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A New Begining of Sorts

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when Winter becomes the new girl in school from Australia life changes for Gerard, Ray, Frankie, Mikey and Bob.

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"Class we have a new student, please welcome Her to the class"

All of a sudden I was being watched. I hate being watched.
All the guys mentally undress You while all the girls determine wether theyd be your
friend depending on what your wearing.
All I was wearing was black jeans with black and white sneakers and a black long sleeved
top. I guess I wasnt that impressive to most of the girls in the room, and I guess I wasnt
that good looking either- one guy even grimased at the sight of me.
meh- same old same old.

"Why don't you tell the class a bit about yourself"

I turned to the teacher.

"I'm in no mood for this" I said. and I was right- I wasn;t.

"Oh come on, it will be fun"

"fine. my name is Winter Andrews. I'm from Australia-"

"Oh really what was it like there" the teacher interupted Me.

I glared at her.

"Why dont you answer my question- why are all teachers such hypocrites? you instruct
students to be quiet when someone else is speaking and yet you just blatantly forgot that
that rule applies to you too while i was speaking"

Yep, definitly in no mood to be messed with.

"Wheres my seat?"

The teacher just pointed to a seat next to a guy who looked like a wanna be brad pitt and turned back to the board.


"Welcome to Rosewell High" Blondie said.

I sat down next to Him not saying a thing, that is until He grabbed my wrist suddenly and squeezed hard.

"Answer me bitch" He growled.

I looked up at him as I took His hand off my wrist and spat "Bite me jock strap" and twisted his wrist till I heard a resounding snap.

When the teacher and the rest of the class turned around I was drawing in My sketch book while Blondie was clutching a broken wrist.

"You better go to the infirmary Josh" The teacher said smartly looking at Me with suspicion.

As Josh left the teacher said "I'd hate to think that was Your doing on Your first day here miss Winter"

"If it was could Your prove it?" I said while smiling.
It was then that I noticed a guy staring at Me.

He had jet black hair and really pale skin with green eyes.

He was wearing all black and was looking at Me intently.

I looked away and back to My drawing of a broken wrist intent on making the veins in the wrist pop out by using red and blue pen.

By the time recess rolled around everywhere I went I was whispered about.

I grabbed My lunch from My locker and walked outside to see if I could find a tree to sit under.

I saw a big oak tree and sat down next to it just eating My lunch and contemplating life in general.

I could suddenly see 5 boys coming towards the tree I was sitting under- and one of them was the guy with jet black hair.

"Crap" I muttered under My breath.

"Hey You!" one of them yelled. I looked up to see all 5 boys standing around Me.

"You isn't Me, if You want You go look in a mirror" I said, and kept eating My lunch.

"Winter isn't it?"

I looked up again to see 'jet black'.

"looks like You don't have the attention span of a goldfish. Who are You and Your friends"

"I'm Gerard, this is Mikey-"
A guy with glasses
A guy with blonde hair
A guy with a fro
"-And Frankie"
A guy with blonde and black hair.

"Ok. Sit down Your making Me feel very small and insecure...that sounds familiar, must be from a song" I said.

They sat down for about 2 seconds before I heard-

"So You broke Josh's wrist?"

"Yeah Frankie, I broke His wrist. Whats the big deal?" I replied sighing.

"No biggy- just that no girl has ever done that before" Mikey said.

"Well I will write to the guiness world book of records later, right now I would like to make it through this year with as much confrontation as possible"

"You sound like a riot girl" Ray said smirking.

"Are You kidding me? what do You think Aussie chicks are built for?"

"Beauty" Gerard said softly.

I blushed. This year just offically started to get interesting
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