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Loaded Words And Loaded Friends Are Loaded Guns Against Our Heads

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Kay, so basically you all know the story line right? Well, yeah. Hope you like!

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Joe was taking everything a little heavier than everyone else. It was noon and he still wasnt out of his room. Patrick went up to see him curled into a ball ontop of the bed. Patrick sat down beside him and place a gentle hand on his back. Joe flinched.
"Look, we all lost someone. But we can't be up in our rooms just curled up in a ball." Patrick explained in the kindest he could.
"I have to keep myself together and so i need to curl up." Joe replied. Patrick looked at him quizzically. "If i let myself go, all my insides will pour out of my stomach. I can't let that happen." Joe said with a sigh. Patrick smiled apologetically and left him alone. The small blue velvet box was tormenting him, laughing at him. Joe was going insane and he knew it.


Kamz faced all the toothpaste and mouthwash silently. Izzy was just one aisle behind her if she needed her. She didn't want to go to anyone. She sat behind a giant wall of mouthwash and started to cry. She looked down at her empty left hand. There was still a little imprint on a small band around her ring finger. The imprint was tormenting her, laughing at her. She was walking down the aisle to be wed to mental illness and Joe didn't even care enough to hold her hand and help her along.

Patrick walked back downstairs and sat by everyone on the couch. It was strange not having anyone to share a seat with anymore. Not having anyone to laugh with at the stupidest things. He missed Izzy and the fact that she would just start randomly singing a song when ever she wanted to. Patrick sighed and wiped a tear away.

Izzy didn't realize how much she would miss the guys. Patrick escpecially. She adjusted the brim of her hat only to start tearing up. She wanted Patrick to be right beside her and join her when she just randomly burst into song. Izzy looked over at Erin who was in the aisle beside her crying as well. She looked down at a dripping wet Charlotte who was wiping away at her eyes. She looked over at Kamz to see a giant wall of mouthwash crying. This was definatley going to be harder than they thought.
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