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Sing It If You Mean It

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Winter gets closer to the guys.

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As the bell wrand I got up.

"Wait, what class do you have?" Gerard asked.

"Music 1. Why?"

The guys grinned evilly.

"We are ALL in that class" Ray smirked.

"Cool" I said and started to walk with the guys catching up to Me.

"Why did You pick music 1?" Mikey asked.

"I was one of the top singers at My school back home. They even gave me a music scholarship to prove it. Why do You guys do Music 1?"

"We're in a band altogether so we need the extra practice" Bob replied.

"I'd love to hear you guys sometime" I said.

"You will every time we have a music lesson- it's a battle of the bands and singers" Frankie replied.

"Yeah, Our teacher gives us a theme and we have to fight for it and today I think we will be fighting over You" Gerard said.

"Ok when's the next flight back to Australia?"

"Winter will be joining our class this year and from what I've heard from Your music teachers in Australia You are quite the student. Winter is the top singer of a very selective all girls catholic school. Now let's hear this remarkable creature sing at least 2 songs of Your own choice Winter that show Your range of voice"

"And I thought this was going to be easy" I sighed as I picked up My music folder and opened it to a song.

"My first song is Sugar Water by Cibo Matto" I said as I began to sing the words.

The song that I was singing pretty much was alot of extremely high pitched 'oh's and la la's. it was one of my favourites because the songs entire interior was to bring even the hardest of hearts crashing to their knees at the sound of those incredible high pitches.

When I finished I looked at all the boys who had shocked faces except for Gerard. He looked deep in thought.

"My next piece is Sunshine Showers by an Australian rock band called After The Fall"

This one I started jumping around and not caring what I looked like. I loved My rock bands and no could tell Me otherwise.

When I finished Everyone clapped, Frankie whistled.

"My quite a difference. Now let's start the class. Winter since Your new we will centre it around You. You are a new girl at school and two boys will fight for You to become their girlfriend. Who would like to participate?"

Gerard stuck His hand up.

"Ah Gerard would like to win Your hand, and who else?"

A broken wrist was flung in the air.

"And Josh too, this will be interesting" The teacher whispered in Your ear.

"Seems to be the theme of the day" I muttered as the two boys got up on the stage with Me.

"Alright Winter, what You are going to do is sing a song to attract the boys attention. You can use Your own words but it must be to a real song"

I nodded and thought for a moment. I didn't want Josh's attention but I wanted Gerards. So what I needed was a song that Gerard would find fantastic.

"OK I'm ready" I said.

OK, begin" The teacher replied.

I chose Everything's Alright by Motion City Soundtrack.

"I'm sick of the things I do When I'm nervous like cleaning the oven or washing my tyres or counting the number of tiles in the ceiling HEAD FOR THE HILLS THE KITCHENS ON FIRE" I sang.

Gerard was on the floor laughing the same with Mikey Frankie Ray and Bob.

Josh was looking at Me funny and I flipped Him off as I bent over to check if Gerard was ok.

"Ok Gerard since You need to wait a few mintues before You can sing without laughing, Josh it's Your turn".

I turned to watch Josh's lame attempt to woo Me. Where is a popcorn stand when You need one.

He sang a Justin Timberlake song complete with hip thrusts and a high pitched voice michael jackson would be proud of.

When He finished all He saw from Me was a grimace.

"Ok now Winter Reply back to Josh"

I chose the song When "you're" Around by Motion City Soundtrack.

"The least you could do is take it back All the vicious remarks and verbal attacks Cause I can't fucking stand it When You're Around" I sang.

"Ok Gerard Your turn"

Gerard sung Punk Rock Princess by Something Corporate. ANd I really loved it, His voice was amazing.

I chose a song from Kingdom Hearts called Simple and Clean by Utada Hikaru.

"Hold Me, whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on, regardless of warnings the future doesn't scare Me at all" I sang.

Gerard walked over to Me, picked Me up and spun Me around. There where wolf whistles and cheers and I laughed.

"What an interesting battle You three. Now Winter this is a very important question I want You to think about. Do You still want to be a solo singer or do You want to be in a band? Think about it and tell Me next time We have class"

"And that's all He said, think about being in a band" I said to the guys at lunch.

"If Your going to be in a band it better be ours" Frankie said pouting.

"Of course Frankie. but I don't know- I'm used to being on My own" I replied.

"Well if You are up for it, would You like to come to band practice this afternoon?" Gerard asked.

"Of course I would" I said smiling.

"Great, We will meet You in the car park after school" Mikey said as the bell rang for study hall.
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