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Day 5: Babies.

by Popciclegirl 1 review

Another question with a really long answer.

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A question from xItsChemicalOnMarsx.

Why in every story you write, people have kids? I'm just asking. I actually love it. I was just wondering. Like, do you want kids of your own or you just put them in?

Hmm. That's a good question. I think babies are cute but as far as I'm concerned, kids are not on my christmas list. I don't want kids. I'd like to get married but, kids are a no, no. And not in all of my stories. Like the smoking dog series, no kids.

I only give people kids if I can IMAGINE them with kids. Like, there was a rumor that Gerard Way had a daughter but it turned out to be completely false. That's probably the only reason he has Bridgette and Broke. To tell you the truth, his wife, Cloe, is based on a Brat doll I have.

Yeah I DO play with dolls. But not your normal games. Oh trust me. NOT NORMAL. I video tape my games and if I would dare put them on youtube you'd be stairing at the screen for an hour. Like staires at screen with drool pouring down mouth All of my dolls are...goth. Some of my stories are based on my gameplay.

In my story "A Beautiful Lie" Lilee is Jared's daughter. I was just trying out to see if it would be a sucsess and it was. Jared I could imagine as a parent. Not only the fact that he's 34 but the fact that I've seen all of his movies(which I regret) and I came to my conclusion of, yeah. He'd be good.

Brendon. Oh Brendon. The baby was planned out from the first chapter of "A Beautiful Lie". It was always supposed to happen. It was supposed to be one story though. No sequil. I've been trying to make a video for this but I FAIL SO BAD IT'S NOT EVEN FUNNY!!!

As far as I know, no other characters will have kids. Not untill the epilouge. ;D Or maybe. I do ofton wait for feedback. I love the feedback. :D


I also like surprising you peoples. The Fall Out Boy sotry I've been working on for about a month contain's NO KIDS though. It's not even a one shot. I'm sorry but somebody WILL die.

Also the Brendon & Lilee stories will be connected with the Fall Out Boy story. If you haven't noticed, all my stories somehow connect. I go on the computer EVERYDAY so that's why I'm able to have so many stories.

That's my answer. SORRY IF I BORED YOU!!

Elena(loves popsicles)
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