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Screaming Out Of Pain

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Winter Hears the band.

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"Study hall has to be one of the most tedious things of all time" I said to Mikey as We left the classroom.

"It's to take up time" Mikey replied nodding.

"Exactly! if We didn't have study hall We'd be out of here at 1" I added.

"What car do they drive?" I asked Mikey.

"A black messed up car" Mikey replied.

"I'll meet You there, I just need to get My things" I said as I turned to My locker.

As I closed My locker Josh's ugly looming face took the place of My locker door.

"You will be mine Winter" He snarled.

"And You will have a wonderful year in the infirmary if you keep that attitude up" I said and walked away.

"What an asshole" I muttered as I walked up to the car to see everyone inside.

"Sorry Winter, You will have to sit on someone's lap" Bob said from the driver's seat.

"And we voted that You would sit on Gerard's lap" Ray added from the back seat.

Gerard opened the front passanger seat and motioned for Me to get in.

I sighed and slowly sat down on Gerards lap as His arms snaked around My waist.

"Comfortable?" Gerard whispered in My ear. I shivered slightly as I felt His breath against My neck.

"Yeah, thanks" I said.

"Now Gerard don't try any moves on Winter" Frankie said.

"Why? because You want to?" Gerard replied.

"Ok guys why don't You leave those conversations for when I'm not within ear shot of them?" I mumbled looking down at My hands.

I couldn't let it happen again.

I couldnt....


I looked up to see Bob looking at Me thoughtfully.

"We are here"

"Oh" I said and hopped out of the car.

The house loomed against the dusky sky. I stood there feeling very unwelcoming but the others walked right inside.

The inside was more inviting, messy, but inviting.

We all headed down to the basement which was actually pretty clean- except for the poster collections all over the walls and beer cans here there and everywhere.

I managed to make My way to the couch as The guys warmed up.

"This one is called I'm Not Ok (I Promise)" Gerard said in the microphone.

And then they were off- Frankie jumping around, Mikey getting lost in the music, Ray head banging, Bob smashing the drum kit, and Gerard drawing all the attention I had out of My system and flinging it at Him. His stage presence was unlike anything I'd ever seen.

When they were finished I clapped so enthusiastically My hands started to bleed. I had long nails and practically scratched Myself every time I clapped.

"Are You ok?" Ray asked as He saw My hands.

"Uh, I guess not" I said.

"Come with Me, I have a first aid kit" Gerard said as He took Me by the wrist and headed upstairs with Me.

We headed up a second flight of stairs to the bathroom where He took out the first aid kit while I sat on the edge of the bathroom sink. Gerard stood right in front of Me, close enough so I could feel His breath on My skin for the second time in one day.

First He rubbed a damp cloth against My hands to take away the blood and then wrapped My hands in bandages.

"Thanks" I said as I looked up at His face.

He looked up at me and looked as though He was about to say something when there was a scream from downstairs.

Scared we both headed down to the basement.
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