of cute.

What happened to the abuse?

Err, that sounds bad.

I spent the rest of the night there, just watching as people came and went, kisses shared, more questions about the baby, but never mentioning anything about us.



With 8 drinks in my system and knowing they were all crashing at Mr. Bobby Scott's house, I stumbled out of the club and let my feet take me wherever I wanted to go.


I stumbled around the sidewalks for a few minutes, cursing at myself, Bobby Scott, and the god damn moon for being too bright. The car headlights blurred from all directions, adding to the spinning in my head.

"Where the fuck are you going Pete?" I blurted out near a young couple on a bench when I realized I was aimlessly walking, err, stumbling around.

I glared at them as they exchanged whispers, then took a seat next to them. I half laughed as they scooted away as if I was contagious flu. They whispered to each other again, making me glare in disgust at how close they were.

I was jealous.

And all I could picture was Evie and Bobby sitting just the same way in the club. I let my head drop.

"Uh, are you Pete Wentz?" I looked up and the boy eyed my carefully.

"I wish I wasn't," I mumbled, I attempted to stand again, but my legs had formed into what felt like jello.

A big bowl of green jello, and I fell back down hard, causing the girl to gasp.

I laughed again.

I was such a fuck up.

Even the kids knew it now.

Big internet headline of the week;

'Pete Wentz Was Found Drunk in Arizona.'

"You need help man?" The guy asked. I smirked at him.

"A lot more than what ever you can offer buddy," I slurred. He turned to his girlfriend and whispered into her ear. She nodded and got up, then went inside the building. He stood up and held out a hand.

I stared at it with a snarl.

Who did this punk think he was?

Trying to help me?

I was far from help.

"Let me help you, where are you going?"

I slapped his hand away and attempted to stand one more time, but failed. I wanted to curl up into a ball right here on the bench and hope I woke up and this would all be a bad dream.

My luck was never that fortunate though. The boy grabbed my arm and assisted me up, and slung my arm around his shoulder, supporting my weight.

"Where are you going?" He asked again. I let my feet drag heavily.

I really wish I knew.

"Do you know where the Wenz Castle is?"

He laughed. "Who doesn't?"

"Take me there," I pointed to nothing, "Ev won't be there anyways."

I continued to blubber on about nonsense, spilling more information about myself to this kid than he probably ever wanted to know the rest of the way.

He just laughed from nervousness until we reached the front porch of the house and Mr. Wenz, David, whatever, answered the door. Then I was exchanged from arms like some baby, and stumbled inside.

"What happened to you?" He asked as we settled in the kitchen and he pulled things out of cabinets and the fridge, slamming it hard and making my head ring.

"Your daughter." I replied. He set a fizzing glass in front of me and I took it and gulped it down, not really caring what it was.

"Watch it Peter," he warned. I set down the glass with a loud clunk and raised my hands in defense.

"I'm sorry," I brought my hands back down. "I just really love your daughter Mr. Wenz, err, David, sorry."

He set down some bread in front of me, but I pushed it away. Persistently, he pushed it back.

"Eat it, so you can sober up," he ordered, and something inside me told me to follow orders.

I took a slice and peeled off a piece and stuffed it into my mouth.

"Who does this Bobby Scott think he is?" I mumbled through chews, crumbs spilling all over. "What does he do that I don't? Walking into her life, thinking he can fix everything. He's not superman." David just stared intently as I made a mess all over the black granite counter.

"Listen," he started, with a heavy sigh at the end. "Bobby is kind and just, understanding. It's not like they are in this love relationship," I cut him off, still holding a half eaten piece of bread in my hands.

"Then why are they together? Love is love, you can't fake it," I earned a glare.

"Let me finish," he sternly said. I swallowed another bite of bread, my eyes widening. "Bobby knows everything about you and my daughter's past," I smirked.

"Oh shit," I mumbled, sarcastically. "That kid's a twig. I can take him," David sighed, irritated.

"I understand you are drunk, but would you shut your goddamn mouth for just one second?" he asked.

I bit my lip, lowering my eyes to the two pieces of bread left. I started to take the crust off of one as he continued.

"Evie is having this baby,"

I figured.

"And Bobby promised to be there for her,"

Until his band makes it big and he leaves.

"Ryan and Jenn are being amazing people for her too,"

I raised my hand like a student would. David sighed, rolling his eyes.

"Yes, Peter?" he asked.

I took a breath.

"Where's Izzy?" I asked.

David looked away for a moment.

"She went back to England for a while, but she'll be back," I slowly nodded before letting my hand rise to my forehead, rubbing at the throbbing headache.

"Can I..." I paused as David took the plate back and dumped it into the sink.

"You have ten seconds to get out of my site or else I'm kicking you out into the porch,"

I took a deep breath before rushing myself out of the kitchen, finding that the door swung back, knocking me in the head. I groaned and began to stumble up the stairs, crawling by the time I reached the top.

A sigh landed on my lips as I found myself drawn to the slightly open door. I snuck in and clicked on the nightstand's lamp before finding my breath leaving again.

Pictures lined the wall, all from our past.

Group photos, photos from before Patrick or Andy.

It seemed to be in chronological order, one ending on her headboard with a few words etched in. All of us, probably a few weeks before any affairs even developed.

She was on my back, piggy back ride, her smile bright as always and adoration in my eyes.

My head span with so many emotions.

I cursed at myself and toppled over her star covered blankets, pulling them over my shoulders. A stuffed cow stared me directly in the face and I sighed, bringing it to my chest and inhaling the cinnamon scent she had left on the other twin bed back home.

My eyes started to close and I let my mind etch another day as the grandfather clock downstairs ringed midnight.

/Seventy- seven days/.
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