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Dead On Arrival

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just some history just in case you wanted to know

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Leave Lovers Dead in Ditches
Chapter Twenty-two:
Dead on Arrival
"No, it's not the last time cause I'd never say no to you."

Tonight was the first small venue we'd played in a while. We were showing a clip from my pregnancy. In the middle of the night I had sent Pete out to go get some salt and vinegar Pringles and a bunch of M&M's. Eric, video taping every second of my pregnancy, followed him, and was giving him an interview.
"So, will you be happy when the baby comes?" Eric interrogated.
Pete looked at him with of those 'you shouldn't be doing this, Natalie will kill you' looks, "Yes, I can't wait to see what the baby looks like. I hope the baby is as pretty as its mother."
I looked at Pete, and he gave me a huge dorky smile.
"What did you think the first time you heard you were going to be a dad?" Eric asked.
Pete was looking for my M&M's, "To be honest I was scared. I was afraid I was going to be a bad father, that my child wasn't going to like me, but now I don't think that."
"What made you change your mind?" Eric asked curiously knowing what the answer was going to be. I knew he only asked to make me happy.
Pete looked right into the camera now, "Natalie. She's got this little person in her, and she's not afraid at all. She's so strong, and she's confident that the baby's going to love her. I love that about her."
My heart dropped, and then I felt a new kind of love for Pete.
As I watched my life on the screen I realized I hadn't told you much about my life. I now decide that I should owe you such a pleasure.
I was born on November 11th of 1982 (that would make me twenty-five) in a little town called Roanoke in the state of Virginia. I grew up in a medium sized home. My parents ran a garage, and a truck rental business. My mom worked in one, and my dad worked in the other.
Around the age of fourteen I met Jenni. She was my friend for almost a year. Our friendship started on my birthday, and ended three days before hers. It was my fault it ended. Her boyfriend and I would talk late at night on the phone. He was such a sweet talker, and I fell for his player ways. We would talk as 'friends', but I could tell he had something up his sleeve. I was so caught up in him that I became blinded to his cheating ways. One day he told me he fell in love with me, and he told me I should tell Jenni that he broke up with her to be with me. Being so fixated with him I followed what he told me to do.
The next thing to happen would change my life. Jenni and I parted ways, and under bad circumstances too. I talked to her three months later, and we decided that our friendship shouldn't be continued, but during that three months I had met someone.
His name was Jeff Metz (what up with me and loving guys with the last name that ends in 'z'.) He was a ginger haired mechanic that came to work for my dad. He was nice, responsible, mature, and honest. He was everything I wanted in a guy, but here's the problem. He was three years older than I was. He was special to me. He took me to my freshman homecoming. That night I was going to tell him that I was totally infatuated with him, but bad news was on the other line. He didn't feel the same way. We remained friends, but I still loved him.
He graduated and went to college. We would correspond over phone calls, and when he would come home for break we'd go out to see movies. During those years of our friendship I would preach to him telling him that I was going to go to Oxford, and I was going to be a best selling novelist. This was before Brennan, Eric, and Zack came to me with an idea of a band.
We were on a field trip together to Italy for Latin Club, and I was in the shower when they came to hang out. I always sang in the shower, and they said I had the best voice they had ever heard. Put in the guitar rifts, drum beats, and some screaming, and we had it made.
They trained me, and they made me practice. I was singing, and screaming in no time. Then we went on tour for our first year. Our songs were only amateur, and our notes only premature. We took a brake, and my mom let us crash at our house. My dad was almost never there when I was there. That whole break time wasn't a break at all. We were writing new songs, practicing old ones, and making sure we were good enough to go on tour again.
The next year came, and we did another small tour in another small van. Hanging out with the guys was fun, but being in the same van with them was hell. There were socks, old cupcakes, and things that we didn't even know the identity of. Then one night at one lucky club in Chicago we were noticed, and I think you know what happened next.

A/N: Ha! Happy Holidays. I hope you guys enjoy this chapter. By the way all of the stuff up until the trip to Italy was real, and except for the dad part is true. My dad's my hero.
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