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Could it be the Season of Hope

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Monica and Gerard have a steamy encounter that ends in heartache

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After Mikey and Kara left Gerard disappeared saying he had something he had to take care of before tonight. He called Ray who picked him up. Monica washed the few dishes that were in the sink and felt at loose ends. Kelly called to say she was staying a bit longer at her friend's house. Monica decided to watch a Christmas movie that was playing on Tuner Classics. She was happy it wasn't one of those sad films. No sadness for her, she willed herself to stay upbeat.
An hour later Gerard was back. "Is Kelly back yet?" He asked walking in.
Monica looked up from her movie. "No she won't be back until around 4:00. She is having fun with her new friends and asked to stay later."
He smiled "You mean we are all alone?" There was that sexy look again. "Wonder what you and I could do to pass the time?"
Her heart stared to beat faster. Damn just being near him was starting to excite her. "I'm watching a movie. It's very good. Great Christmas story." She looked back at the TV.
He sat down next to her on the sofa. "OK, we'll watch a movie. Can't think of anything else I would like to do." Monica tried to ignore him.
She tried to concentrate on the film. She really did. He put his arm around her shoulder and settled in. His fingers started to gently caress the back of her neck. She tried to ignore the feeling. He moved closer and she could feel his warm breath near her ear. "Gerard what are you doing?" her eyes were still on the movie.
"Oh, nothing. Why am I bothering you?" he asked innocently. His other rested on her thigh.
" The TV is in front of you. You are facing me," she told him without turning.
"For sure that is where the TV is. Just ignore me and watch your movie." His hand moved to caress her inner thigh.
Monica took a deep breath and tried to slow her heartbeat. Damn but it seemed like the room as getting hot. "Gerard you are trying to distract me"
"No not me. I don't know what you are talking about." His fingers were applying slight pressure to part her legs.
Monica decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. Still looking straight ahead she told him in a throaty whisper. "If you don't stop I'm going to push you back on this sofa and slowly kiss every and I mean every inch of you."
His hand stilled for a moment "Oh is that right you vixen? Well I don't believe you." He was taunting her to get just what he wanted.
"I'm warning you. Every INCH of you."
He nipped at her ear, "Sure, sure you will. I bet"
She turned in one fluid movement and pushed him back. She slid off the sofa and pushed his legs up so that he was lying on the sofa. His shirt was the first thing she took off him. He tried to touch her but she pushed his hands away. "Oh no you don't touch me, that's the rules".
His eyes narrowed with passion. She undid the button on his jeans and tugged them off him taking his briefs with them. He was naked lying on the sofa. She looked down at him and licked her lips. Doing this excited and frightened her. She had never acted this way before. Then again she had never felt this kind of passion before.
He watched her look at him her eyes taking in every inch of his body. "Honey it seems wrong me being naked and all and you standing there in clothes."
She smiled "Oh, really, well I believe I told you what I was going to do" She leaned down and let her long hair brush his chest all the way down his body." Once again he tried to touch her. "Am I going to have to tie those hands down?" she asked breathlessly.
"You don't touch. I'm in charge here. Do you understand?" She had never in her life imagined doing something like this and it felt wicked and oh so good.
He nodded not trusting his voice.
"Good, now you just lay there I have things to do." She leaned down and whispered in his ear "to you"
He was already so hard. His hands itched to touch her this was such torture. She ran her fingers lightly down the length of his body. Standing up she smiled. "Now I do believe I said I would kiss very inch of you. Isn't that what I said?" He nodded licking his lips.
She kissed his lips lightly then moved down to his neck. His breathing was rough. Slowly she reached his chest. His arms came up to try to pull her closer. She stepped back. "Do you want me to stop?"
"No" was all he could get out.
"Then stop trying to touch me. Only I can touch you anywhere I want and you have to just lay there. Understand?"
He closed his eyes trying to maintain control. She was driving him crazy. He forced himself not to touch her.
Once again she kissed his chest. He held his breath as the kisses began to move lower. Lower and lower the trail moved. The kisses burned his skin. He lifted his head so he could watch her. The sight of her kissing his inner thighs was his undoing. When her tongue swept around the silky tip of his arousal he thought he would die. "Monica honey, please I want to feel you. I need to feel you."
She raised her head and met his eyes. Standing she slid of her panties off from under her skirt. His eyes never left her. Taking a shuddering breath she straddled him. Ever so slowly she lowered herself on him and cried out his name as he filled her. Gerard reached under her skirt to touch her, he wanted to feel how hot and ready she was. His fingers began massaging the soft folds of flesh bringing her closer and closer to release. She leaned foreword slightly making it easier to thrust her hips.
"Sugar, you are going to kill me." He ground out "Quicker, harder" he pleaded. She threw her head back and did as he asked. The tension that was building was so intense, an unquenchable fire. Her body throbbed and pulsed. "Monica now, now. I want to feel you tighten around me." His words pushed her over the edge. The release was so deep she cried out.
In the next instant he joined her crying out her name. She collapsed onto his chest and his this time his arms encircled her. They held each other tightly until their heartbeats slowed. Monica sat up and scooted off him. He noticed something was wrong immediately.
"Honey, what is it? What's wrong?" he reached out and grabbed her hand to keep her from moving away.
She tried to smile "Gerard I have never acted like that before. I don't know what made me do that"
He realized she was embarrassed. He pulled her down to sit on the sofa next to him. "Monica do you know how special that makes me feel? You totally let go and you were sexy for me." He brushed her hair from her face and tilted her face to him. "I love you there is nothing you could ever do that would change that".
As soon as he said those words her face changed. "Don't ever say that. That's not true." She blurted out. "I could make you hate me, the things that I've done would make you hate me." She broke away from him. "I'm going to lie down awhile. Please leave me alone"
He watched her walk away pain tearing at his soul. Dressing quickly he sat back down his mind deep in thought. Something terrible had happened that had mentally scarred her. He was sure it had to do with her husband. How could he help her? He loved her; he had to make her believe. As he looked at the Christmas tree he remembered grandma telling him that this was the season of hope. God, please let that be true.
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