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Still Tuesday night

Megan's P.O.V

"What happened" I said with wide eyes

"How would we know we weren't in the car" Re snapped

"Oh I hope nothing didn't go wrong" I said looking at the girls. I saw Lee had a slight grin her face. I wasn't in the mood to question her so I turned to look back at the window. Brendon was just now driving off.

"Well I have to go home tonight" I said yawning.

"Yeah my moms pissed at me for not calling her" she said while listening to her voicemail.

"What about you lee?" I asked

"Um..yeah I'm staying here. I want to go comfort Sam, Plus I need to now what happened" she laughed jumping out the car.

"Okay I think something's wrong with her" Re said looking at me.

"I've been thinking the same thing" I agreed.

I parked Sam's car and got out of her car to get in mines. I drove Re home and then myself.

Lee P.O.V

I went inside and locked the door behind me. I went up to her room and there Sam was on her bed with her knees up to her head. I sat on the bed and brought her into a hug and she gladly excepted.

"What happened?" I asked sincerely

"He put his hand on my thigh, he made a move basically saying do you want to fuck" she cried harder.

"Oh I can't believe him" I said smiling to myself.

"Me neither" she said breaking away from the hug.

"Well I guess you can say he is like a normal guy. I mean he does have sex on his mind"

"I thought for some reason he'd be different" she cried

"Don't we all"

"I mean he seemed so not like that type of guy and now he's all wanting something in return"

"Shame shame, I'm guessing you don't want to finish the dare...I mean if you don't I'd" Sam than cut me off

"No I'm going to finish this dare and I can't wait for the moment me Samantha watts gets to break that bastards heart. No telling how many girls he's took a advantage of and this will be for all those girls" she said with a glare in her eyes

"Good girl" I smiled wickedly petting her head

"I need some sleep" she said laying on her pillow.

"You do that" I said laying beside her.

Brendon P.O.V

I was just now getting through my hotel door. A light turned on to my surprise. Ryan was sitting up on the couch with a book in his hand and was the one who turned on this light.

"Where have you been" he said acting like he was my wife or something

"I had to work late honey" I played along

Ryan laughed and I went to sit beside him.

"So I see you were out! With who?"

"Nobody" I said trying to sound convincing.

"Yeah right..I know you too good! Now who was it?"

"A friend okay, we went out for Ice cream"

"Yeah and when did you so call meet this friend" he said emphasizing the friend part

"At our last concert"

"So she's fan and she knows your in a band called Panic! At the disco?"


"I suggest you be careful with her"

"Okay but she's..."

Ryan cut me off

"Different? Don't say that, I mean that's what happens in every fan-fic I've read about us. You meet a girl, and someone how instantly fall in love with her! How that could be possible happen I don't know and then you go on dates with her and you kiss and she gives it up, you change and a lot drama happens"

"Well I'm sorry if fan-fics have somehow changed your love life, but I'm not saying she's different I'm just saying she's been...well I can not categorizer her with the other girls"

"And what makes you say that?"

"because I tried this little test you know...well I kind of unexpectantly placing my hand on her thigh and I wanted to see how she would respond. Either she would accept it and want to have sex with me or push my hand away just seriously want to be my friend and she passed, I mean she took that offensively because she went off on me and was saying that she wasn't here for sex and how rock star's are all alike and she was just pissed"

"Congratulations to her! want a cookie?" Ryan said clapping his hands

"Okay that wasn't funny"

"I know! but seriously I'm happy for you, but my one question would be when do we meet this mystery girl?"

"When I'm ready"

"I bet she'll be so excited! Once she sees me she'll be "Oh my god I love's you Ryan" and leave you"

"ha ha your funny" I said sarcastically.

"No hilarious, well I'll leave you here to wacked off or whatever because I'm tired and want some sleep" he said throwing a pillow at me.

"Okay see ya" I called while he left to his room.

I laid cross the couch and laid my head on the arm rest. I just couldn't get Sam out my head. So I leaned back up and grabbed my cell phone. I began to write a text and sent it to her number.

Lee's P.O.V

I was sleeping soundly until I felt I had to use the bathroom. So I got up and used it. Then I washed my hands and turned the light off as I shut the door behind me. I was going back in Sam's bed when I heard her cell phone ring. I raised my eyebrow as I made my way to her dresser. I picked it up and it said "New text message".

I looked back at Sam and she was still sleep. So I opened the text message.

12/30/06 11;26
I'm so srry Sam. I never meant to offend you. I couldn't get you off my mind all night and I wouldn't feel right without giving some apology. I hope you can put what I did aside and accept my apology. I'm not asking you to forget what I am asking you to forgive. So how about?

I pressed reply and wrote in text and sent it to him. I laid Sam's phone down and went back to bed. A smile was on my face until I could finally fall asleep.

Brendon P.O.V

I was resting my hand on my forehead when I heard my cell phone make a noise. It said new text. The anticipation was killing me.

12/30/06 11:34

What you did was pretty fail! But who could hate someone like you? Well if you really like me you'll go to my school. Its called "St. Luke high school" take high way 120 and make a left on exit Pittway. You can't miss it. Love ya!

I saved the text and laid back on the couch. I couldn't believe after all she said to me, she'd forgive me like that and sound so happy.


Sam P.O.V

I was in first period and we had to define our 20 word vocabulary. I was on number 16 when I had a certain urge to lay my head down. I had a very long night last night. Then I head a loud noise over my head. It was the intercom. "Can we have Samantha watts to the office her brother is here". I raised my head immediately and the class busted out in "Oh's" I shoke my head, because I was confused. Maybe because I don't have a brother. I made my way to the office and went to the secretary's desk.

"Um...I think theres a mistake because I don't have a....?"

"Brother" I heard a voice behind me say. I turned around and I could tell who it was even though they had glasses, a hoody, and a scarf on .

"What do you want?" I said with angry building in my voice.

"You told me to come up here"

"No I didn't"

"Yes you did, you told me in the text"

I twisted my face in confusion. I don't remember no text or telling him where my school was. I noticed some girls were looking at us snickering and laughing. I grabbed Brendon's hand and we went to the guys bathroom. I pushed him into the stall and leaned him against the wall.

"Oh kinky! I like" he smiled

"No I didn't bring you in here for that! Brendon I didn't appreciate what you did last night"

"And I said I was sorry, I'll say it a million times if I have too" he said with a plea in his tone.

"Your so sweet, but I'm so sorry for going off on you last night. That was bit over board"

"No your completely entitled to what you did. Don't be sorry"

"Thanks" I said grabbing his hand

He looked at me as I was reaching in for his lips. As we were about 2 inches away I swerved and moved my lips to his ear.

"Sorry lover boy" I whispered. I leaned out and noticed the disappointment on his face.

"Friends?" I said over joyous.

"Friends" he said combing his hands through his hair. I then reached in to give him a hug.

"Meet me at my house at 7:30. I have something wonderful planned for us friend" I smiled

"Great! I'm excited" he said sarcastically.

"Who knew you could be such a great friend" I laughed leaving the stall.

I think I got him right where I want him!


We were all seated at a round table. Each of us had a tray sitting in front of us.

"So why did you storm out his car last night?" meg asked

"Um..well he placed his hand on my thigh and I blew it way out of proportion" I said picking at my food

"So did he call you or something?" re asked

"No better he came up to the school" I answered

"But I didn't know you told him where our school is!" meg said looking confused

"I didn't, that's the scary thought" I said drinking some of my soda

"Man he must have a lot of time on his hands" Re said

"Yeah really" meg agreed

"I'm surprised no one didn't notice him" re suggested

"Well he did have a huge disguise containing a scarf, glasses and a hoody" I laughed

Re and meg began to snicker silently. I then turned to lee.

"You sure are quiet, that's never you" I laughed

"I just don't feel like talking about Brendon all day" she said spiking a attitude at me

"Well you're the one who made up the stupid dare" meg snapped

"Yeah you're the one who brought us into it, so know you don't feel up to it, so we should all command what you say"

"Okay when did I become the target of this conversation! All I said was I didn't want to talk about Brendon"

"Okay we wont talk about him! How's the weather today" meg said sarcastically.

"Guys chill! I'm sorry if you felt I was personally attacking you because I wasn't, now I don't know about the other two! But I'm going for step number 5 tonight! Yall coming to my house?" I asked

"Don't we always" Lee said snapped at me

"Yeah you do but I didn't know if yall had other plans" I said confused

"What crawled up your panties?" re asked lee

"Maybe your dad" Lee said standing up.

"No you didn't just talk about my dad" re said standing up too.

"Girls! Girls! Sit the fuck down" I screamed

The whole cafeteria stared at us. Re and lee then sat down.

"Now I don't know why yall are cat fighting, maybe because its that time of the month but I don't understand how yall can be friends and just be so mean to each other! That goes for you too meg"

"Well I have to go! See you at your house Sam" Lee said getting her tray and leaving.

"Once one thing isn't about her she wants to throw a hissy fit" Meg said with a angry expression on her face

"There will be no talking about lee behind her back, because someone will hear and you don't want someone else telling lee your talking about her behind her back"

"True" Re agreed.

"So how's your meatloaf surprise?" I said pointing to there food

At home

I had walked in the door with re and meg. Lee was suppose to be coming over later.

"Well get comfortable in the living room, I have to run upstairs real quick" re and meg gave me a nod and I then raced upstairs.

I creaked my moms door open and she was home. What a surprise.

"Hey mom" I said walking through the door.

"Hey honey" she said turning her computer chair to face me.

"Um..what are we eating tonight?"

"Well I was planning on getting fast food"

"No....No mom can you order something like....that vegetarians can eat....more like Chinese food maybe?"

"What's the occasion and when did you become vegetarian"

"Well its not me, it's a friend I'm inviting"

"Oh! So you invite a friend without my permission?"

"Well I didn't think you were here! Seeing your always gone off somewhere" I placed my hand over my mouth.

"Orly now? I'm always gone?"

"Yeah..pretty much..."

"Well seeing you already invited your ittle friend...I'll help you out even though you insulted me" she sadi turning to face her computer.

"Thanks.." I said lodu enough she could hear

"Get out" she mumbled laying her head on her keyborad.

"Okay" I said shutting the door behind me.

I went downstairs.

"So..." meg said looking at me

"Were set" I squealed.


I heard a knock at the door. Everything was set. The dinner looked nice, I even had my mom dress more casual then she'd usually look. I looked at myself through the hallway mirror before I answered the door. But it was just lee.

"Oh you decied to come?" I said elanign on my door

'I'm sorry for how I was acting. It was selfish of me! But I'm okay now and ready to go on as planned!" she smield

I stepped aside to let her in. I shut the door and She gave me a hug and I hugged her back. I mean she was my best friend I needed to be there for her even if she is being a bitch to me.

"Remember tonight is step number 5. Act as clingy as possible, make him wonder about you alittle"

"I'll be sure to do that" I giggled.

Just then we heard my doorbell ring.

"OMG! Its him" I whispered to lee.

"Then answer the door" she laughed

"Oh yeah" I said scratching my head

I was hoping I wasn't going blonde. I opened the door and saw Brendon there. He looked really nice. I mean he was wearing hoddy and jeans but it was something about it that made it all look so presentable.

"I'm glad you came" I said holding onto the door.
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