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Little Known

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'And I was forced to chose how she would die.' Julius thought to himself.

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Julius's point of view:

"You have two choices. One your girlfriend can be shot and killed instantly or two she can be fed a little known poison and die a slow and painful death but she will have a week to live." Doctor Dismay said evilly.

'How did it come to this' I questioned myself. 'It was supposed to be an easy mission. A training mission, Emmet and Ursula could have done it blind folded. But Al sent us on it as a joke.

The baddies had managed to lock themselves in a closet basically they had caught themselves.

But it was a trap. Doctor Dismay and Nurse were disguised. They lured Delilah and I to a janitor's closet of some big cooperate building. Then they knocked they to of us out. Where we were now I had no idea. And they had Delilah hog-tied and her mouth was covered in duck tape.

And I was forced to chose how she would die.' Julius thought to himself.

"Oh and should you try and save her, I'll shoot the two of you." Doctor Dismay said as he held the revolver against Delilah's head and the needle to her neck. "So gumdrop what's it going to be?" Dr. Dismay asked pure evil in his voice.


Delilah's point of view:

I was trapped. I tried to communicate with Julius. But I could not speak, Dr. Dismay and Nurse would hear me and kill us both and the Nurse was watching so sign language was not an option. I was desperate, I tried to communicate with Julius through are minds.

'Pick the gun, I don't want to be dependant on you. Make it quick and painless pick the gun. I don't want any pain. I'm an as tough as nails spy, I don't want to not be able to do anything. Pick the gun, please Juls please.' I prayed. Julius looked in my direction; he had sympathy in his eyes. Suddenly, I felt something so strong; I had had the feeling before, generally when Julius and I were out on a mission. It happened when I knew that he knew my next move, when we worked as a unit, never having to say a word. When we when on instinct alone, our instincts synced. But this time it was much, much stronger.

It spread from the moment I met Julius' eyes. From my heart to the tips of my fingers, it pulsed through my body I could feel it everywhere. All of a sudden I could hear Julius' voice in my brain.

"De." It said softly. "I know you want to be independent. But I can't lose you; I'm going to pick the poison. We will have time, there is a chance that you will survive." It continued, growing louder but I could feel the emotional pain he was feeling.

"Juls! No please no!" I though frantically. This was not what I wanted. It was to late the connection between us was fading.

"Hurry up gumdrop, make your choice!" Dr. Dismay called, interrupting Julius' and mine psychic connection. Dr. Dismay put more pressure on the gun against my head and put a thumb on the needle, threatening to inject me with the poison. A silent hush fell over us again. I could see Julius trying to regain a connection with me again. It worked.

'I heard you. I know you don't want the poison, I'll pick the revolver just for you.' Julius began. I could tell he had more to say but I was suddenly as happy as a person about to die could be. I squirmed a bit by accident.

Something was poking my neck. A look of terror came over Julius' face. Suddenly I knew what was poking my neck. I had squirmed into the needle and it had gone into my body. Julius seemed to be thinking on his feet.

"Poison her." He said, tears coming to his eyes. He swallowed and was able to hide his tears. I looked at Dr. Dismay and Nurse, and then I knew why Julius had gone against his word.

Both of the villain's eyes were fixed on the needle. They had not noticed that Julius had noticed that it was in my neck. And Julius knew this. If he had said revolver they probably would have injected me with the poison and turned the revolver on him, leaving us both for death.

But Julius caught them off guard. They were shocked. The creepy black poison entered my body. I feel unconscious immediately.

Julius' point of view:

Delilah looked so sad as the poison was injected to her body. I let my tears fall form my eyes as sheer anger over came me. I was angry with my self for letting this happen to Delilah, the one I love. I was angry with Al for sending us on this stupid mission.

For the first time in a long time, I Julius Chevalier acted rashly. I ran at Dr. Dismay and Nurse. They didn't see me coming. I was able to grab the revolver from Dr. Dismay. I noticed immediately that it only had one shot in it.

I pointed it at Dr. Dismay. For a moment I considered shooting Delilah, that was what she wanted right. But no, I would find someway to cure her. She could not really have wanted her self-dead.

"Is there a cure." I demanded as I grabbed Nurse's wrists so she could not pull any stunts. Dr. Dismay shuddered.

"Why should I tell you." He taunted, damn why did he have to be so cocky, even with his life on the line.

"Because if you don't I'll kill you." I said, anger pulsing threw my body and entwining its self in my voice.

"You don't have the guts gumdrop." Dr. Dismay taunted. Why must the guy be so blind, I would kill him.

"Watch me." I said as I started to pull the trigger. Dr. Dismay's mouth dropped. I gave him a moment to gather himself. All of a sudden I heard a rumble over head. A rope dropped into the lair. Dr. Dismay grabbed it and Nurse broke free of my grasp and ran. They both where holding on to the rope as if lifted them up.

"The cure is..." Dr. Dismay called out.


A loud roar of the helicopter cut out Dr. Dismay's next words. All I heard were the words "Love" and "Dreams" what they could mean I have no idea. I ran over and saw that the needle that had held the poison I noticed that about a quarter of it was still in the needle. Maybe not enough had gotten into Delilah to kill her in a week. As I saw that Delilah's breathing had become short and shallow I thought otherwise.


I sat out side the academy's hospital wing. I had paged Al about two hours ago and he and Scarlet had us tracked down in an hour. Turns out we were a ten minutes fly from the academy.

I was so worried about Delilah. She consumed my mind. Would she make it or would there not be a cure. Did Dr. Dismay say that 'there was not a cure and that I should love her now'. But that did not make sense, where did dream come from. If Dr. Dismay had a heart at all, which he did not, he might have said 'she will always be in your dreams'.

If only his helicopter had not been so loud. But he had probably planned it that way. It was a typical villain move. As my thoughts slipped back a couple of hours earlier. I remembered the strange feeling that had come over me when Delilah and I made the psychic connection.

I figured that it was worth a try. It might help me discover some way to help her. And I would do anything in my power to help her.

'Delilah' I thought. 'Can you hear me?' I asked in my head. The weird sensation overcame me once more. I could hear her thoughts.

'What's happening? Where am I. Who are you!' I heard her thinking.

"De, calm down. You're in the academy's hospital wing. The people around you are doctors and nurses. They are trying to help you. Do you remember the poison?'

'Juls, is that you?'

"Yes, I'm in your head. We have a psychic connection. Are you ok?'

'Now that you're here' Delilah thought flirtatiously. I blushed and was thankful that she could not see me.

'I'm going to stay here as long as you need me ok?'

'Thank-you.' I heard Delilah think. She sounded like she was in pain. This was the first time I had heard her emotion. All the times before it had just been her regular voice like she felt nothing at all with out being robot like. The connection must have been getting stronger.
'How do you feel?'

'I hurt all over and feel like I have the flu.'

'Well that poison was not a health drink.'

'Yeah...yawn...I'm sleepy.'

'Try and get some sleep.' I thought.

'Please don't leave me.' Delilah pleaded to me.

'I won't. I promise.' I assured her. Within a few minutes I heard the hospital wing staff say that she had fallen asleep. But I could still feel the psychic connection activated.

'Mom, Dad, I'm sorry I'm late. The car got a flat tire.' I hard Delilah think, what came next told me that it was part of her dream.

'Did the car get a flat tire or did you and Julius stop and get some backseat practice time?' I heard Delilah's version of her moms say in side her head. I blushed like crazy. Without meaning to I began to think to my self.

'Oh so Delilah has a dirty secret to.'

'Julius, are you there...' I heard Delilah ask me.

'Can you hear me?' I asked her.


'Weird, are you still asleep.'

'Seeing as from what I can see were standing on water, yes.'

'Wow I'm in your dream.'

'You always are.' Delilah admitted. In a minute felt my self grow sleepy. I continued to hear Delilah's dream which had gone back to the seen with her parents. Which is what I know to be her biggest dream, to see her parents again. To have a family.

I must have fallen asleep because I soon found my self-being able to see her dream. We were in the backseat of a car. Kissing, I chose not to say anything. After all why not live my dream to and she turned out not to be such a bad kisser.

Without warning Delilah's dream turned into a nightmare. We were still in the car, but it was flying off a cliff, hurtling us to our deaths. I prayed frantically that Delilah would wake up or change dreams. I did not want to die in her dream and I knew that if she died in her dream she would be dead on earth as well (a/n am I right, I cant remember if that was a myth or not...) I had no idea if I died if I would come out alive.

The car got closer to crashing.


Delilah's point of view:

"Julius what do we do!" I said falling to pieces as the car plummeted to the ground. We seemed to be falling slower than usual.

"I don't know." Julius said for the first time. I had never heard him say that before. "Do you have any ideas?" He asked.

I thought rapidly.... for the first time I could remember I did not have a plan. This was truly going to be the end of us. The car had no rear or side windows so we could not use a parachute or make shift parachute to slow our selves down.

"Delilah...I love you. " Julius said as the car fell towards the ground, picking up speed with every second. Fear was in both are eyes I saw as I looked into Julius's eyes.

"I love you to Juls. You don't know how long I have waited to hear you say those words." I said I leaned into kiss him and my mind began to conga. For my last moments this was perfect.

As our lips touched a warm pleasant feeling came over my body. As I opened my eyes I noticed that we were in a beautiful meadow. I could see a grove of trees in the distance; set against a backdrop of mountains and clear blue sky. I recognized it in an instant. It was my happy place. The place I went to in my happiest dreams.

"Is this heaven?" I asked out loud by accident. Out of nowhere a mystic wind whipped around Julius and I. It was a nice warm wind...a pleasant wind. Almost like it was a helpful wind... but we were in heaven right?

"Hello. My name is Fear." A voice spoke. The wind moved as it spoke. I looked at Julius and could tell that he was thinking the same thing as me. 'Was that the wind speaking.'

"I am here to help you. You are going to have to fight for your lives to get out to this dream alive. Only your love and trust in each other can save you know. You have to get through each night at a time, each night you will be trapped in Delilah's dream. You have seven chances to free yourselves from your trap." Fear said slowly fading.

"How are we supposed to do that!" Julius demanded. But Fear was already gone. Already thoughts were swarming in my head. I had no clue how we were going to do this, for once. This was not a normal mission this was an adventure. Not what we were trained to do.

I looked into Julius' eyes. There deep blue was stained with worry and anticipation, but also the excitement of a young boy about to go on a grand adventure.

Fear's voice seemed to echo around us. She said "I can not help you much more, just remember Delilah these will be your dreams and both of you remember that your love and trust in each other will save you."


Julius' point of view:

I looked around wildly, Fear's last words echoing in my mind. I looked through the glass separating Delilah and I. She was awake at well, staring at the ceiling. I looked around for a doctor or nurse, wanting to see if I could be with her yet.

I felt something engulf my body. I smiled; Delilah and I were becoming old pros at this physic connection thing. 'Delilah.' I thought quietly.

'Juls.' She replied softly.

'Are you alright?'

'For the most part; my head aches and I don't think I have a voice.' Delilah thought, she sounded like she had a sore throat. I figured that the more we connected and the longer we stayed connected the more emotion I could hear in her thoughts, and probably vice versa.

'Sorry about letting you get poisoned.' I apologized.

'It's not your fault. I should not have moved, I should have just stayed still.'

'You could not control yourself, you were happy. Don't blame yourself. I was being selfish wanting the poison.'

'Juls, you should not blame yourself either. It was just as much my fault as yours. Lets put the past behind us and try to figure out a way to our selves."

"I'll go talk to Al and Scarlet, you can try to think of a plan, but what ever you do don't go to sleep."


Ok so you are all probably thinking OMG princess decided to re-continue! Well yes I did. It may take me some time to update though, with school, friends and well in a nut shell,
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