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Ed storms the rebel base and Roy tries to hold on to life.

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Edward waded through the deep mud of the surrounding village, his crew around him. In total, there was only eight of them, but with two state alchemists, and the trigger happy Riza, eight was plenty. Besides, the more men running into an enemy base, the more would be wounded or killed. Slowly, he crouched down, chest first, and crawled to the top of the hill, that ever so conveniently surrounded the enemy, and just gazed over the top. The main building, in all, was an old run-down factory that the rebel forces had taken over for their own use. Standing three stories tall, with guards on all corners, Edward estimated their total time to get in and out, with all the PoW that were found alive, would take about ten minutes. At least, that's what he hoped for. Quick missions were the best missions. Nimbly, the young alchemist turned about to face the rest of his men, then gave the signal.

Roy screamed out, his body convulsing as an electrical current surged through him, a pain far worse than Roy thought he would ever be able to put into words. In short, it's like having someone cook you, from the inside out. Finally, his captor gave mercy, and stopped his play for a moment, but not before snickering at the man. The man was tall, his scraggly black hair danced down over his face, hiding his eyes, over all, a very lanky man. The same man that had taken such good care of Roy for the past weeks. The broken colonel was tied to a metal bed wiring that had been connected to a simple electrical charge, but "simple" happened to be enough to kill a man. The bed had been leaned up against the wall, so the rebels didn't have to bother to unshackle Roy to torture him. Blood dripped from his mouth and ears onto the floor, splattering against old burgundy stains.

"Come now, all you have to do is agree is to fight with us, and we can stop all of this..."

At this request, Roy nearly gave in and said yes. Just the thought of getting away from where he was, he would quite literally kill for the chance, and that's just what these people wanted. He just wanted it to end, to get away from this hell hole he had been dragged to. But, if he was ever retrieved by his own side, his own men would do something far worse then his current enemy, and besides, there was no such being worse than a deserter, a traitor to the military. Roy just couldn't have that, he would never become the Fuhrer if he abandoned the military...

"Bastard..." Roy hissed, spitting his blood at the man, who growled with anger.

"Well then! We'll just get rid of you right now!"

The man stormed over to Roy, and in a flash of steel, he had been cut down from the wall. He slumped to the ground, eyes closed in sheer agony from the pain of his fall, his ribs cutting into him. How cruel is that, he finally gets to put his arms down, but he couldn't breath to enjoy it.

As he lay gasping, Roy heard the soft and familiar sound of a gun being pulled from a holster, metal against leather, and relaxed his muscles, ready to die. Instead of the bang he was awaiting, sirens wailed over the construct, and for the first time in his life, Roy was happy to hear alert sirens. The man quickly turned from Roy, swearing, and bolted to the door. He slung it open with such a force, that when it hit the wall, it shook the entire room, then, he disappeared into a dark hallway.

Roy pulled up the his last bit of strength, from the very depths of his soul, and desperately tried to hang on.

Two more men dropped in front of Edward as he sprinted through the facility, blood splattering his mud-caked face. Ed was glad he had Riza with him on this one... The mission itself was not going well, for every cell they opened, they only found dead men. As Ed cleared each new cell, the same fear and dread that had taken root into his heart when he first herd of Roy, seemed to grow, consuming his mind. Soon, Edward found it hard to stay on the very task at hand, staying alive.

With a deafening crash, the wall to the side of Edward was blown to pieces, rocks and debris flew over the smaller alchemist as he ducked to the side. Ed froze up. Was he going to have to fight another alchemist? Then, to Ed's relief, Armstrong streaked through the hole.

"Ever heard of a door!" Ed screamed in annoyance, once again sprinting down the hall. The man only grunted in response and fell in behind Ed. Their thundering footsteps were then drowned out by the alert siren. Ed swore as he felt his stomach drop. They were in deep, now that the entire complex knew they where they were.

"Down here!" Armstrong yelled, grabbing Ed by his arm and jerking him down a side alleyway, with even more cell doors, all of them open and empty, then, they got to the end of the hall, and the last door, the only closed one, flew open.

It happened to quick for Ed to even think about dodging, and the led bulled pierced straight through his left shoulder. Armstrong, acting quickly, used his alchemy to force the floor up through the mans stomach, piercing straight through him. He yelled out feebly, then died. Ed swayed slightly, his vision blurred, and he dropped to the ground in pain. Armstrong dove down beside Ed, reaching his hand forward onto the teens shoulder in an attempt to steady him.

"I'm fine..." Ed said stubbornly, shoving the man away and struggling to his feet. He had been shot before, and knew what to expect. Carefully, he placed his automail hand over the wound, and walked the five feet over to the last door of the hallway. Armstrong, giving Ed a weary look, sighed, and quickly went to double check the other rooms.

Ed stepped through the frame of the steel door, and froze on the spot. There was someone, but from what Ed could tell, they were dead. Gingerly, Edward stepped toward the body on the floor, and kneeled down close. It was laying face down, and Ed was almost scared to flip the body over. He had seen some pretty sick stuff... Then, Ed heard something he wasn't expecting, a gasp. Ed clasped the bare shoulder of the man, and flipped him over quickly, but very gently.

Edward nearly threw up.



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