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Sweet Lady I'm Contemplating

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"The rest of the time I worry about you," I lightly smiled and watched as she shook her head. "And if you have moved on yet,"

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I expected hate out of her. After all, she had found me passed out in her bed. All the emotion she was showing was concern, probably for my well being of going insane.

A soft hand had landed on my forehead, lightly shaking to wake me up and obviously failing miserably.

I rolled over onto my stomach, still unaware that it might have been Evie, home from a night of partying. My face snuggled back into the pillow, my arms still tightly clutching onto a squishy cow.

"Pete," I grunted, moving my head so I could peek out the warm blankets. My eyes half opened and found her slightly bent over, her eye brows knitted together. "What are you doing here?" she whispered, her eyes bright for whatever time it was.

My forehead wrinkled with confusion as I glanced over at the clock. The neon green taunted me with 6 AM, and I let the question hang in the air for a moment.

"I don't even know," I mumbled, my voice muffled by sleep and the covers that hid half of my face.

Confusion ran through her expression before she frowned and shook her head, standing upright again.

"If you want breakfast you better come down in 5 minutes, or it goes to the dogs," I blinked, finding her voice not as enthusiastic.

But I was grateful, at least she wasn't yelling at me. I found the ground, slowly standing, only to find a hammer in my skull, breaking down the walls.

"Oww," I moaned and cringed as I made my way down towards the kitchen.

My entrance was something out of a movie, David at the head of the table, Evie and Bobby on one side of him, the other side Ryan and Jenn. The last chair was pulled out at the end of the table.

Nervously, I sat down and observed the two sunny-side up eggs, hash browns and bacon staring up at me.

"Uh...thank you," I whispered, glancing over at Evie who sat next to me.

"No problem, Pete," she mumbled back, her fork clinging to the plate as she placed it down to take a sip of orange juice. I saw Bobby's eyes flash a slight hate for me.

"So you're Pete?" he asked, and all I heard was the bitter taste of my ass about to get kicked. I gulped before answering.

"I guess I am." That came off a little too smart ass-ish than I wanted.

I tried to smile, to ease the situation. It was no use. The daggers in his eyes were sharp and poking into my skin. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair.

"So what made you grow balls and show back up around here?"

Evie set down her orange juice and her eyes grew big at Bobby. An egg dangled from Ryan's mouth while Jenn gasped and David's lips were pursed tightly together.

"Can we keep the breakfast talk at PG level?" David said, folding his toast and taking a bite.

Bobby nodded.

"Sorry David, I was just curious on what could possibly bring him back here."

"Excuse me?" I managed to say calmly with my grip around my knife tightening.

"Oh nothing," he replied, unfolding a napkin and setting it into his lap. "You'll be leaving soon anyways."

"Let's say a prayer!" Evie interrupted, grabbing Bobby and my hand.

The draggers were now impaling my skin. I smiled inwardly and grabbed hands with Jenn, connecting the table.

"I didn't know you we're so spiritual Ev," Ryan said, eyeing her suspiciously.

"Yeah me neither," she paused and looked at me, as if it was a warning. "But we need it," she bowed her head. "Dad will you please?"

He cleared his throat, and the rest of the table bowed their heads as he recited a simple blessing.

"Amen," the table chorused, and went back into eating.

"I would also like to add," Bobby piped up, taking a sip of coffee, I was going to just love this. "God bless everyone at this table. I wish everyone was as forgiving to forgive an asshole for walking out on a girl who was willing to start a future with them."

If my jaw was able to drop two feet, that is how far it would be. The familiar heat flush fumed over my skin. I could feel my nails dig into my palm as I literally stabbed at my bacon.

I'm here to see Evie.

Not to fight.

I repeated that over and over in my head, and focused down at the food that was now uneatable since I had managed to mutilate it all with my fork.

"I mean, it really takes a Wentz to pull something like that."

Evie dropped her utensils and glared in Bobby's direction.

He smiled smugly.

"What's your problem?" She loudly whispered.

"Him!" He yelled, pointing a spoon in my direction.

In natural defense mode, I stood up, the chair falling behind me and falling with a loud clunk on the marble floor. He followed suit, throwing his spoon back on the table. Evie pulled his arm to make him sit down, but he shook her off.

"I have never done anything to you!" I yelled, my eye brows furrowing together.

"But you have to Evie, and right when she starts to move on, you just come right back in to tear it apart!" He yelled, coming closer to me.

David was now standing, but seemed more to watch than rather prevent him from attacking me. I was well aware I deserved this now.

"You know what, maybe I should just leave," I said, turning away. Bobby let out howling laughter.

"Look at you running away again," he mocked, "it's all you ever do."

I could've stopped myself from hurling myself at him, but I didn't. I turned around and threw my whole arm into where his face would be, but he ducked in time, throwing a return into my gut making me fall to the floor with a loud thud. That's when my conscious re-kicked in and remembered why I was here.

For Evie.

And this fight was only going to add up on the list of "Reasons Why Evie Hates Pete."

Next thing I know he was on top of me and I did my best to cover my face from his blows. It wasn't until David pulled Bobby off me when I realized my lip was busted.

By now everybody was standing, and as if God had decided to forgive me for all my sins, Evie slapped Bobby across the face and glared.

"You really need to watch it, Bobby," she took a deep breath as I continued to lye there on the hard and cold ground. "Not in my house," Bobby seemed confused as Ryan and David both held him by the arms.

"So you're going to go back to him,"

I groaned lightly, turning my head away and back up at the ceiling. Evie's head turned away, glancing down at me.

"Just..." I knew that tone- she was hurt. "I think maybe you should leave and cool off for a while," her voice was low and I closed my eyes, defeated.

I heard a huff before multiple footsteps walked past my ears.

"Are you alright sweetie?" I heard David and opened my eyes to find him holding her in a sideways hug. Her shoulders tensed and she bit her lip.

My vision grew hazy.

"I'm not so sure if you should be asking me that," I let the smallest of smile come to my lips.

David nodded and kissed her forehead before hesitantly walking out of the kitchen. I raised my hand up to my lips for a moment, finding blood staining my fingers.

"Pete," I turned my head as Evie kneeled next to me, her voice stern.

"What?" I paused and placed my head back on the tile. "Are you going to kick me out too?" I asked.

She emitted a long sigh.

"No," she frowned deeply. "But I am going to reprimand you,"

I cringed as she curled her hands around my arms, helping me up. I swayed slightly and looked at her, confused.

"Why are you helping me?" I asked.

Evie bit her lip.

"If I want God to forsake me for all my sins I have to,"

That was harsh in my opinion.

I let her lead me to the downstairs bathroom where I lounged on the counter and against the mirror as she dampened a cloth with warm water.

"You know sometimes I hate you," she hissed, her hand falling on my cheek as she dabbed it to my lip, wiping the blood away. I gulped.

"Sometimes?" I managed out. Evie smirked lightly, turning to grab some alcohol wipes.

"Most of the time," she whispered.

I tested her.

"What about the rest of the time?" Her eyes shifted from her work to my eyes.

"The rest of the time I worry about you," I lightly smiled and watched as she shook her head. "And if you have moved on yet,"

I sighed as she cleaned everything up, one of her hands straying away to rest on her stomach. I jumped off the counter and moved to stand behind her.

"Isn't it kind of obvious?" I asked, hesitantly slithering my arm around her waist, spreading my fingers on the front of her stomach. Evie glanced up at me in the mirror before observing our embrace.

"Don't do this Pete," she whispered, her eyes lowering again.

My hand trembled slightly, realizing this was actually the first time in her pregnancy I was acting like a future father.

"But," she cut me off, turning herself around, her hands falling on my shoulders.

"Listen," she said sharply. Her eyes bored into mine and I pursed my lips together.

Words never came to her lips or out into the air.

Her hands fell from my arms as she took a breath and turned, walking out.

I was truly confusing this woman.

I followed her through the hallway and up the stairs until she waltzed right into her bedroom, picking up a few things and putting them away.

I didn't think she'd let me sit there on her bed's edge as she put away clothes from this week's laundry. Still my lip was wedged in my mouth, keeping myself from doing or saying something stupid.

Sitting here was as good as it was going to get.

I shifted again, moving so that I was a little bit more on her bed. Evie turned from her dresser and started to walk over, my head tilting up to see if she was going to talk to me. She didn't. She grabbed the last cloth that lye there, a red dress I recognized from the time we crashed Izzy, Patrick and Joe's prom.

Also the night I was so tempted to kiss her for the first time.

A sigh of recognition escaped her lips as she brought it to her chest, turning around to place it in the dresser.

"Why did you have that out?" I asked in the lowest voice possible, so that I didn't strike a nerve.

Evie turned her head to look at me.

"Jenn borrowed it a couple days ago," she replied and closed the draw with both hands before glancing up at the mirror that hung above it.

I was able to see her confused expression through it and held my breath as her fingers curled around a folded piece of paper that was tucked into the frame of the mirror. She walked back to me slowly, taking an awkward seat next to me.

"What is that?" I asked softly as she unfolded it, letting my hands take it away as her hands retreated to rest on the bump in her shirt.

I looked at her nervous expression for a moment before looking down at the two black and white photos. I could only think of one thing and turned my gaze to where Evie's hands were tangled up in each other over her stomach.

"The baby," I mumbled, bringing my gaze up to where she was biting her lip and by the judge of how her chest wasn't moving, holding her breath.

"I figured you'd want to know," she whispered.

I blinked before looking back down at it, letting the smallest of smiles tug at my lips.

"Do you..." I paused. "Know the," I stopped, perplexed by how curious I was becoming.

It wasn't like Evie was going to tell me, I mean, I was hardly going to be allowed into her life.

Her dad, brother, friends and Mr. High and mighty Bobby Scott wouldn't let me.

Evie nodded and her voice echoed in my mind.

"A boy," she had whispered and at that moment I couldn't tell if my heart was beating anymore.

"A boy," I repeated.

Slowly I let the paper fall from my hands and simultaneously brought my head back up to stare at her beautiful face.

"I'm..." I hushed her, placing two fingers to her lips.

My eyes lowered to her stomach soon followed by my hand that rested over hers.

"Can I?" I asked.

Evie seemed confused but as soon as I slipped off the bed to kneel between her legs, I'm sure she got the picture. Her hands left her stomach for a moment before they rested on the bed near her thighs.

My hands moved to rest where her hands used to be before I lowered my lips to kiss the bump that had been the result of love from our past.

Poor kid, I thought as I retreated, my eyes boring into the blue fabric of Evie's shirt. I rolled it up slightly to rest my hands on her skin and closed my eyes, turning my head to let my ear rest against her flesh.

"Pete," she spoke.

I didn't respond, wanting more to listen to the gurgling sounds of either Evie's stomach or the baby. She sighed next, her hands resting in my hair, combing my bangs to one side.

"Baby," I whispered, rubbing my hand slightly. "I'm so sorry," I mumbled, turning my head slightly to kiss there again. "You have to know I love you," My breath was leaving again. "And your mother very much," Evie took a deep breath.

"Don't upset him," she mumbled. My ears perked up as a sharp pain hit the side of my face.

"I think he already hates me," I whispered, pulling back to look up at her. She knitted her eyebrows together.

"What are you talking about?" she asked. I let a toothy grin come to my face.

"I think he just kicked," Evie's eyes slightly widened before a smile broke out on her face as well.

I felt just a little better at the fact I had managed to make her feel that way, even if it was because of baby's actions.

But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that this creation could possibly be the one thing that could keep us attached. Our eyes and smiles stayed locked until a light knock came onto the door and a throat was cleared.

"Am I interrupting anything?" David. I turned my head and bit my lip.

"Not at all, sir," I mumbled and pulled away to stand up. Evie's hands rested on her stomach again as her dad observed the situation.

"Somebody's at the door for you, Ev," She knitted her eyebrows together in confusion before nodding and walking past him, me following.

David frowned at me as I kept my head down until I reached the bottom step and observed the situation before me at the front door.

Another guy?

My eyes traveled to where David was standing behind me. The butler must have answered the door because he was just as surprised.

But then I heard the fear in Evie's voice as she spoke out.

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