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Archie,s Secret Christmas gift

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It,s Christmas eve and Archie cant sleep. "There is no such thing as santa" he said. What happens when he goes and gets a drink of water. R&R

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All of the seven titans were sitting down watching christmas special on T.V., Everyone becides Archie. "Were is Archie?" asked alanta in the "Banana Boat" add. "He is in his room i guess, Hey shhh The wiggles are back on". "Whatever" alanta.


"Lights, Camra, ACTION!!, Wiggles, welcome to are T.V. show in christmas land"


Alanta walked up to Achies room and knocked. "Hey, Arch, you in there" she asked. "Yeah" he answered. She walked sat next to him on his bed.

"Hey, why arnt you down with the rest of us Trying to enjoy T.V.?". "Dont know" He said now lying down on the bed. Alanta joined him. "Hey i wonder if we are going to get any prezzies from "SANTA". Wonder how i perants put up with that" Alanta said. "Hey i might be Mr.suze for all we know it"

"I am going to go back down stairs, want to come with?" Alanta asked standing up. "Nah"He said. Alanta bent down and kissed him on the cheek. "Try and sleep" she said before leaving. Achie couldnt hear anything after the kiss. He just sat there blushing.

10:00 PM

"Arrr" achie said putting his pillow on his head. "Shee if santa was real shouldnt i hear soming" She said rolling his eyes. "Dont feel well might as well get a drink of water' He said walking out the door. He carfully walked down stairs trying not to wake anyone up.

He turned around the cournerto the living room(A/N its kinda like a living room) A his mouth dropped to the floor.

Standing there was SANTA!!!!. He looked like someone Archie knew.
archie ran up stair and instanly fell asleep.

5:00 AM

all 7 ran down stair Chrismas day. Jay was the first to open his prezzi. "Cool, a new sword" neil then said "Hey i got a NEW Mirror and it has 16 panels. Archie Got out his preant. "WHAT!!! A LUMP OF COAL!!" everybody saired and him and then started to laugh. "WHATS SO FUNNY!!!!"


"Ha ha ha, That purple-haired boy never will suspec its me. I love dressing up in that Santa outfit" said Mr. suze wistling jinjle bells.


Thought i might do a christmas one since its like 1 or 2 days till X-mas. It is very randome. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!
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