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The masquerade nightclub

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this is totally out of the Full Metal world and kinda in between ours and theres. Riza dances the night a way with a masked man and her superior finds out... what will happen?

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This is really out of place but here we go anyway. And remember i own nothing of Full metal alchemist. No one can do that AND be a DB8 goddess.

First Lt. Riza Hawkeye sighed. Why was she here?

The boys at the office gave her the feeling that she was really stressing them out and needed to unwind. Ok maybe she knew it because Havoc and Breeda actually said, "give us a break Hawkeye, were not machines like you, We need to relax once in a while. You could too."

Was that why she was here, In this masquerade nightclub and bar? A few women from work had decided to go and one of them offered the invite to Hawkeye. No one thought she'd accept.

She felt real stupid sitting at the bar drinking her mixed drink, wearing this stupid mask with her hair down and being in her black tank top and jeans, while the other girls were dancing like they had a clue. None of them could dance as far as Riza was concerned. They let the men lead them on everything. Men only needed to lead when it came to slow dancing.

She knew better than to say these things aloud. They'd ask to see her dance for them and show them how it was done. Hawkeye didn't want to, though she could dance far better than they could.

The girls came back to the bar and placed a few orders as the song ended.

"Did you get any guys over here Gun babe?" Maria Ross asked giggling.

Ah that stupid alias thing was sickening too. Why was she here again?

"Do you see any?" Hawkeye answered again. She had relaxed her persona a bit around them but not when any guys gave her an eye, some had gotten the courage to ask her to dance but she had known that she'd have left them in the dust.

"You just need to lighten up a bit." The brunette Betty Thomas instructed her, Sipping a fruity little something. A mellow song sounded, perfect for slow dancing. The young women around her were quickly taken for partners, leaving her alone again.

"Excuse me," A mans voice came from Behind Riza. She raised an unmasked eyebrow and turned around on her barstool. He had dark hair and with the absence of light it seemed as if his eyes were black. Most of his upper face was hidden behind a black mask just like everyone else. He wore a black button down and jeans, "I was hoping to get your name."

"I was told only alias in this place," Riza told him a bit coldly, turning back around and taking a sip of her drink.

"Alright, then what is your alias?" asked the dark haired man sitting down next to her; "Mine's Flame."

"Gun babe," she said quickly to get it over with, "my friends gave it to me."

"Interesting," the man said. He noticed her empty glass; "can I buy your next drink?"

"No, I don't want another one yet, I may be taking them home." Riza declined, pushing her glass away from her.

"Ok," he ordered a beer for himself and drank it while Riza watched the couples dance. At least they knew how to this one right.

"Is it because you're distant?"

"What?" she was only mildly interested.

"Why haven't you danced yet? Is it because you don't know how?" Flame asked her.

"I haven't danced because I haven't found anyone who's my equal yet. It takes the game out of it if you're at different levels." She responded.

"Right," he said not believing her.

"Dancing is a skill, it must be rivaled to have any descent competition." He was beginning to get on her nerves.

His face had a thoughtful expression, "I guess you could be right to a point."

Eyebrows raised Hawkeye asked, "to a point?"

"I find it fun to teach women how to dance." He took another swig.

"So you can lead right?"

"That is how it works," Flame said. His comment sparked controversy.

"You don't think a woman could lead?" Hawkeye asked him.

"That's not what I said," he defended, "I'm just saying that if it's undecided the man should get the role."

"Some men can't lead a horse let alone a dance, you're probably one of them," she told him, "if you knew what was good for you Sparky, you'd leave this topic alone."

"Sparky?" he seemed taken back that a woman would try to offended him. He shook his head; "No woman has ever talked to me like that."

"Then you've lead a sheltered life, Sparks," Riza scoffed. Neither of them spoke for a little while. Then the slow dancing song was replaced by a fast one with a strong beat, perfect for grinding.

"Do you really think your that good that you could lead a man at dancing, babe?"

Hawkeye wanted to smack him for calling her the demeaning part of her alias but settled for a glare.

"I believe that was my point," she told him. She'd only mentioned her own skill once but he'd picked up that she thought herself a good dancer.

"Then lets prove that theory." Flame said, coming off his barstool and offering his hand.

Riza smirked, "you want me to dance with you?"

"I believe that is my intent," he told her, "if you know how to grind." Oh yes. She knew how. She gave him her hand, prepare to lose.

He brought her to the middle of the dance floor then spun her so they were his front to her back and placed his hands on her hips where they were supposed to be.

"You do know how to grind right? Or should I take it slow?" He taunted softly into her neck and ear. Riza felt spiteful.

"Just try to keep up Sparky," She responded tilting her head back to speak into his ear. They began moving their bodies, Riza first. She moved her entire body to the time of the music expertly. The point of grinding was to always be touching her partner so she did. It seemed that he had trouble keeping up at first but then leveled out to be about the same level as she was.

The song was long and so was their endurance. They moved in time to the music and to each other. Riza was leading with their moves by changing the movement so he'd have to fallow. Each one trying to kick it up for the other one. Hawkeye was ahead but not by much.

Many people had noticed them. A few stood to watch others tried to copy with little success. Riza's body glistened with perspiration, and so did his. When they heard the song end they stopped, their breathing slightly labored. Some applause sounded. Riza was suddenly glad she had the stupid mask on. Flame grabbed her hand and pulled her back to the bar.

"Damn!" He swore "I've never met a woman would could grind like that."

"I've never met a man that matched my skill." she told him honestly sitting next to him.

"Could you use that drink now?" he asked,

Riza combed her fingers through her slightly damp hair. "Actually I could."

"One beer and for the lady?" he ordered,

"Coke and jack mix," She told the bartender who was taking the order.

"She grinds and drinks whisky. Where have you been all my life?" he asked.

"Am I truly that rare?" Riza thought herself quite ordinary as far as women went.

"Gun babe you truly are." He said as the drinks came. They drank greedily.

"So what do you do?" she asked.

"I'm an alchemist," he told her. "What about you?"

Riza thought about it. He might freak if she told him she was a first Lt. in the military and for once she didn't want to scare this one off. She kind of liked him.

"I'm a marksman," she explained.

"A body guard?" he questioned,

She nodded, "you could say that."

"Aren't you going to ask me about my job?"

Shaking her head Riza said, "I know quite a few alchemists. Your profession isn't news to me."

"Is that so?"

Hawkeye took another drink before she spotted a few of the girls she had come with. They all seemed to handing out money. Great! They had made bets. No wonder Ross kept asking her if she'd met any men yet, she'd bet against her.

"I can't believe them," she muttered.

"Believe whom?" Flame asked following her gaze. The girls realized they'd been caught and scattered. "You're friends over there?"

"They aren't actually my friends, just women I work with." She explained.

"That would explain why they would be betting on you." He turned back to face her, "guys do that to their friends, women tend to do that to people they barely know."

Riza smiled as she remembered how many bets she'd placed against the companionless Jean Havoc. One of those bets had in fact paid for this little outing.

"Some women place them on their friends." She told him.

"Oh really?"

"I've done it," she admitted.

"Did you win?" Flame asked intrigued.

"I win Most of the time." Another song with a strong beat came on even though it was slightly slower than the last time. He smirked at her and she smirked back. They drank the last of their drinks and headed for the dance floor again. This time they were closer to the wall on the outskirts. Neither wanted too much attention.

It wasn't quite a grinding song but they did it any way. They resumed their places, with his hands on her hips and her hands on his. She felt more comfortable leaning and pushing into him with her shoulders and hips. They had moved closer this time, no longer complete strangers.

She felt his breath go along her neck and down her shoulder. She was letting him lead a bit until she saw his smirk and then she immediately regained the control. She moved her body with his. And for a moment she had a feeling she knew him. Not just from tonight but from some where else.

As she moved she tried to place him. High school? Her hometown? Maybe her work? She hoped she didn't know him from there. That would mean she couldn't date him. Like another man she had a big crush on. Wouldn't that figure?

The song ended, only to be followed by another song. They were both having so much fun they danced for a ten song straight. At that point Riza realized that it was getting late and her co-workers might want to go home. She sure as hell didn't though.

She lead him off of the dance floor, and seen the group of women at the bar looking tired. Probably hoping Riza didn't find them.

"Do you need to leave Gun babe?" Flame asked her. She no longer minded the stupid alias.

"I'm not sure yet, hold on a second." Riza walked over to the girls. They were all almost asleep. She probably should go home with them considering that tomorrow was Elections for furor and Mustang was on the ballot.

"You girls can go home if you want too." She told them all, "I was thinking about staying a little while longer."

"Are you still with that guy?" Ross asked her.

"Not that it is any of your business but yes." She snapped at her, "and I don't appreciate those bets about me."

"No harm was meant Hawkeye," Thomas said, "if we do go home do you think you could get a ride home?"

"I can walk, I don't live far," Riza informed.

"Alright than I think we'll be heading home. Good night," Thomas bid adieu. And was echoed by the other women as they left. Riza found Flame again not to far away saying good-bye to a group of men.

"You had friends as well?" She asked him.

"More like associates really. Looks like were left alone for the rest of the night." he stated pulling her back to the dance floor. They went back to dancing again. It was a slow song. She looped her arms around his neck, resting her head on his shoulder and he placed his around her waist.

"Pretty much. I do have work tomorrow." Riza whispered into his ear.

"Only the military have work, It's the results of the election tomorrow," Flame observed.

Damn it! How could she have been so careless? She shifted her head to face the outside.

"You're a marksman in the military aren't you?" he asked her. Then he started playing with the chain of her dog tags, her military id.

"Yes," she thought about telling him her rank but decided against it. Women with high ranks intimidated. She didn't want to intimidate him.

"Huh, what a coincidence. So am I," he said softly into her ear.

Hawkeye's heart sank. Yet another unattainable guy she liked in the military. Why did she always fall for the strong dark haired guys? She knew she needed to pull away. Dating between two soldiers wasn't allowed and she could get kicked out, since they believe it was the woman's fault, not the man's.

She finished the dance. Then tried to pull away put Flame pulled her back as another fast song came on.

"You know as well as I do we shouldn't do this." She told him. She faced him as he put his hands on her hips probably hoping for another dance.

"I do," He informed, "But who'll tell?" He placed her arms around his neck and replaced his back on her hips, starting to sway them from side to side until she was doing it herself.

"Still..." she trailed losing the will.

"You're enjoying yourself aren't you? Just let go a little bit. I don't know your name or rank, you don't know mine, Hell we don't even know what the other looks like," He took her hand had spun her like a ballerina, "we have air tight plausible deniability."

She smiled at this Loophole. "I still need to go home sometime to night, Sparky," she reminded, "My commander's in the running. I need rest before his winning celebration. "

"Is that so? Who is it?" He asked really interested.

"Nah uh, if you knew you'd know who I was."

"One woman outfit?"

Riza laughed, "you could say that."

They finished dancing. Flame walked her outside to the door. They kept the masks on.

"Do you need an escort my lady?" he asked,

"I'd like one but we'd lose our deniability." She reminded.

"Ah but you're right." He said. Punching his fist into his other hand. Then he looked into her eyes. Riza looked back. His eyes had truly been onyx black. "I really had fun tonight, gun babe."

She really wanted to know his name and have him know hers. Something else the military wouldn't let her do. Oh well, if Mustang was elected, which was most likely, she was getting a discharge. She wouldn't wear a miniskirt.

"Me too Sparky," she smiled and he chuckled.

They leaned in and kissed sweetly. And even though it was just a simple kiss Riza had to say it was the best one she'd ever had. His hand supported her head as their lips brushed again. Finally they parted.

"I wish we could do this again." His tone added a little bit of sorrow into it.

"I do too." She said honestly. She started to walk away in the direction of her house, "Good night, Flame."

"Good night Gun Babe." He called after her.

When Riza got home she was in a very good mood. She was sad she couldn't date the guy or even know his name but she was glad she met him. Earlier that night she had said that she would probably use the mask as a target, but now she would keep it to remember him. She got ready for bed and left the simple black mask on her nightstand.

"If you don't have your id I can't let you in." Said the guard at the entrance of the military head quarters the next morning.

Riza let out a heated breath as she searched her bag trying to find those stupid tags. She didn't have to give them her id everyday just today because of the election. What really infuriated her was she was the one who put the absurd thing into action.

"I know I have them some where." She said checking her neck once more. Then she heard a voice behind her say,

"Lose something Lt.?" She turned around to see her commander, Brigadier General Roy Mustang. Alchemy gloves and all.

She solutes, "It seems like I've misplaced my dog tags, sir."

"You didn't misplace them lt. You dropped them." He said holding up a pair of the metal rounded squares with a broken ball chain. "I found them on the side walk. They're yours."

Riza felt really stupid as he gave them back to her. "Thank you sir," She showed the guard her newly recovered ids and entered the building followed by the General.

"Thank you again for finding them sir." She felt obligated to tell him a second time.

"I'm surprised you didn't feel them fall when I accidentally tugged them off," He said. Riza had been fixing them around her neck again, when she heard this wry comment.

"Sir?" She asked him. Their ways would part in a mater of moments. He had to find out the results and Riza had to prepare his party. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that he was the one that he wouldn't win.

"And I must say Hawkeye I was extremely impressed with your dancing skills last night. They bested my own, and I go out at least every week."

She stopped in her tracks. He was the one that she had been dancing with last night? Oh God.

In the back of her mind the calm part of her mind put it together. No wonder she fell for him. The girls couldn't have possibly fathomed those odds. She knew the smirk on his face was all too evident. He had had time to deal with this last night.

"See you in the office," he paused, "Babe."

Hawkeye waited till he was in the room and the hall was empty, before saying, "damn you, Sparky."
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