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But There's A Light On In Chicago

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Hope you all are enjoying this. I know I'm enjoying writing this. :D

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Thank you to Frenchie189, xburnedmyskin, and xSoMeOnEx so much for keeping everything going with this series! Love ya tons girls!

Pete woke up the next morning with a headache and a heavy heart. Pete got up and slipped on a pair of jeans as he thought about the saying 'heavy heart'.
Why is it called a heavy heart? It feels more like a light heart. My heart is empty. Hollow. She took everything out of it. No. My heart isn't heavy, nor is it hollow. It's non-existent. She took everything out of it, including the casing.
He wandered down the stairs and left a small note for the guys.

Be back in a bit

He grabbed his iPod and his hoodie and headed out the door. When he was in the elevator, he thought about their moment. Why did it have to hurt so much? He got off the elevator and walked out on to the street. He set his iPod to 'William, It Was Really Nothing' by The Smith's and started walking. After five minutes or so, it started raining. Hard. He pulled up his hood and zipped up his hoodie. He could handle the rain. Maybe, just maybe, it would wash away the hurt. Two hours later, he returned to the apartment. He had his hand on the handle of the door. He suddenly spotted the swingset in the small courtyard in the back. His grip loosened on the door and walked away. His fingers trailed five lines through the wet drops on the walls of the apartment as he walked to the swingset. He sat down, not caring about how this would soak his jeans. He didn't care. Everything was drenched anyway. He was glad his iPod was with him. Maybe, just maybe, it would cause enough of a shock to electricute him and cause him death. He placed his head in his hands and started to cry.

The girls had just applied at the local drug store down the road and were hired. Life had seemed to be going perfectly. They were at the store now and were stocking shelfs. Charlotte was stocking shampoo when she noticed a figure walking outside pass the window. He had a pair of dark blue jeans on with a black hoodie with the hood up on. He was also wearing a pain of red and black checkered vans.
"What the-" Charlotte knew exactley who it was. What she couldn't figure out was, why was he walking in the pouring rain. Suddenly, a hand was on her shoulder. She turned around to see Nikki, her boss.
"What's wrong?" Nikki asked with a slight smile.
"Oh, uhm...well, it's nothing." Charlotte choked on her words. Charlotte could feel the pain and yearning start in her heart. Nikki smiled and shrugged. After she walked away, Charlotte turned around to find him. He was gone. Charlotte felt the need to find him and have him hold her in his arms so tightly like he once had. To feel his soft lips up against her with the same passion he was one filled with. She opened the door and took a step into the icy cold of the rain. She was wearing a black pair of work pants and a short sleeve t-shirt. She was only out for a minute already, and she was soaked. She looked down the street before feeling an icy hand on her wrist that pulled her back in to the store. Her chin length hair dripped uncontrolobly as Erin searched Charlotte's eyes for some reason.
"He was here." Was all Charlotte could muster. Erin could see the desperation in her expression could only mean one thing.
"It doesn't matter. He doesn't care about you aymore. None of them care about any of us anymore." Erin said and hugged her tightly. Charlotte was shivering and dripping wet.
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