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The Guide book(The guide book might gradually change as the story goes on, so plz keep checking)

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Sams friends come up with the ultimate dare for sam. They even make a 12 step guide to help her along. There mission is to have Brendon Urie fall head over hills for sam in the course of 7 days! Wi...

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Hello my name is Samantha but people know me by "Sam". I have 3 good best friends, allow me to properly introduce them. The first one is Megan but she's known as "Meg", she's corky, fun, and down to earth. Either tripping, falling, laughing out of nowhere, or just plain out of the ordinary with her sense of fashion and mind . Next is Charlie but her nickname is "Re" she's real smart and can do anything if she puts her mind to it. Has won the science fair 3 yrs in a row, is the head chief of the schools newspaper paper and president of the student body, Shall I say more? Last but not least is Leah but we call her "Lee" she's the glamour me up kind of girl. She's always up with the latest fashions and always in to sitting a new trend. She's strong witted and curious. She has a new boyfriend change almost every week. Then theres me I'm shy and not very out going. I'm the girl who sits in the back of the classroom, but lucky I have friends like them too push me. Sometimes they get me in difficult situations but somehow they always get me out. Now through our majorly differences we all have one thing in common and that would be Panic! At the disco. This story will begin at a slumber party at Sam's house.

"Catch" I yelled to Meg holding a piece of popcorn in my hand. Meg then opened her mouth wide and held her head up in the air.

"I bet you wont make it" Lee said sternly but a sly smirk on her face

"Oh you think I can't " I said exchanging a glance with her

"Well if that's what you think implying" she said going to sit on my computer chair.

"Well the length from Sam's hand to megs mouth is pretty distant only because she has her arm tucked back a little, I say the percentage is about 25 percent out of 100 that you'll make it Sam" Re suggested

"Well I feel about 1% out of 500% confident"

"Nice to hear" Re smiled

"So I smell the failure already" Lee said putting her elbows on the edge of her knee

"Its on" I said licking my lips.

Meg than started to scoot closer to the edge of the bed

"Reheade (Ready)" she said with her mouth still wide open and her head held back.

"Here goes nothing" I was squinting one eye and holding my hand with the piece of popcorn a little above my head.

"I can't watch" re said putting her hands over her eyes but leaving a small opening between two of her fingers on her left hand.

I aimed the popcorn and threw it, The feeling was like slow motion. Meg retardly jumped up but her right foot got caught with one of my sheets and she fell backwards. Everybody remained quiet with anticipation to see if I made it. Meg dragged herself up and proceeded to rub her head.

"Okay you were right lee"

"Yes! In your face " she said getting up to do her oh so fabulous victory she's right and your not dance.

I shoke my head and laid on my pillow in disappointment.

"Sorry maybe next time" Re said laying next to me

"Remind me to never try that again" Meg went to lay across my bed

"I'm bored" Lee said turning off my TV

"How about you think about something to do, I mean don't you always"

"You know what I do have an idea"

"Oh brother" Re groaned.

Lee then pushed her way in between and I.

"Lets play truth or dare" Lee suggested

"lee we always play that and you don't even make us have a choice, the games truth or dare and when I say truth you make me do a dare" Meg complained

"Yeah like when you dared me to mix bananas with vinegar and drink it with one chug and the bad part was when you knew I was allergic to vinegar" I nagged

"No but this one is different" Lee was trying to convince us

"Yeah every time we play it's the same" re said sarcastically

"No guys I'm really serious, I understand your complaints but I think its time we do something really great before we finally leave high school"

"Oh no! I can't afford to do a senior prank, you know what it'd do to my reputation" Re whined

"keep talking" I said sitting up

"Well this truth or dare does involve the truth and a dare but it has nothing to do with the school, it's a personal prank between ourselves"

"Orly?" Meg laughed

"Yes really, do you guys want to know or not"

"Yeah I guess it won't hurt to KNOW" Re said emphasizing the know part

"Okay you know how were going to be going to the panic concert tomorrow"

"Yeah! What about it" I said looking suspiciously.

"I was thinking maybe we could kind of do a big long lasting extremely never done before dare but I need one of you girls to be the victim"

"Well if you say it like that, I so don't want to be the victim" Meg said sternly
"Re please?" lee begged

"Nope! I can't do that"

"Theres not much more options so Sam I dare you to make Brendon Urie fall in love with you"

"WHAT?" I said wanting to yell but it turned into a very hoarse whisper

"That can't be done" Re insisted

"Well its not impossible" Lee argued

"Yeah like my uncle can just grow hair in the middle of his head" Meg said cynically

"Well I've put a lot of thought into it and I think it might actually work"

"Okay what movie did you get this from" Re asked

"Um...Jon tucker must die and how to lose a guy in 10 days but that's besides the point, guys if we pull through with this dare we can become legends"

"Oh I can see it in tabloid's now "Crazy teens make up a wonderfully planned out dare that was targeted to break Brendon urie's lovingly filled heart. All he wanted was to sing and make teenie's happy but Leah Myers had to ruin it"

Leah hit meg in her arm

"Ouch" Meg laughed

"I can't, won't and refuse to participate in this out of line dare" I said crossing my arms
"But Sam look at you. You're a beautifully pure shaped women waiting to be loved"

"True in some parts" Re agreed

"Now this is my plan we get Sam to make Brendon fall head over hills for her and then I'll say in about 2 weeks from now he'll be in love so anything you ask him he'll do, so you ask him to play at our prom and when he asks you to come on stage you BAM tell him this was dare and you never liked him, the student body will be kneeling at your feet to know how big of a playa you are. Shit I'll be right along with them"

"So your asking me to lead him on?"


"Manipulate him?"


"Basically play with his feelings and mind making him think I really love him and then break up with him leaving him with heartbroken and betrayal"

" if you make it sound like that"

"Leah this is..."

"So interesting" Meg said finishing my sentence

"Yeah and it might actually be fun, since its not me doing the dare" Re chimed in

"Please Sam. Oh please oh please" lee begged

"Okay, but he'll never fall for someone"

"Not just yet" lee jumped off my bed and went to her backpack. She pulled out a notepad and paper.

Then she climbed back on my bed and we all huddled in a circle

"I was thinking that maybe Brendon depending on his high class taste wouldn't right away be attracted to Sam but if we make a guide showing the certain steps we know and used of how to get a guy attracted to her maybe it wont have to be about physically attraction"

"Oh like steps to make a guy fall for you" Re said catching on

"Exactly" Lee said getting excited

"I'm really starting to like this idea" Meg smiled

"Why thank you, but all we need to do is make up the steps. I'm thinking that maybe the first step could have something to deal with connecting Sam and Brendon. What can a girl do to make a man feel needed or powerful" Lee said scanning around the room

"Oh she could be a kind of lady in help.....dazzle in distress" Meg said with overly wide eyes

"Smart, Step #1 be a dazzle in distress. Make him notice you and leave with a great first impression" lee squealed writing it down on the notepad and saying it out loud.

The whole night we went on about thinking of steps. At 5 In the morning we were finally done. Lee looked at the paper and gave us a smile.

"Here go our steps as followed:

Step#1:Get him to notice you and make immediate conversation

Step#2:Right when you get deep in conversation you act rushed and you get his phone number, Always leave a guy in suspense

Step#3:Call him that night around 3am in the morning, leave message and the rest of the day keep your phone off until about 9pm and turn it back on, he's bound to left messages and he'll keep calling till he gets a answer

Step#4:You set the first date for the guy over the phone! Time and place should be your decision, Get as much information as you can.

Step#5:Introduce him to your parents and make it seem as if you were a couple

Step#6: Get in good with his friends, guys always like the approval of there guy friends

Step#7:Invite him over to your house. Show him a side of you he'd never expect. Even if you have to make it up!

Step#8; Invite yourself over to his crib crying and wailing, but at the time looking seductive as possible and make sure you end up sleeping in

Step#9:Ask him to buy the most embarrassing thing guys wouldn't dare to buy! This will show how much he likes you

Step#10:Call him and be on the phone with him for hours, share some of your exotic and intimate moments, then flip it around by talking about your childhood, make up a horrible life story.

Step#11: You should take him on a date that'd challenge him in some way and kind of make it his first time over coming something with you

Step#12:Get him exactly where you want him and smash his little heart

And with that that concludes our guideline book on how to make Brendon Urie fall in love with you in 7 days" Lee finished

"Oh god I hope this works" I said getting under my covers

"It will" lee said putting the notepad on my dresser and getting under the covers also.

Re and meg did the same. Here we were squeezed up on my king sized bed, awaiting for day 1 of our dare to begin. What was I getting myself into too!
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