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They start step 1 and 2 but does something go wrong with step 3?

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It was just after the concert. We knew this building well and we knew panic or least Brendon was going to be coming out the back door so they could sneak up to the tour bus and then maybe do meets and greets. It just so happened to be a vending machine by that door outside. Just our luck.

"Okay Sam! keep your hand in the hole, you can do this it'll be fine" Lee said comforting me.

"I think I'm about to be sick" I cried

"Suck it up" Re yelled at me

"Look at me, I'm out here in below freezing weather, wearing a skirt and pretending like my hand is stuck in this vending machine, trying to fake out Brendon Urie" I whined

"Sam we have confidence in you, now remember once you get his number we'll be on the side watching and we'll ride up and honk the horn non-stop. Act rushed" Meg repeated

"Okay I know" I said trying to wrap my free hand around me.

"This is so exciting" Lee squealed

Then we heard the door knob turning.

"Oh shit" Re mouthed as the girls ran to the car.

The door flew back and hit me

"Ouch" I whined arching my back.

Brendon shut the door and opened his mouth in regret of flinging the door open like he did.

"I'm so sorry" he said placing his hand over his mouth.

My mouth dropped in shock! I was by freaking Brendon Urie! I Flung my head down and forgetting I was close to the vending machine I hit my head on the glass.

"God damn it" I mumble under my breathe.

"You need some help" he asked

"Yeah" I said acting like I was struggling to pull my hand out.

He then grabbed my arm and began to tug

"Ouch..not so hard" I whined

"How did you get it in this tight spot?"

I began to laugh because in my state of mind that just didn't sound right.

"What's funny?" He said looking into my eyes.

I looked back in his and I could just melt into those chocolate colored eyes.

"Nothing" I said putting my head back down. We then put out strength together and pulled my hand out about 2 seconds later.

I started to massage my hand not even exchanging a glance with Brendon.

"I'm sorry about the door" he sympathized

"You know what..its..perfectly okay" I smiled putting some hair behind my ear.

"Well let me properly introduce myself I'm Brendon..."

"Urie, lead singer slash guitar slash pianist from panic! At the disco"

"So I see! You do know me"

"Well I know of you"

He smiled

"Great show tonight! The music choices were phenomenal and everything just tied together just right" I added

"Thanks! You a fan?"

"Yeah, but I exclude myself from groupie or teenie fan club's , but they are pretty persuasive"

He laughed putting his head down for second then raising it again. Then he put his hands in his pockets. I looked at him strange.

"I feel so bad for just hitting you"

"technically the door hit me"

I turned to the door

"Fuck you too" I added flicking the door off

Brendon laughed and again showed that winning smile.

"I'm taking a big risk but can I have your number?"

"Yeah only if you give me yours first" I teased

"Okay" he then pulled a pen out his pocket and grabbed my hand

"God I hope your not a stalker"

"I'm not telling' I said biting my lower lip.

He proceeded to write his number on the inside palm of my left hand.

"Call me any time" he said After he wrote his number on my palm of my left hand. I smiled and I grabbed his wrist and started to write the area code of my number when I heard the car pull up and honk. I looked at the car and smiled then I saw Brendon looking at the car too.

"Oh I have to go" I said handing him the pen

"Okay" he said confused. Then I ran off and jumped in the car.

"But what's your name" he said as the car began to drive off

"You better not leave out one single detail or I'll fucking kill you" Lee squealed looking at me in the review mirror.

"Oh my good you're a natural" Meg said in amazement

"I can't believe I did it and how I did it" I said confusing myself

We were all in a circle on the floor.

"So as from what you told us you did step 1 and 2" Lee confirmed looking at her note pad

"Impressive" Re suggested

I smiled

"Now since its about 3 call him and I'm almost 100% sure he wont answer so leave him a message" Meg said handing me my phone

I took a deep breathe and dialed his number from what was written on my hand

It started to ring and the girls crossed there fingers with anticipation

"Hello" the voice on the other line said

I immediately hung up the phone.

"He answered Lee" I said surprised

"Well maybe I was about 12 percent sure" she said scratching her head

"Okay I knew this wasn't going to work" re said going to seat on my bed

"Now look here missy! All we have to do is change the time, maybe call him around 8 in the morning and I'm sure he won't answer then" lee suggested

"Well I'll call him at school then" I said laying my body down

"So peeps just clam down" lee said going to lay on my bed

"There better not be any other mess ups in this whole rule thing or I'm so getting out" Meg complained
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