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-I tried I tried I tried! with my editing skill. the first half i wrote last night and I was sleepy and the second half I wrote today! I hope my editing skills meet up to your excpectaions but I highly doubt that! The reviews were awesome and I'll only continue if I get more! ps.I know I sounded pretty bitchy in the author response's becuz i kind of was.Mainly becuz I dont usually get comments like that, but I guess they were all for my benefit and I thank yall for that. So i give my sincere deepest apology to all my readers and reviewers. so in conclusion for my long time of not updating and my bitchiness I give you...A LONG UPDATE! enjoy!-


Still Wednesday

"Come in please" I said stepping to the side as I gripped tightly on the side of the door.

"And this would be for you" he said handing me a bouquet of white roses and pink lilies.

"Wow! These are gorgeous" I said burying my face in the flowers.

"Nice house" he said looking around.

"Thanks" I smiled

I then shut the door and stood by brendon.

"MOM!" I yelled out loud

"Meeting the parents already?" he laughed

"Of course. If we're going to be best friends you need to know my other half" I giggled laying the bouquet on my right arm.

"Well bring her on" he smiled

I then looked at brendon and turned toward my mom that was walking up to us.

"Okay would this be the friend you were talking about" my mom said emphasizing the "friend" part.

"Yes this would be him. Mom This is Brendon. Brendon this is mom" I said gesturing my hand from my mom to brendon.

"Pleasure to be meeting you" brendon said flashing a smile and reaching his hand out to her.

"Nice to be meeting you too" my mom said shaking his hand.

"You have a lovely home" he complimented.

"Jesus you picked out a charming one didn't you?" my mom laughed.

"Yes I guess I did" I said smiling at brendon. My mom then wandered out of our vision.

"I can't believe this" we heard a random voice say.

We all turned our heads toward the direction the voice was coming from.

"Yes Re come here and meet brendon" I said winking at her.

"That's what I was going to do" she said reaching her hand out to brendon.

"So your Sam's friend?" Brendon said looking at me

"Unfortunately" Re said giggling nervously.

"I'll just pretend I didn't hear that" I said closing my eyes. Brendon and re laughed.

"Nice to forget about us" Lee said coming out of nowhere with Meg by her side.

"Brendon this is leaha and Megan" I said introducing them and using a few hand gestures.

"Hello ladies" brendon said giving them a wave.

"Nice to meet you too" Lee and meg said in unison.

"Okay guys get comfortable at the dinning table while I go put these flowers in a vase" I said smiling to everyone.

I then walked to the dinning table and grabbed the vase. I took it in the kitchen and laid it on the counter. I pulled the old flowers out and put it in the vase that was in front of the window and put the new flowers in the other vase.

"Sweetie I have to ask where did you meet this guy?" my mom said crossing her arms and leaning on the counter.

"Mom if I told you the whole ordeal, you wouldn't' believe me"

"Well don't convince yourself just yet"

"Just know he's a very nice guy and has a very good head on his shoulders"

"Well isn't that great to hear. Just what I need"

"Mom please don't start. Just pretend we have a lovely dovey daughter and mother relationship just for today"

"Well I wasn't never no good actress"

"Just for me. Lets put all the bullshit we have aside"

My mom then turned around and leaned on the counter. I let out a sigh and walked to the dinning table. I put the vase in the middle of the table and I took a seat next to brendon. Re was seated next to me and meg and lee were seated across from us.

"You didn't tell me we were going to be having dinner at your house" Brendon questioned.

"Well I guess you know now" I whispered in his ear.

"I guess I do" he laughed

I smiled at him and looked at Lee. She was looking at me with a disgusted look on her face. I turned my head and looked at Re and she was laughing to herself. My mom then came in the room and sat at the end of the table. I put my head down and then stared back at her.

"lets eat" she said not even taking a glance at me. I rolled my eyes and put on a fake smile.
About an hour later we were all in the living room watching TV. My mom sat on the couch with re and lee. Meg sat on the floor with her back to the couch and I and brendon sat on the recliner. I sat on his lap.

"Did I tell you that you look really nice tonight" Brendon whispered in my ear.

"Yeah but I love to hear you say it every time" I whispered in his ear

Brendon then caressed my face.

"Your kind of cheesy though" I said laughing. Brendon laughed too. I felt everyone's eyes looking at us. We turned to the guys and they were looking at us like we were retarded. I then turned to brendon, as we both tried to keep in our laughter.

"Brendon I was wondering if I could meet your friends?"

"Okay....I guess..only if you want to"

"Well I did ask didn't I" I giggled.

"Yeah you did. Let me go wait in the car"

I then stood up and brendon did too.

"I have to go in the kitchen, but I'll be out there" I said in his ear.

He gave me a nod.

"Nice meeting you ladies and thanks for the dinner sams mom" he said not really knowing my moms real name. He then walked out my door. I signaled to the girls and they followed me to the kitchen.

"Okay we finished step 5 and I'm now going for step 6 if you guys don't mind" I said.

"Sure" re said.

"Go for it" Meg implied.

"Lee you okay with it?" I asked

"Of course I'm okay..." she said spacing out.

"um..ladies I think its about time for you to be heading home" my mom said coming in the kitchen.

"See ya" the girls said in unison.

They then left and I was left in the kitchen with my mom.

"What has gotten into you Sam?" my mom whined.

"Nothing" I snapped

"That wasn't you I saw out there tonight"

"Well how would you know who I am if your never home to see me"

"Well I did raise you. Don't you think I know enough"

'Mom I have to go"

"And where do you think your going?"

"I'm going to go with brendon"

"No your not. He is a teenage boy with raging hormones you know"

"But he's not like that"

"Yeah all guys are all like that in the beginning"

"First of all we don't even go out"

"Then why were you too hugged up on the couch?"

"Because we've becoming close like that"

"Well I don't care friends or not your not going with that boy. You know it's a school night"

"I don't care"

"Go up to your room"

"You cant make me" I said heading to the door.

"GET BACK HETE NOW" my mom yelled at me but I ignored her and slam the door behind me. I ran up to Brendon's car and crossed my arms as I sat in the passenger seat.

"Want to talk about it?" brendon asked

"No not really" I said looking at brendon. He then gave me a smile as he begin to drive off.

We were now going up the elevator to his room.

"Sam I have something I want to tell you" Brendon's head was down but then he lifted it back up with saying those words.

"Yes" I said looking at him.

He then leaned up against the wall and pressed his lips against mines. Brendon's lips against mines felt so tender. I then opened my mouth a little and he slid his tongue in. His tongue was grazing against mine teasingly. I used my right hand to feel around his hair. He then moved his left hand to slide under my shirt.

"Are you okay" I heard brendon say. "Sam....You there?"

I broke out of my gaze as we stood in front of his hotel room.

"Were you day dreaming?" he smiled.

"Not about you if that's what your thinking" I said wiping my mouth.

"Okay..whatever" he laughed.

I then flung my head down and could still for some reason feel Brendon's tender lips against mines. That fantasy felt so real.

"Sam I have to warm you.."

"Huh?" I said lifting my head again.

"Are you okay?" he asked confused.

"Yeah of course I am" I blushed.

"Well I'm warning you, that he guys might not look like what you've seen in magazines or on TV. They're going to look very much like themselves" he laughed.

"I'm hoping that's a good thing" I laughed.

In my head different thoughts were swarming through my head. Like what if the guys like me? What if they don't like me? What if they think I'm another gold digging fan? What if they think I'm not pretty enough? My thoughts were interrupted when brendon opened the door.

He let me walk in before him and he closed the door behind us. There was the infamous panic lounging around in boxers and white t-shirts. Well Ryan and Jon had no shirt on but Spencer did. Spencer and Jon were playing guitar hero while Ryan sat back with some popcorn watching.

This is what I'd least expect from them! But for some reason this just proved to me that they were just normal teenage guys. How do I act? Do I scream? Am suppose to faint? But none of the urges I felt like doing. I just wanted to act like how'd I'd act around my friends.

"Guys this is my friend Samantha" Brendon announced.

"Well hello Samantha" Ryan said standing up. He came over to shake my hand.

"Hello to you too" I smiled.

"Hey Samantha" Jon and Spencer said in unison.

"Hey" I replied to them with a small wave.

"Sorry if we do I say it...relaxed..yeah this is what we usually do in our spare time" Ryan said

"Well this looks like fun" I said sarcastically.

All of the guys laughed.

"I think I like her already" Ryan said putting his arm around her but was staring at brendon.

Brendon P.O.V

I could tell Sam was quite nervous but I think when she actually was meeting them she wasn't so nervous. I think because she noticed we weren't like high class looking boys. We were kind of like her friends I guess. I could see the boys were seeming to like her. Ryan especially. I could tell they were getting along great.

Sam sat in the middle of Ryan and me as we talked and watched Spencer and Jon play guitar hero.

"So you went to the concert we had down here?" Ryan asked

"Yep..I went with 3 other friends" she replied

"Cool..I'm guessing that were you met brendon?"

"Yeah" she said turning to look at me. I gave her a wink and a smile.

"Brendon can leave quite the impression cant he?" Ran said

"He sure can" she laughed looking at the TV screen.

"Brendon how about you show Jon how a expert does it" Ryan insisted

"No..I'll pass" I blushed

"You..Brendon urie is going to pass on a match for guitar hero 2. Samantha what are you doing to him?" Spencer laughed.

"Boy get your ass up and play the game" Samantha said sounding like a gym coach.

The boys laughed.

"Yes sir..I mean ma'am" I said getting on the floor.

"Ha ha funny" she teased.

Samantha P.O.V

I was having such a great time with these boys. I would wish this night to never end but with reality snapping in I had school tomorrow.

"Well guys I'm going to be hitting the hay. Nice meeting you Samantha" Ryan said smiling at me.

"Yeah I'm with you and yeah nice meeting you too" Jon said giving me a glance. I smiled at them and turned to brendon and Spence who were still going at it on guitar hero.

"Brendon can you take me home?" I asked sweetly.

"Sure" he said getting a high score on the game.

"God I freaking hate you" Spencer said throwing his guitar.

"Don't hate the player just hate the game" Brendon said throwing his arms in the air.

"Fudge you and nice meeting you Samantha" Spencer said shaking my hand before going in the back room.

"Yeah I'm good" he said standing up.

"I can see you are" I smiled standing up too.

"Ready to go home?" he asked

"Yep" I said grabbing his hand.

We were now in his car.

"let me walk you up to your door" he said

"That'd be lovely" I smiled opening my door.

We were now walking hand in hand down my sidewalk and up to my door.

"Sam I had a very good time tonight..and I'm glad I got to spend it with you"

"Don't make me blush" I said sarcastically.

We were now standing about less then 2feet from my door.

"I guess we'll be calling this a night" I said with my head down.

Brendon then lifted my head and reached in to kiss me. I moved my face to the side.

"Did I do something wrong" he asked kind of paranoid.

"No your perfect. Its just I'm not ready to take that step"

" you" he smiled.

"But I will give you this" I said giving him a peck on the cheek.

"Playing hard to get aren't' you" he smiled

"If That's how you want to interpret it" I smiled walking to my door. Just as I turned the knob I heard Brendon say..

"Goodnight Sam"

"Goodnight Brendon" I said giving him one more glance. Then I went in my house.

Thursday morning

Brendon P.O.V

I was laying in my room when I heard a knock at the door. I got up rubbing my eyes aggressively trying to wake myself up. I opened the door and it was Sam.

"Sam?" I questioned

She looked extremely hot. She had some make-up on and like kind of a trench coat.

"Brendon remember last night?" she asked

"Yeah.." I said confused

"Well I take everything I say back..Brendon I want you" she said opening her coat and she had on this tight black leather mini-dress that fitted her curves perfectly.

"Wow" I said below a whisper.

She then grabbed my shirt and began to kiss me aggressively. Then she pushed me on the couch and climbed onto of me.

"Brendon your so hot" she squealed. I have never seen her like this.

She sat on top of me.

"Brendon I think she has you whipped" she said. I arched my eyebrows in confusion.

"Brendon she has you whipped" I heard someone say again. I opened my eyes and it was Ryan standing in my doorway.

"It was just a dream" I said smacking my forehead.

"Yeah I'm not going to tell you what I saw you doing" Ryan said laughing.

"What was I doing?" I said sitting up in my bed

"They'll just be our little secret and you think I didn't notice but she has you whipped" he laughed running off.

"Bastard" I laughed.
I was at lunch and I was on the phone. Re. Lee and meg were seated around me.

"yeah I'm kind of grounded..yeah this sucks..that's cool..I understand..alright..see ya soon..okay..bye" I said hanging up the phone.

"What was he saying?" re asked with anticipation.

"Well since I'm grounded and he has some business to take care of it's kind of impossible for us to see each other today" I explained

"Oh I see" Lee smiled

" did it go last night?" Meg asked

"The guys were great..I mean I saw you guys personality really matching with there's" I smiled.

"Really?" re asked.

"Yep" I smiled.

"Guys don't you notice were only 6 more steps away from actually finishing the ultimate dare" lee over exaggerated.

"I've never really thought of that" I said going in a gaze.

"Well you need to because you seriously don't need to be falling in love with him. I mean what your doing to him isn't really love, it's a tease and act your putting on for him. Please don't get involved too deep with him' Lee warned

"I'm not" I snapped.

Lee sees this as being close to completing a ultimate dare but I see it as getting close to breaking a innocent guys heart, but its too late to turn back now. I've gone too far too deep and I think I'm actually falling in love.
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