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Day 6:Angryness.

by Popciclegirl 4 reviews

SOmebody got me really angry so I will express my feelings for HANNAH MONTANA AND HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL!

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Hannah Montana-POSER! She shouldn't even be on tv. She shouldn't be in the music buisness.

She's an ugly little poser who needs a life. Who has a name like Hannah Montana anyways? IT'S GAY! SHE'S GAY! Her show should be called Hannah Gaytana.

Her music is so bad it's not even funny! When she's in concert she's probably LIP SINGING! Yeah, that's right.

How can you even compare Hannah Gaytana to My Chemical Romance. My Chemical Romance actually have lyrics that make sense.

Not stuff like "Like, oh, like, my, like, god, like. I love this boy and he loves me. We're going to be one perfect family. With 2 perky kids, and they'll have preky kids. We'll get married and live in a big giant house!"

Meanwhile My Chem says stuff like:

"I am not afraid to keep on living,
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey if you stay you'll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me coming home."

Hannah Gaytana means: "I'm just doing it for the money."

My Chemical Romance means: "No matter what happens, I'll be okay. No matter what you say. I'll be okay. I'm not doing it for the money. My music has purpose."


High School Musical: Not any better. High School Musical is also gay. Who names a movie High School Musical. That's like naming a movie "Dave sings in HighSchool."

High School isn't all fun and games. The whole friggen school hates each other. Not everybody is friends. Disney is living in a Fantasy world and NEEDS to come out and see that the world isn't always happy!

You don't just automaticly fall in love just like that! It takes time. You don't live happily ever after. If I had control over the TV world, I'd cancel the Disney Channel full of gayness.

It makes my eyes and ears bleed. I like a few disney movies, like I couldn't live without The Nightmare Before Christmas and Pirates of the Carribean. But that's where I thank Tim Burton for switching to dreamworks.

Disney's sense of humor is like "I dropped my spoon! Ha, ha!"

Dreamworks is like "Yo mama so stupid, she got locked in a McDonalds and starved to death!"

THAT'S FUNNY! "I dropped a spoon" is like, "Why'd I just pay 50 dollars to get into this moive?"

High School Musical is not true in the least. High School is not walking on clouds and everything is okay. High School is like a shark tank with drugs, alcohal and anorexia. Sure I don't do any of it but only because I'm smart.

You don't always get A's in school. Take it from experience. I'm smart as in "I know better" not acidemic smart even though I am.

Disney doesn't even know what drugs are.

Walt Disney would be ashamed to see what his channel looks like now. The retarts took over. If they unfroze him right now and made him watch Hannah Gaytana and High School is gayical, he's have a heart attack of the badness. But before he would die, he would kill the producer.

Disney used to be good! It used to be funny. Now it's not. It's gay! Gay, gay, gay!

Teens don't like "I dropped a spoon" humor they want "Yo mama" humor. Trust me on this because I am a teen. I grew up around older people. I know!

Sorry if I got any of you angry but you must admit it's true. If you didn't like this day, go ahead and comment. I'll only curse the hell out of you.

/ Elena(is angry) /
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