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Thank you and thank you again to all the readers who commented my story. i didnt think this story was going to be as big as it is.This is the most comments I've gotten for one of my stories in a while and I luv you all, for supporting this story and waitng on me to make an update. I knew it took me a long time and I'm sorry you had to wait. Plz forgive me

"I chime in with a haven't you people ever heard of closing the god damn door no" I pick up my phone and turned off the alarm I had set on it. I sit up on my bed and wipe my eyes.

"GET UP" I yelled, My voice echoed across my room.

"5 more minutes please" I heard re mumble while burying her face in her pillow.

"I'm so tired" I heard meg growl

I saw Lee stand up. "I call bathroom first"

"Well I see your up and ready" I said sarcastically

"Yes I am! And everybody else should too, we do have a big day ahead of us" lee replied

"You wake up first thing in the morning and Brendon Urie is all your thinking about" Meg complained

"Not Brendon! The guide book and what steps should be accomplished today are what I think about" lee corrected

"Same difference" meg said pulling the cover over her head

Lee then went in the bathroom. I went up to my dresser and picked out some clothes. Slipped them on and went to pull the covers off of meg.

"Okay I'm up" she said going towards her night bag

"That's more like it" I laughed

I then went up to re and placed my feet on her butt and stood up on her

"Damn your heavy" she groaned

"No I'm not' I said jumping off of her

"I knew you'd get off if I said that" she smiled

I kicked her and went up to the bathroom door. Re then went to her night bag and meg and her were now putting on some clothes.

"Hurry up" I yelled banging on my door. Lee then opened it and continued brushing her teeth.

I plugged up my blower dryer and started to dry my hair.

"Why do you do that?" Lee asked

"Because it keeps my fair from being so flat and makes it at least look like it has style"

I unplugged my dryer and began to comb my hair.

"Let me through" meg said pushing through to get her tooth brush

She did and all three of us were now brushing our teeth. Re came in shortly after and began to work on her hair and then brushed her teeth..

20 minutes later we were all ready for school. We got something out the kitchen we could eat in class and headed to my car. We all jumped in and I drove us to school.

We had just walked through the school doors.

"What time is it?" I asked meg

"Um...8:10! Why?"

"I have a call to make" I smiled. A huge grin was placed on her face.

"Hey Lee and re! Sam's about to make the call" meg informed them

"Oh but where?" Re said excited

"In the bathroom" I answered

"I'm so going" Lee said her face lighting up.

We were now in a circle formed in the corner of the girls bathroom. I dialed the number and held the phone to my ear.

"Sorry I just missed your call but if you leave me your number and a brief message I'll try to get to you as soon as possible"

"His phones off" I whispered to the girls

"Leave a message after the beep"

"Um..this is Samantha! You said to call you anytime, so here I am. Call me today whenever. my number is 214-678-4152, I'll be waiting" I then hung up the phone.

"You so did it, now turn off your phone and don't turn it on until 9 tonight" Lee squealed

"Well now that the call is done I'm heading to class" re said

"Okay well I'll walk with you seeing we have the same class together" Lee informed

"Then lets go" re said rushing her

"Okay! See you guys at lunch" lee said while her and re walked off

"Yeah we should be leaving too" Meg said looking at the door


We then left the bathroom and headed to our first period class

Lee P.O.V

"Okay class you need to lower your voices" the teacher commanded

"So did you finish your homework?"

"Yes and I finished the extra credit too" Re answered

"Goody-goody" I mocked

"It's not my fault I want to pass and make good grades to bring home to mommy and daddy" she said crossing her arms
"Well I make good grades but I don't go that extra mile" I said

"See that's the difference between you and I. I do things over and beyond and you just do things just to make it"

"That's why I love you"

"Good morning women and men of all grades" a girls voice said over the intercom

"Quiet" the teacher called to the class

"Springs almost here, you've guessed it Prom! Its only 4 more wonderful school days till prom, not including the weekend. Now if you didn't already know the proms theme is masquerade formal ball. Dress to impress and look your best. If you want to order your school pin to wear on your clothing there will be a table outside the gym doors. If any of you have any suggestions or anything in that matter find the president of the prom committee and she'll be happy to take your requests or suggestions. Also if any one of you students want to show off your musical talent now's a good chance to do it. Were looking for someone to bring there band and play for the prom, try outs will be held on Thursday and Friday after school, be there or be square...."

I leaned in closer to re

"That just gave me an idea"

"Oh no! what would that be?"

I gave her a sneaky smile, "Make sure you meet me after 3rd period by megs locker"

"It better not be one of your schemes"
I then turned around and looked forward

We all met up at megs locker

"I'm hungry, lets got to lunch" meg said

"Lets make a pit stop to the gym" I suggested

"Why?" Sam asked

"Just follow me and you'll see"

"Okay lee sweetie your creeping me out" Re said scooting closer to meg

"Come on" I said walking

The girls followed


We were now by the gym table. I stood in front of it and Sam, re, and meg stood not to far behind me

"Um..excuse me" I said trying to get amber and Jessica's attention

Well it turned Amber and Jessica were presidents of the prom committee and head of the varsity cheerleading squad. They were the most popular girls in school. They Had there jock boyfriends and didn't let any girl or shall I say posers get in there way. The bad thing was amber and Jessica hated our guts. They thought of us as losers and did anything in there power to make our high years together miserable.

"Yeah what do you want?" Jessica said cocking a attitude

"Um..I have a band for the prom committee"

"Oh my god what is she doing" I whispered to Re

"Yeah and what band would this be?" Amber said glancing at Jessica

"Oh please don't tell me you losers formed a band! Let me guess you call yourselves the wannabe saints"

The girls laughed

"No Jessica lets give her a chance, not that it'd be anything important" Amber said crossing her arms

"Well sorry for getting your hopes up, we didn't form a band, but the band I'll be getting for the prom is Panic! At the disco" I said confidently

"WHAT?" Sam, Re, and Meg said in unison

Amber and Jessica looked at each other and busted out laughing

"Oh my god I have to grasp this, okay you Megan Hamilton can get panic! At the disco to play at our prom?" Jessica asked

"Yes I can"

"Are you kidding yourself? I guess you are a bigger loser than I thought" Amber laughed

"Well it just so happens...Sam and Brendon are really great friends" I said grabbing Sam to stand by me

She gave them a fake smile

"Sam couldn't make friends with a dog none less Brendon Urie" Jessica said falling back in her seat

"Well you'll see when prom comes and panic! At the disco are here! All four of them! Ryan, Brendon, Spencer and Jon"

"Okay I'll put them on the list!" Amber laughed

"We won't laugh at you too bad when the cardboard cut outs can't play an instrument" Jessica laughed

"Lets go" I said walking off

"What the fuck was that?" Sam said walking by me

"I can't believe you did that" meg said running her hands through her hair

"Do you think after Sam meeting Brendon once, there considered friends" Re complained

I stopped walking and turned around to look at the girls

"Listen, I know what I did was something risky, but if Sam follows the rules and everything goes as planned we'll be fine" I smiled

"I hope your right" Sam pouted

After school Sam drove us to her house. We entered her house and we saw her mom in the kitchen.

"I tried calling you and your phone was off, you need to keep it on, if I need to call you" Sam's mom complained

"Yeah Alright" Sam said motioning for us to go upstairs


We were all lounged around Sam's room. Lee was sitting at my computer chair, meg was laying upside down against the front of my bed, re was laid out on the floor, and I was laying on my bed. We had Sam's cell phone laying in the middle of the floor and we all were in our own little gaze.

"So what now?" Meg sighed

"We wait until 9 and turn the phone on and see what messages he left" I said turning on Sam's computer.

"Then I'm heading to sleep" re said curling up in a little ball.

Sam P.O.V

I opened my eyes and sat up on my bed. Everybody seemed asleep, so I turned to the clock and it read 8:56. I ran up to my phone and turned it on. The front screen said I had 2 new messages. I then clicked on it and it sent me to my voicemail.

"First new message sent at 11:29: Hey this is Brendon! called me when I had my phone off and I'm sorry I missed your call, but just call me when you get the chance"

I smiled and saved the message

"Next message sent at 7:45: Yeah its me again, I'm hoping this is the right person I'm calling. Anyways just call me when you get the chance"

I saved the message and closed my phone. I then started to scream. The girls woke up and immediately sat around me.

"What happened?" lee said yawning,.

"He called and he called" I squealed

"Did he leave a message" meg asked

"Yeah" I said nodding my head

"Then what are you waiting for call him?" lee said anxiously

I then opened my phone and called him, in about the 3rd ring he answered

"Hello?" he answered

"Yeah this is Sam"

"Oh hey Sam! I tried calling you but your phone was off"

"I know my phone had low battery" I winked at lee and the girls squealed

"Oh I understand! So what are you doing now?"

"Um..talking on the phone with you"

He laughed

"No but I'm just sitting on my bed in my room alone"

"Are you trying to hint something?" he asked

"No! Why would I try and hint something, I'm not hinting anything. What would make you think that, I so do not hint"

"Okay okay calm down, I was just joking"

"Oh that was funny"

Lee gave me a glare and I shrugged. Just then meg jumped off the bed she wrote something on a notepad and showed it to me. It read :Put the phone on speaker. So I put the phone on speaker.

"So it sounds really quiet at your house"

The girls started to squeal silently to hearing his voice

"Yeah it is because I'm in my room"


"So where's the guys" I said squealing silently.

"Um..there actually sleep, we had a show earlier today and I guess it wiped them out"

"But I mean aren't you tired from singing and being enthusiastic?"

"Well kind of! I was just waking up from a nap when you called"

"Just your luck right?"

He remained silent

"I guess so" he sounded as though he was smiling

Lee then wrote something on the paper. It read: Remember step 4

"So your not doing anything?" I said raising a eyebrow

"Nope, just at the hotel bored"

"Um..would you like to maybe go somewhere with me?"

"Where" he asked interested

I looked at the girls and mouthed: Where should we go. They looked at each other and wrote something on the paper, it read: For Ice cream. I bit ym bottom lip.

"You there?" he asked

"Would you like to go with me for some ice cream?"

"Sure, want me to pick you up?" he asked

"Yeah" I said perking up.

"Okay where do you live?"

I then told him the directions and it turned out he said my house wasn't to far from the hotel. I was now already. Lee insisted on doing my hair. So I had on my "Finding emo" shirt with my black denim skinny jeans and my solid black chucks. I had on a even amount of eyeliner on and my hair was fluffed out and laid on my right shoulder. I came out the bathroom and the girls were seated on my bed awaiting my presence.

"How I look?" I asked shutting my bathroom door behind me.

" A mini-version of me" Lee said jumping up from the bed and examining me

"You look gorgeous" meg smiled

"Yeah our own little rocker" re said acting like she was going to cry

I had started laughing. Then I heard a honk outside.

"It's him" I whispered

"Don't worry well take your car and follow you guys , we'll be your little guardian angels for tonight" lee said

I smiled and then walked down stairs.

Me and Brendon were now at the Ice cream shop. We had already ordered what we wouldn't and just talked about anything that came to mind.

Re, Lee, and meg were sitting in disguise 2 tables behind us. I could see them but Brendon's back was to them.

" old are you again?" he asked

"Um..18 but I'll be turning 19 this June"


The waitress then walked up to us and handed us our ice cream. We both got a double scoop Sunday.

"This looks good" he said picking up a spoon

"and so do you" I mumbled

"What?" he said looking at me

"I didn't say anything" I said getting the spoon and stuffing ice cream in my mouth.

Lees P.O.V

"Aww they look cute together" Meg admired

"Yes can I say "Nice couple" Re giggled

"Oh you see how he keeps making her laugh and how she makes him laugh" Meg giggled

"I've never seen her smile this big" Re mentioned

"Okay guys they look okay together, quit acting like there Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck " I chimed in

"Oh do I smell something, I think jealous is cooking up" Meg said directing her and re's attention to me

"I'm so not jealous, I was just saying" I said covering up the attitude I just sprung on them.

They both rolled there eyes and continued there attention back on Brendon and Sam.

I wasn't jealous! How dare them accuse me of that! My own friends thinking I'm jealous of Sam. Why would I be jealous of her. She has no sense of style, couldn't spike up a conversation with a 2yr old even if she tried, has no friends expect 3 including me..wait why am I bagging on my friend? Maybe I am jealous! No I'm not, I mean all she gets to do and is have the time of her life with Brendon Urie while I stand in the background and help her. I never thought I'd feel this way about my own plan. I wish I was the girl trying to make Brendon fall in love with. I wish I was sitting in her seat eating ice cream with him..I wish I was Sam!

I looked over at meg and re and they were huddled sitting together with a menu over there faces, only showing there eyes so they could look at Sam and Brendon. I hated how they just were all happy for Sam. I wanted them to be happy for me, I want them to say I look good with Brendon Urie. I wanted all the attention Sam was now getting!

Sam P.O.V

We were now sitting in his car in silence. He was parked in front of my house.

"I had a great time?" he said breaking the silence

"Yeah it was nice" I said flashing him a smile

"You're a very pretty girl" he said looking at me.

Okay this caught me by surprise. I couldn't answer right away because I just wanted to scream. I can't believe Brendon Urie said I was Pretty, I've never really heard that a lot and out of the few people I hear it from I can't believe it was Brendon Urie. I smiled nervously and covered my mouth, I was about to go in a giggle fit and when I do that I snort uncontrollably.

"Are you okay" he said placing his hand on my thigh

My eyes widen

"Yeah..I'm okay" I said picking up his hand and laying it back on him. I looked up and he looked surprised. My attitude just now did a three sixty.

"I'm not one of your little groupies that'll let you take advantage of them. I have a mind that isn't set on having sex with Brendon Urie. I'm not into the whole go out with a rock star and expect to receive something from him and personally that make my sick to my stomach. Thank you for the ride home, but no thank you to the little move you made on me" I got out the car and slammed the door.

I ran up to my house and up to my room. I had forgot all about the girls that were parked behind us.
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