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No summary for now. But its a Sleepover story with Truth or Dare. AxA, TxJ, HxOC, OxOC, NxOC PS: CHANGED DUE TO SIMILARITY OF MRS-JAYS STORY

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"Are you girls in for tonight?" Theresa asked her friends from school, Samantha and Tiffany.

Samantha had blonde straight hair and blue eyes. She was supposed to wear glasses but wore her contacts instead. She was a very pretty girl, almost as pretty as Theresa.

Tiffany had brown hair with blonde streaks. Her hair wasn't straight but nor was it curly. It was sort of wavy. She had brown eyes and tan skin. She was also a very pretty girl.

"I'm in," said Samantha.

"Me too," said Tiffany.

"Great!" exclaimed Theresa.

Then Theresa left her two friends to go find one other girl, Santana.

Santana also had brown hair. Her hair curled when it got wet but she straightened it every day. She loved to wear shirts with sayings on them and she wore alot of eyeliner.

Theresa found Santana on the edge of the field taking pictures of random stuff. (Santana loves to take pictures)

"Hey Theresa," greeted Santana.

"Heys Santana, are you coming to the major sleep over tonight?" she asked.

"Hell yeah! You bet. I wouldn't miss it for the world, especially because you've got five hot guys in the dorm," Santana winked.

Theresa raised an eyebrow.

"Okay there... Well it's good to know you're coming. I got to go tell Atlanta that you, Sam and Tiff are coming. Cya,"

Theresa walked off to find Atlanta. As usual, she found her on the basketball court. She was competing with Archie to see who could get the most hoops.

"Hey Lan,"

Atlanta was in the middle of shooting the ball. She was so concentrated on beating Archie she didn't even notice Theresa walk up behind her. Not even with her good hearing. It startled her and she dropped the ball. Archie turned around to see Atlanta drop the ball.

"Haha!" Archie laughed. "I beat you!" Archie jumped up in victory, but when he landed his ankle gave out and he fell to the ground.

Atlanta and Theresa burst out laughing.

"I was going to say sorry, but I guess you won now," Theresa laughed.

"Whatsup'" asked Atlanta as she pulled Archie up off of the ground.

Atlanta held the ball under her underarm and stood beside Archie, across from Theresa.

(a/n: incase you dont understand-)
At. Ar.

"Sam, Tiff and Santana said that they're coming to the sleep over tonight!" Theresa said excitedly.

"I'm very dissapointed in you Atlanta. A sleep over! Ashamed," Archie teased.

Atlanta punched him in the arm.

"What? Why can't I go to a sleep over?"

"Isn't that too girly for you? It thought you didn't like doing girly stuff and from what I hear you do eachothers nail polish and talk about boys all night long. Wow, I'm suffering all ready," Archie rolled his eyes.

"Oh yeah. I'm gonna' talk about boys. Boys are cute. Boys are hot. Omgosh Archie have you see Tylers abs! They'res soooo hot!" Atlanta squeeled sarcasticly..

"Whatever," Archie said walking away.

Archie knew that Atlanta was joking but he couldn't help but feel a sense of jealousy.

"So what are we going to do?" asked Atlanta.

"Oh, I've got it all planned out. Come on lets go to the library and I'll show you,"

The two girls walked to the school library and sat on a couch behind a large shelf of Greek Mythology books. Together they went over the plan.


Two girls ran around the house, up and down the stairs, grabbing things from coupards, closets, fridges etc. They even stole the pillow that Herry was using for his head. He turned around to snap at them but they were already gone.

The five guys sat watching a movie on the big screen tv. They were watching some sort of Paris Hilton thing. When the two girls were done they were pooped. They went down to the couches and sat down. Herry had taken up one couch by lying down on it, Odie had the one chair and Neil, Archie and Jay had the couch. There wasn't much room to sit anywhere. Theresa got a seat on the couch beside Jay but Atlanta just sprawled out on top of the four people sitting down and lay on top of them, resting her head in Archie's lap.

(a/n: model-)

E Atlanta O
H T J N Ar.

Archie couldn't pay attention to the tv screen any longer. Not with his beautiful, spiky-red haired friend laying in his lap. He was kind of nervous that his "friend"(a/n: if you know what I mean) might do something. (a/n:sorry for sickness). Luckly, nothing happened.

They started to watch tv for half and hour until the doorbell rang. Atlanta sprang up, much to Archie's dislike, and ran to get the door. It had only been about 2 seconds that it took Atlanta to get up and answer the door.

"Hey guys, come on in," Atlanta said motioning them to coem in. She told them where to put their bags. Theresa got up, dropping Jay's arm onto the couch, (a/n: his arm was around her neck) and greeted the three visitors.

Theresa showed them where they would be sleeping, Theresa's room, and where they could put their bags. Then Atlanta decided to intorduce the guys to the girls. Even though they probably knew eachother, she mine as well.

"Sam, Tiff, Santana, this is Odie, Herry, Jay, Neil and we don't quite have a name for him yet," said Atlanta reffering to Archie.

Archie picked up a pillow and chucked it at Atlanta but Atlanta caught it and threw it back with so much force he was knocked to the ground.

Archie sqeaked, "Who knew she was as strong as Herry?"

The five girls started to laugh. Santana took out her camera and took a picture of Archie lying on the ground.

Archie was just getting up when the photo was being taken and the bright flash blinded his eyes sight. He walked straight into Atlanta. They both fell to the ground. Archie got up and helped Atlanta up too.


Then the door bell rang and Theresa told Jay to answer it. Jay obeyed her as usual, and walked to the door. He opened the door revealing a man with a hat that said Pizza Hut.

"5 Pizzas for Mr. Jay Memphis,"

Jay gave a puzzled look.

"Theresa! Pizzas under my name!"

Theresa peered around the corner and gave Jay the most innocent, puppy dog face she possibly could. It made Jay melt. He gave in.


Jay took his wallet out of his pocket and payed the 30$ and closed the door. He brought the pizza's to the counter. But he was still puzzled.

"Are you girls seriously going to eat five pizzas. What, one for each of you?" asked Jay.

Theresa laughed.

"Of coarse not. Gosh Jay, we'd all gain like 50 pounds. Gross. We have two pizzas but because I'm so nice I thought well the guys would probably like some too. So I got you guys some pizza,"

Theresa took the top two boxes and brought them off to her room where the other four girls were seated, already playing a game.

Theresa was thinking about how she had just gotten Jay to pay for the pizzas and she laughed to herself as she entered the room. Atlanta's ears perked up.

"Whats so funny Ther?"

"Oh. Nothing. I was just thinking about how I got Jay to pay for the pizzas,"

"What'd you do? Kiss em?" asked Sam.

Theresa threw a klenex box at her but she dodged it.

"No! For a matter of fact all I had to do was use the innocent-puppy-dog face and he totally fell for it!"

"Sweet!" said Atlanta mouth full of food.

"Eww gross Lan!" exclaimed Tiffany.

"What?" said Atlanta, mouth still full of pizza.

"Lanta; chew, swallow, talk," said Santana.

Atlanta chewed her food and swallowed.


When the girls had finished their pizzas they decided to play a game. They started to play a board game, Dogopoly, but it started to get boring.

"This is so boring. This game has no...spunk," said Atlanta as she threw her game piece onto the board.

"I know. But you know what game does have spunk?" asked Theresa.

"What?" asked the four girls eagerly.

"Truth. Or. Dare," Theresa said slowly.

The four girls' faces brigtened up instantly.

"Oh yeah!" said Atlanta cooly.

"Okay so whose gonna' start?" asked Samantha as the girls formed a small circle.

"Well I think that we should go by age, oldest to youngest," said Santana.

"Yes!" Atlanta said while forming a fist and shoot her hand up into the air.

"Why, Yes!" said Tiffany mocking Atlanta's tone and action.

"Because I'm the youngest,"

"Well I agree with Santana then. Oldest to youngest. Rules are, no going outside of the dorm, no passes, no re-asking questions and the boys are aloud to be involved," said Theresa.

"Okay starting with, drum roll please, Sam,"

"Sam, truth, dare or two in one?" asked Atlanta.

Sam thought wisely for a moment or two.


"Party Pooper," Atlanta murmered.

The four other girls gathered together and made a plan for a question to ask. Then they decided on one.

"Sam, what do you think of Herry?" they asked her.

Sam started to blush. The faint pink showed up well on her light skin.

"I think that he has brown hair, brown eyes, he's tall and he's very strong,"

"Oh my gosh Sam we know that. I meant what do you think of him like his personality or how he looks? Whats your opinion?" asked Theresa.

There was no way she was letting her friend get out of a question like this.

"Oh.... I think that...Uhh...I don't know...He's....I think its kind of cute how dumb he is sometimes and..." she didn't finished.

"And what?" asked Tiffany.

"He is so cute and strong and sensitive. I bet he even sleeps with a teddy bear," Atlanta and Theresa started to laught histaricaly.

"What?" Sam asked.

"He...does...sleep...with...a...teddy bear!" said Atlanta between laughs.

Sam gasped.

"Oh my gosh that is so cute!"

"Yeah if you say so," said Atlanta.

"What? It isss!" she squeeled.

"Anyways...lets conitinue, I'm next," said Theresa.

"Theresa, truth, dare or two in one?" asked Santana.

"I pick dare!" she squeeled.

"God enough with the sqeels!" said Atlanta uncovering her ears.

Then the four girls started once again to come up with something good. When they had decided they told Theresa her dare.

"Okay Missy, we dare you to wear your most revealing outfit and then go downstairs and ask Jay what he thinks of it!"

Theresa turned bright red.

"That is so mean!" she whinned.

Theresa walked over to her closet and searched through the drawers till she found a pair of short boy shorts and suspenders. Then she went to the bathroom to change then she came back to her room.

"Whoa where'd you get that?" the four girls gasped.

"Well I had to make some money!"

"What were you a stripper?" asked Atlanta.

Theresa looked away.

"Oh my gosh you were!" they exclaimed.

Theresa had black lacy boy shorts and red suspenders that barelly covered her nipples.

(a/n: I went to the movies to get Troy but they didn't have it. Oh well I guess I'll have to wait till Christmas because thats what I'm getting. But we did get Jayson and the Argonauts=D)

"Why?" asked Atlanta.

"Well my daddy was getting mad because I was using up so much money to buy things and so he told me to get a job. I got my revenge by getting the worst job possible. A stripper,"

"I see...Well don't just stand there go ask Jay what he thinks,"

Theresa walked down the stairs and walked up to Jay who was eating his pizza on the couch with the other four guys.

Jay looked away from the tv to Theresa and he dropped his pizza. All five guys jaws dropped. They starred in awe at the girl before them.

"Ummm Ther..." Archie said.

"What are you wearing?" asked Neil.

"Oh this lil' thang. I was just trying on some old clothes in my closet. What'dya think Jay?"

The four boys stared at Jay and tried to cover their giggles. Jay just looked blankly at his beautiful teammate in front of him.

"'s different?"

Theresa pretended to look hurt.

"You mean you don't like it?"

"I didn't say that. I just said it was different,"

"Oh so you do like it?"

"Sure," Jay blushed.

"Hey Jay," Archie said.

He turned to look at his purple haired teammate.


"Does it turn you on?" he laughed.

Jay turned even redder because Theresa was still in the room. Theresa now looked like she was wondering the same thing as Archie. Jay looked from Theresa to Archie and back to Theresa.

"Well does it Jay?" asked Theresa.

Jay just sat there. He didn't know what to say. He just sat there. Then Archie spoke up.

"Theresa I think he says yes,"

Theresa giggled and ran back up the stairs. Atlanta, Sam, Tiff and Santana, who were hiding behind a corner, came after her. They all sat on the bed and laughed so hard that their stomaches started to hurt. When they were calmed down it was Tiffany's turn.

"Tiff, truth, dare or two in one?" someone said.

"Two in one,"

"Okay, truth or dare first?"


And the four girls were off to planning again. Five minutes later, they had thought of something.

"What is your secret hidden talent?"

Tiffany blushed.

"Okay...I can beat anybody at a vegetable eating contest,"

"Okay then I dare you to challenge Herry to see if you can beat him in a vegetable eating contest,"

The five girls went downstairs

"Hey Herry," said Tiffany.

"Hi, whatsup',"

"I wanna' challenge you to see who can eat the most vegetables,"

"Umm sure. When do we start?"


Theresa took out four large veggy trays (a/n: don't ask me how they got there because I don't know. lol) and two dinenr plates. Herry and Tiffany sat at each side of the table. They had an audience of four girls and four guys. The guys bet on Herry and the girls bet on Tiff.

"Okay lets see who can eat two of the veggie trays first. Ready. Set. Go!" said Theresa.

The two were already started. Food flew everywhere. They both basicly inhaled the food. They ate so fast that everybody thought that they might brake their jaws chewing so fast. The race was close. Herry had two carrots left on his last platter and Tiffany had two carrots left on her last platter. Tiffany grabbed both of the carrots and shoved them into her mouth. She chewed them into 6 pieces and swallowed. Herry was about to swallow when he lost.

Everybody clapped. Odie smiled at Tiffany and congradulated her. Tiffany blushed. Theresa and Atlanta saw this and smiled at her.

Then the five girls retreated back to the room. Santana was next.

"Okay Santana, your next. Truth, dare or two in one?"


The girls talked it up and came up with a dare.

"Okay we dare you to take a picture of your chest and then go downstairs and pretend to be showing your pictures to the guys and then 'accidently' show them the picture of your chest," said Atlanta smiling.

Santana did as the girls said and when she came back upstairs she was so red.

"What happened?" they asked.

"It was so funny. They were trying to guess whose chest it was!"

"Nice. My turn and I pick two in one!" said Atlanta.

Right away the four girls faces lit up. They already knew what they were gonna' make her do. Atlanta slowly backed away. She didn't like their awkward happiness to the subject.

"Atlanta which one first?"

"...Truth," she said uneasily.

"Okay Mz. Oblivious, do you like Archie?"

A faint pink went over Atlanta's cheeks.


"Of coarse I like him. He's my best friend!"

"Ugh. I told you she was oblivious," said Sam. "We mean do you like-like him?"

Atlanta turned more pink.


"Well yes or no?"

"Yes," she said very quietly.


"Yes," she said still very quietly.


"YES! I like him gosh!" she screamed but then noticed her mistake. If she had said that too loud the boys might have heard.

The girls started to laugh. Atlanta threatened to get revenge.

"Oh Jay!" Atlanta yelled out he door. Theresa covered Atlanta's mouth but Atlanta bit her.

"Ouch!" Theresa said shaking her hand. She got a pillow and started to hit Atlanta.

"Ahhhh! Help!"

Archie heard Atlanta yell for help and he ran up the stairs with the other guys.

Atlanta stopped her fighting with Theresa and listened, then she whispered to the girls, "Shh...Archie and the guys are coming, they think we were calling for help,"

"Okay Atlanta, now for your dare, kiss Archie when he comes to see what happened," Theresa whispered.

Atlanta's jaw dropped.

"What!" she mouthed.

Then the boys came running in the door.

"What happened? I-We heard Atlanta scream," said Archie.

Atlanta looked at the girls and the girls winked at her. Atlanta decided to play with Archie first.

"Why? Were you worried about me Arch?" she asked teasingly.

"Of coarse I was. What if it was Cro- a rober," Archie said.

"Oh turning into Jay now are we?" said Atlanta while circling around Archie with her hand on his right shoulder.

When she got to his front again she wrapped both arms around his neck.

"How sweet," she said as she leaned in and kissed him. Archie was shocked at first but then kissed her back. Then they started to french-make-out.

The four boys whistled and the girl screached and clapped.

"Damn, why can't we get any of that action?" asked Neil.

The four left over guys looked at the four left over girls then they got an idea. Theresa walked up to Jay and started to kiss him. Sam walked up to Herry and kissed him. Tiffany walked up to Odie and started to kiss him and Santana walked up to Neil and kissed him.

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