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Parts 1 & 2

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I wrote this story. It's from my quizilla. About Ryro and BDEN.

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Yeah, usually it's not cool for a guy to sit around and eat ice cream and cry after a break up. But hey I'm Ryan Ross, what do you expect?

Here I am at 3:00 in the morning, moping and watching Gremlins. It's at the part where their in the Sporting goods store, trying to find the Gremlin that escaped his demise. I don't know what's been up with me lately.

So just as it gets to the good part of the movie, and my phone rings. Well actually it didn't ring, it vibrated, and it scared the shit out of me.

Yep I knew it, the bitch who broke up with me. Trying to get back with me? No way, not after I gained about 2 pounds of ice cream weight because of her.

Then my doorbell rang. I got up and answered the door, still infuriated that I missed the end of the movie. I had a feeling that I knew who it was at the door.

I opened it a crack, but who stood out there was a complete surprise. I tall lengthy man, big lips and brown eyes, chatting on his cell phone. Well untill he noticed I was there at least.

He looked curiously at me, as though I was some kind of alien. /What a weirdo/.

He wore thick rimmed glasses and a guitar on his back. "Is Ryan here? Ryan Ross I believe his name was."
my heart skipped a beat, "Um...yeah" was all I could manage to get out. I said it as roughly as I could so the mas would not notice I had been crying just a few minutes earlier.

He swallowed, I could see his adam's apple move up and down. "May I speak with him? Just for a minute?" I looked at him and spoke hoarsly, "Um..yeah, I'm Ryan Ross."

He smiled at me, such perfect teeth. "Oh! Hello, I'm Brendon. Spencer Smith told me to come and ask you if you'd like to be in a band with us."

'My bestfriend sent some stranger to come and get me? And at 3:30 in the morning, none-the-less. That seems like Spenc' I looked at the guy, right in the eyes. "Sure, what time do we start practicing?" He calmly placed his hands in his pockets and flinched.

"um...I'd say about 3:00 p.m. today?" I nodded, "Okay sounds cool." he nodded as well.

He turned to leave, but after taking about 5 steps from my door he turned back towards me, "I can pick you up if you want."

I was totally liking that idea, "Um, Sure. Please and thanks."

& with that he turned and left.


I didn't wake up till about 2:00 that afternoon. Man, I stayed up late.

I felt like a cyclone hit me. I couldn't remember anything from the night before,except that 'Brendon' fellow.

Yeah and the fact that I found him quite /attractive/. Me, Ryan Ross, found a guy attrative.

'What is going on with you Ryan?' I questioned myself. I looked at the clock. '2:12, wow I'd better get ready'

So I got up and went to my drawer. I sat there looking at it for a long time, not knowing what to wear. Then I noticed the shirt that me and Spenc bought last year.

Long story, Don't want to talk about it.

So I put that on with a pair of pale slacks. Pretty dressy, I know, but for me it wasn't. I strolled past a mirror.

'Damn it! My hair's a mess' I took my flat palms and began to smooth it down. "Spiffy" I said to myself smirking.

I walked over to the bathroom and put on my New Found Glory 'Sticks and Stones' cd. Yeah, I sing to it in the shower, so what?

I grabbed some eyeliner and rolled it up. I drew heavy black lines under my pupils, then I put the cap back on. 'My Hat Damn it! Brendon will be here in 10 minutes!'
"Okay Ryan, You're taking this as though it's a date. It's not. You don't even know the guy. Calm down, and get you hat."

My room is such a mess, I can't even find my hat. What the fuck is up with that?

After about 5 minutes of rummaging, I found it.

I heard the whirl of tires outside. Was it Brendon? I couldn't tell. So I naturally Rushed out to see.

Yep, it was Brendon. 'Remember Ryan, keep calm, you don't like guys. Not even this guy. Remember.' I nodded silently and walked to his car.


I hopped on into Brendon's car, right as he began to start it up. 'Wow his car is nice' I examined the interior. It had pleather seats, designer carpets, and visior with lite up mirrors. 'Niiiice'

I was obviously too busy being envious, to notice my jaw was hanging open. Brendon chuckled, "That's a good look for you Ryan." he acted as though we had known eachother since 3rd grade, rather than just yesterday.

I closed my mouth and sat back, just as Brendon began to back out of my driveway. He paused to casually look out the windows, but I sware he looked at me instead.

We had been quiet for a while as we reached the main road. He glanced at me through the corner of his eyes, his gorgeous brown eyes, a couple of times.

'Damn you Ryan there you do again, do you not remember the little deal we sealed earlier? You're not gay, get over yourself.'

"Shut it" I said out loud, not knowing Brendon was looking at me. "W-well I really didn't say anything, so how can I shut it?" I turned in my seat to look at him. "No not you. I was talking about the-the, Fall Out Boy song stuck in my head, that's all."

Brendon arched his eyebrow. He probably thought I was weird, but when did I begin to care? I'm not gay if that's what your saying.

"So Mr. Ryan how'd ya sleep last night?" Brendon cooed, "Oh, fine, just fine." I could see he was trying to make conversation.

We passed about six casino's on the way to Spenc's house. Brendon had one hand resting on the clutch, and one on the wheel. It gave me a perfect view of every inch of his torso. He looked so fucking beautiful.

I'm not sure if he was trying to be sly, or if it was and accident, but Brendon pushed his hand off the clutch onto my knee.

No, it wasn't an accident, because if it was he wouldn't have been massaging my thigh. I looked away, hoping that he would stop. He got the message, and he turned a little pink. "Oh, sorry about that. I-I didn't mean to do that."

'Mmmmhmm Brendon, sure you didn't'

We pulled into Spenc's house just in time, not that I didn't like Brendon massaging my thigh, it was just too sudden. Ya know?


Spenc was sitting outside on the padio, writing something, I'm still not entirely sure what though.

He looked up, "Ryan! Dude where the fuck have you been? I missed you man!" He stood up and hugged me. "Yeah I missed you too man." I wanted to kick myself for stopping what happenened in the car.

But hey, I'm Ryan Ross what do you expect? (I know I said that earlier, just trying to prove a point here)


After we practiced for about an hour, in Spenc's basement, then we sat down, I was totally whipped. I noticed that, fully, I only knew two of the four guys in the room with me. Brent and Spenc. Two of my good friends.

Mrs. Smith came down with drinks and snacks. She was so cool, and I had a crush on her in 4th grade, no wonder her son came out looking as handsom as he did.

'Ewwww! Did I just say that about my best friend? That's sick're sick'

We ate and stuff, just sitting there talking. They thought that maybe we should make Brendon our lead singer. Our lead singer, some guy, did not approve.

"Well maybe you should just leave the band then!" Spenc demamded. "Maybe I will" yelled that guy. Me, I had no idea what was going on, so I just kept out of it.

The lead singer guy left, he slammed the door to the basement behind him. Brent laughed, "That guy was a stupid bastard. Didn't I warn you about him spenc?" Spenc was red faced from anger and yelling. He was still a little pissed, I could tell.

Know why? He had that,/'I'm going to kill you'/ look on, that's why.

He sat down and swep his hair out of his face, and tried desperately to calm down.

Once he cooled down a little, he looked over at Brendon. "I guess you're our new lead singer then Brendon."

Brendon smiled, "Alrighty, let's practice then. Shall we?"

So yeah I think about right there Panic! At the disco was offically formed. For good.

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