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You Either Stand, Or You Fall

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"Come back to Chicago with me," next stop: Chi-Town.

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Strong smells of cooking floated around the room and danced around my nostrils causing me to wake. A big goofy smile was still plastered on my face, reencountering last night's events, but as I turned to where Evie should've been, it slowly faded away. In her place instead was a stuffed cow. It's big, marble-like eyes staring back at me. I couldn't help but smile again.

I threw off the comforter and slipped on some pants I had carelessly left on the floor the other night, then headed downstairs towards the kitchen where I was guessing the aroma was coming from. My walk seemed more upbeat, and my head was set for a good day.

The weather man had pointed to sun and clear skies.

I pushed the swinging door to the kitchen and almost wished for the door to swing back and hit me in the ass. Since life always seemed to be doing that to me.

A rain cloud seemed to appear out of nowhere as I saw Bobby's hands on Evie's waist as she cooked breakfast over the stove. He placed a kiss on her cheek and she giggled a little.

I fucking hated weather men.

Taking a seat at the kitchen island, I purposely slid out my stool louder than needed and let out a cough to make sure they knew my presence was there.

Bobby turned and looked me up and down with a scowl as if I had intruded on them being intimate.

Oh wait, I did.

Evie turned and gave a little smile before turning back to cooking her toast. Bobby placed another kiss on her cheek, still looking at me as he did so, like he was trying to be an asshole, then went and sat on the opposite side of me, in the far corner, taking an orange and began to peel it with a smug, oh-yeah-she's-still-my-girlfriend-and-I-still-got-to-beat-your-ass, look.

I gulped slightly as Evie came over with three plates in her hands, placing the first in front of me. It was then that I wasn't going to let Bobby ruin my stay here. I smiled politely at him before looking up at Evie.

"Thank you very much, Ev. It looks delicious,"

A light giggle escaped her lips before she placed Bobby's down in front of him. He glanced over at me for a moment before mustering up his own complement as Evie sat down.

"Are you sure you didn't go to culinary school?"

Alright, two can play at that game.

Evie blushed lightly as she raised a hand to cover her mouth.

"No," she mumbled before looking over at me. "I was in Chicago by the time I was 18," Bobby nodded, a fake smile plastered on his face. I went for it.

"You still look as beautiful as the day I met you," Evie's eyes flickered with surprise as her face tinted pink and a nervous laugh exited her lips.

"Thanks," she whispered before looking back down at her breakfast. Bobby cleared his throat.

"So how's the baby doing?" he asked.

Evie glanced up as did I.

This was one thing to come out of his mouth that curiosities me. She smiled and rested one hand on her stomach.

"He kicked two times yesterday," she spoke, proud that her baby was developing. Bobby smiled.

"When do you have your next doctor's appointment?" he asked.

I readied my tongue to speak.

Evie cleared her throat slightly.

"Uh, today," I didn't let her finish before I blurted it out.

"I'll go with you,"

It came out fast and I saw Evie putting the words together to make my mumble make sense. Bobby glared slightly before poking his fork at his eggs.

Evie took a gulp before turning to look at my profile, my head dropped so that I didn't have to face them. She smiled.

"Sure," she paused to look up at Bobby for a moment. Warning glance? "I are the father,"

I felt proud of myself.

Bobby knew his stance in this now. He may be Evie's current boyfriend and man in her life, but for god's sake, he wasn't taking my baby away from me.


A healthy baby. At least, that's what the doctor said as I sat there hyperventilating in the plastic chair. Evie's smile would not leave her face as I drove, my hands planted firmly on the steering wheel.

"Calm down," she spoke out.

I blinked hard before looking over at her.

"Huh?" I asked. Evie smirked.

"Stop freaking out, Pete," she said and offered her hand, resting it on my forearm.

I moved my hand away from the wheel and laced our fingers, not ever wanting to let go.

"I'm sorry," I mumbled as I looked back at the road.

Evie shook her head, leaning over the middle arm rest to lay her head on my shoulder.

"Stop saying that too," she whispered.

I didn't think about what I was thinking at the moment.

My heart sped up at the mere thought she might be forgiving me. My breath left my lungs as I thought about her letting me back into her life. I glanced down at her for a moment before staring straight at the red light.

"Come back to Chicago with me,"

A few seconds passed and she didn't say anything. We sat at the stop light, motionless, me looking like a douche watching her with her mouth slightly open, and eyes in confusion, waiting intently for answer.

I lowered my eyes and focused back on the road after 5 seconds, but it really seemed like 5 hours.

"Of course,"

My head jerked to look back at her, joy filling me, but it was short lived. Her face was telling me she wasn't being sincere.

"I mean, I'm only pregnant, but yeah, sure let's just hop on a plane and head for Chicago!" her voice started to rise and the light turned green but I didn't go.

"Ev, I-" I tried, but she quickly cut me off.

"Is that why you're here? Was that your big plan? To come down here, wine and dine me, and steal me back to Chicago? Did it ever occur to you that I was happy here?" I tried to butt in, but she continued, talking loudly over me. "You haven't changed one bit,"

A few cars honked behind me, but I ignored it.


I took my hands off the steering wheel and turned to face her completely. Her eyes narrowed at me, and I swore I could see smoke fuming from the top of her head.

"You can only think for yourself. Everything is about you."

My mouth dropped open.

I couldn't register what she was saying.

About me? I was here. In Arizona, of ALL places, for her.

And all I could think about was ME?

I didn't want to deal with this.

I shook my head and pressed on the gas and drove towards her home. My lower lip curled into my upper lip and I decided to just agree.

"Yup, you're right, everything is always about me."

The rest of the car ride was silent. The bad kind of silence. Ones filled with tension.

Good job Pete.

You get back in for a few seconds, and you manage to fall right back out in record time.


David was pissed.

I assumed Evie spoke to him.

She sat to his right, Bobby landing right next to me. Ryan sat on the other side of me, Jenn next to him.

Suddenly everything felt like De Ja Vu.

My heart sank into the pit of my stomach and I lowered my head, and I know that if I could, I would have let it fall right into the plate of spaghetti.

I was no longer a welcome guest in this house.

"Harassing Ev, /huh/?" I tilted my head to glance at Bobby who was sneering. I gulped.

"Not necessarily," I whispered. Bobby scoffed and Evie frowned at me.

"Oh, I'm sure," he responded and pointed his fork at me. "I knew you were down here to steal her away again," David slammed his cup on the table. I looked over at him as he parted his lips to speak.

"I am ashamed I ever trusted you, Pete," I let my eyes drop to my plate and felt my stomach churn, trying to digest my heart.

"I'm sorry," I whispered.

I heard her.

"I told you to stop saying that, Pete," I lifted my head to stare at Evie as she let her hands drop to her lap. "There's never going to be enough sorrys,"

I sighed not wanting to be here in this spot. Everyone was against me except the cat that kept rubbing at my red and black striped socks.

Ryan spoke up next.

"I thought you were cool man," I scoffed to myself.

"You were wrong," I spoke out and looked up at everyone. "All of you were," I paused to look at Evie as she questioned me with her eyes. "I'm a fraud," She shook her head slowly.

"I never understood the way you work, Pete," I smirked more.

"I don't either," Bobby interrupted us.

"No wonder you kept leaving her and coming back like some lost puppy," I had enough with him. I turned to him sharply and widened my eyes threateningly.

"Listen Bobby/," I started, my teeth clenching together, Jenn's eyes widened and Evie sneered in my direction. "You don't know /anything about me," I took a deep breath. "And you will never know how much I fucking love the woman who happens to be sitting next to you so you can shut your god damn mouth," His eyes widened slightly and he rolled his eyes.

"You're old news, Pete," I glared as his hand circled around Evie's.

Her smile was forced.

I shook my head.

"It hasn't stopped me before," Evie blinked before she threatened me with her eyes.

"Shut. Up," She hissed as Bobby lowered her eyes to her.

"What is he talking about?"

I went straight for it.

"Evie was engaged around the same time I got her pregnant,"

I noticed as her facial expression changed- her defenses were down. Bobby slightly shrugged her off.

"I don't want to listen to any of this," he hissed and left the room.

Evie glared at me.

"I should have never left this place," her voice was low and all eyes were on her. I kept my determined glare.

"Excuse me?" she parted her lips.

"You heard me," she cleared her throat, her voice growing higher. "If I would have just stayed in Arizona, I wouldn't be in this mess,"

I felt my face fall at the thought of it.

No Evie.

Possibly no Patrick.

That means no Izzy either.

There would be no Fall Out Boy.

Nobody to write the songs about.

Nobody to thank in the back of the book.

There would be no Pete Wentz.

I felt faint and looked at her for a final word.

It stung.

"I wish I never met you,"


"This is the last time," I promised myself before glancing over at my empty suitcase.

Now was the ever hard task of filling it up.

It was midnight, and I planned to sneak out in order to leave for Chicago in the morning. I planned to sleep on a bench.

Imagine that.

For god's sake, I only brought enough money for two plane tickets and two weeks. It's not like I could afford a hotel right now.

I folded two pairs of pants and placed them neatly in the corner of the black lined bag. The door creaked and my ears perked up before I looked over.

"Ev?" I asked, bewildered by the fact she was in my guest room. Her eyes observed the suitcase.

"What are you doing?" she asked in a low voice.

I frowned.

"I'm leaving," I spoke and turned back to place my other hoodie in there as well. She sat down next to it so I couldn't ignore her.

"I thought you were staying until Friday," her voice rang out as she placed a t-shirt in the suitcase for me. I made her eyes lock with mine before responding.

"Well somebody's made it perfectly clear that they don't want me here," she blinked before lowering her head.

"I'm really sorry about that, Pete," her voice lowered into a whisper. "I don't know what came over me," I closed my eyes and let another shirt fall from my hands.

"You don't even understand," I started. "How I feel,"

I finished and watched as she stood from her spot. My eyes quickly darted to her stomach.

"Pete," she called and made me look up to her eyes again.

"What?" I asked, my heart sinking lower and lower.

From my stomach to my feet.

She took another step before her hands met my sides and her arms curled around me. I looked down as her head snuggled into my chest and moved my arms hesitantly to circle around her.

We stayed there for the longest time before I felt my heart rising back until I chocked on it. Her head pulled away and she stared up at my face.

"Pete," she called.

I blinked.

"What?" I asked. Her hands cupped my face and her hands ran under my eye and at the corner of them.

"You're crying," she whispered.

I then realized I wasn't choking on my heart, I was choking on tears. My vision grew hazy and blurred and I blinked hard, letting the silent tears pool down my face.

"I don't know why," I whispered.

Evie frowned before stepping up onto her tippy toes and hugging me around the neck. I rested my hands on her stomach for a moment before lifting her up and twirling her slightly.

"I don't care what you think Ev," I paused to kiss behind her ear. "I love you,"

She remained quiet for a moment as her nose snuggled into my neck.

"I want to go back with you," she whispered.

I pulled back and held her arms.

"What?" I asked.

My heart raced with new found hope.

Evie bit her lip.

"I want to go back to Wilmette," she paused to stare intently at me. "Just to visit the boys,"

I laughed nervously before shaking my head, a goofy smile on my lips.

"I don't care," I laughed a little louder before kissing her nose. "You're coming back with me,"

Evie scrunched up her nose before she sneezed and rested her hands on her stomach.

"Don't ever do that again," she hissed jokingly and smacked my arm. I smiled and rested a hand over hers.

"That's my Evie," She raised an eyebrow.

"/Yours/?" she asked.

I smiled, unashamed of my statement.

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