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Five Twenty-Four

by TamerTerra 2 reviews

1500 years ago the Yin and Yang forces - Heylin and Elemental - were balanced. Why aren't they now? Blame those pesky Apprentices! Chase/Wuya/Dashi triangle implied.

Category: Xiaolin Showdown - Rating: G - Genres: Action/Adventure, Fantasy - Characters: Chase Young, Dashi, Wuya - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2005-08-04 - Updated: 2005-08-04 - 563 words

The Dragon of the Wind flew over the battle scene, then landed.

"Ring of the Nine Dragons!" he shouted, splitting into nine, each clone holding a copy of the Sword of the Storm. He drove the Wind Shen Gong Wu into the Earth, calling down nine bolts of lightning to enclose the rogue bull Dragon that they were supposed to be slaying.

"Earth!" cried the Dragon of Earth, laying her hands on the ground to summon up a rock wall to enclose the beast at the same points as the Wind Dragon's lightning. The Wind Dragon jumped backwards as one person again.

"Ice!" yelled the Dragon of Water, flooding the cage and freezing their enemy. The stone wall crumbled.

"Now what?" asked Wuya, the Dragon of Earth.

"Dragon steak?" suggested Dashi, the Dragon of Wind.

"Don't even joke," said Chase, the Dragon of Water, shuddering.

"Oh please," said the Dragon of Earth, summoning her Heylin powers and throwing a ball of green light at the frozen neck. A flash, and then the Dragon's head was separate from it's body, cut in a neat line.

"Wasn't the point of this 'slay the Dragon' exercise to practice our Elements?" Dashi asked her. "Not your whole Magic... thing."

"Not your Silly Gong Wu, either," she retorted.

"Everyone, look!" Chase was standing by the Dragon's Cave, looking in.

"Treasure..." Wuya's eyes temporarily reformed themselves into hearts as she ran over and peeked inside.

"Dragon Treasure? Isn't that supposed to be... dangerous? Whoa." The Wind Dragon whistled in admiration of the Dragon's stash. Wuya took a few steps inside.

"Look at all that Gold!" she said. "And Jewels! And-"

"Books!" yelled Chase, enraptured.

"Weirdo" muttered Wuya.

"We should just leave this all here, and go back to Master Ko," said Dashi, following them into the cave while looking warily at the walls of treasure.

"I vote we stay here the night!" yelled Wuya, while poking at a large jewelled sceptre.

"I second that motion." said Chase quickly, his nose deep in a leather-bound book.


"It's decided, Dashi," Wuya said as she passed by him to look at a sparkling something on another wall. "And besides, you might find something that will help with your Shen Wu."

"You think?" he asked, brightening a little.

"Dragons are known for hoarding dangerous stuff, after all."

"Then why are we staying here?"

"We're Dragon Apprentices, aren't we?" she answered. "We can take anything that this lair can throw at us!" She threw herselfup onto a pile of gold coins, and then slid down to whisper conspiratorially in his ear. "Besides, do you want to be the one to get Chase to move now? Because I don't."

He looked at her for a moment, but she didn't blink. "Fine," he said after a pause, and then wandered over to look at a pile of furs. Wuya smiled to herself, and sat down on a gilt throne to watch him.

ANs: All of the Dragons are about the same age as the regular characters are when they are Apprentices. Okay, maybe a little older. Not the same age as in 'the present day', at least. Also, they wear the Heylin uniform (not known as that at this point) - the predominantly black with red cuttings that Omi (mumble mumble mumble) - that's basically the colours turned the other way for those that haven't seen season 2.5.
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