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A Pink Robe for Christmas Eve Morning

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Gerard and Monica wake in each others arms.

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Christmas Eve dawned clear but very cold. Monica's eyes snapped open as the previous night came rushing back. She was in Gerard's arms and had never felt safer or more loved in her entire life. She rose up a bit to look at him. In sleep he was so angelic looking. She wanted so badly to believe that there could be a future with him. He stirred and opened his eyes. He smiled and tightened his hold on her.
"You were watching me sleep again." He said with a slight yawn. "How long have you been awake?"
"Just a few moments and just what is wrong with me watching you sleep? You look like an angel." She smiled.
His laugh was rough "Honey I'm no angel or maybe you don't remember last night?"
She looked at him and smiled "Pretty sure I will never forget last night. Gerard it was wonderful, more than I ever believed possible."
His fingers traveled down her side, "Monica you told me you loved me," he whispered. "Please don't say you didn't mean it. I need to know it wasn't just a heat of the moment thing"
Her head fell back on his chest, her voice small "I do love you Gerard but that's not always enough."
Gerard sighed, "It's Christmas Eve, lets not let anything ruin today and tomorrow. For now lets just love each other and let it go at that." He sounded so defeated she wanted to cry.
After taking a quick shower she pulled her hair back in a bun and chose a simple flowing skirt with matching blouse. She walked into the kitchen she spotted the note from Donna on the table. It explained that she had gone to visit her friend and would be back around 4:00. At the bottom of the note she had written "Gerard and I both love you Monica". She had to blink back tears.
Gerard found her sitting at the table a few minutes later. He had showered and had on the most ridiculous looking pink flowered robe Monica had ever seen. "What the hell are you wearing?" she asked trying to take it all in.
He did a slow turn "Like it? Actually I went into the bathroom without taking my clothes with me. Thought maybe the girls might have come home so I shouldn't walk around in nothing. This was on the back of the door hanging."
She did a slow walk around him "I must say it really looks nice on you. I think pink is your color"
The back door opened and in walked Mikey. He took one look at Gerard and burst out in a fit of laughter, "Man, oh man wait until I tell the guys. That is better than any dress you have ever worn."
"Shut up Mikey. You are just jealous cause you couldn't pull off a look like this." He punched his brother on the arm "Mom always said I'm prettier than you"
"You both are crazy" Monica grinned. She poured a cup of coffee for each of them. Mikey looked around "Where's mom?"
"She went to Connie's to deliver a Christmas gift. What's up?" Monica asked. He smiled.
"So I guess Kara and Kelly aren't here either. I wonder what Monica and Gerard were doing," he said in a goofy tone.
Gerard shot him a shut up look. "Is there a reason you are here?" He sat down next to Monica and placed his arm on the back of her chair.
"I was just being the good son and came by to wish her a Happy Christmas Eve and I'm supposed to pick up Kara too. Bob wanted to come but he is picking up a last minute Christmas gift."
Monica glanced at the clock. Kara was due home soon. "Gerard go but some clothes on"
"I dunno I kinda like this. Don't you think this is just what a pretty blond should wear?"
She rolled her eyes "Go" she told him. She couldn't help but watch him walk out of the room. The damn robe was so short.
Mikey poured himself a cup of coffee and sat down. "So Monica what did you ask Santa for? Possibly an even shorter robe for Gee?"
Damn he had seen her ogling his brother. "Very funny Mikey. So what are your plans for tonight? Kara said something about a special dinner, I think"
Yea, Alicia is planning a candlelit dinner for the four of us. Just between you and me I'm not too sure about it. Her cooking is well, unique but she wanted this Christmas Eve to start a tradition for us since we will be married by next Christmas." He looked so happy it was sweet.
"Is Bob upset about not making it home for the holidays?"
Mikey grinned, "There is no place he would rather be." He saw her frown and continued "Look Monica I know you are not very happy about Kara and Bob but they really do care about each other. Bob would never do anything to hurt her. Who knows in a few years they might be like Alicia and me. Would that be so bad?"
Monica thought a moment "Mikey, I can't help but worry. No matter how old she is she will always be my baby. My girls are my life. I just want what what's best for them."
"I know your girls are you life. But Monica what about Gerard? What is he in your life? My brother loves you."
She looked down at her coffee cup. "You mom wants to know the same thing. I love your brother very much. But...he deserves someone better than me."
He looked surprised "Better than you? Monica you are a wonderful person. You have come into our family and become a part of it. I don't understand why you would say something like that"
They could hear Gerard's voice singing "All I want for Christmas is you" as he came back towards the kitchen. She was sparred from having to say anything else.
"Kara's here they just dropped her off." he told them as he walked in. A moment later she came thru the back door.
"Hello" she smiled "I tried to make it back sooner. I'll just be a moment," she told Mikey. She ran downstairs to get her bag and Christmas gifts. A minute later she yelled up the stairs "Hey mom my robe was in the bathroom and now its gone. Know where its at?"
Gerard snickered and Mikey just laughed out loud. Monica shook her head and smiled "Well Gerard was wearing it you'll have to ask him" she yelled back.
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