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My Pitch Was Bad

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Winter stops and thinks about what it would mean to be friends with the guys.

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"Morning Winter" Frankie said as I walked up the steps to the main entrance.

"Morning" I mumbled and walked straight to My locker.

"So how come You didn't tell us You live alone?" Frankie asked as I opened My locker.

"I just didn't" I replied, taking out My english books.

"So why do You live alone?" Gerard prodded.

"It's a strictly need to know basis, and You don't need to know so I'm not saying a word about it, and if You don't drop it greg I am going to kick Your ass" I snapped.

"Greg? I'm Gerard" Gerard replied.

I froze.

"I have to go" I said while slamming My locker shut and rushing off to english.

I sat alone in the empty classroom for five minutes until Mikey walked in.

"Hey Winter" He said as He sat down next to Me.

"Hey" I whispered.

"Do You want to talk?" Mikey asked.

"Yeah, but not at school" I replied.

"Well then come on" Mikey said, grabbing My hand and rushing to the door.

"Isn't this a little rebellious for You?" I said smirking.

"For Me yeah, but Your a friend and You need to talk so that takes priority over school" Mikey replied as We got to Our lockers (His being on the other side of the corridor)grabbed Our things and walked out the door.

"Come on, let's grab a coffee, or a hot chocolate in My case, Coffee is foul" I said as We walked into the Starbucks a few blocks away from the school.

"In Australia we have alot of usual problems- bad government, crime, and bushfires. It always happens around christmas time because christmas is smack bang in the middle of summer. The sun turns an angry red from the fires reflection, and theres always a smell of barbequed meat, proof that animals are caught in the bush fires too. Last year on christmas day I was with all My friends, Greg, Sam, Megan, Andrea and Maeve and My mother. Greg My boyfriend was asking everyone what they had gotten and other pesky questions- we all knew He was going to be a reporter. Sam was trying to calm His girlfriend Megan down because He had asked Her to marry Him. He did it on christmas day so He would never forget their anniversary, and when He asked Her She had fainted. Andrea was playing computer games and Maeve was watching Her. My mother was in the kitchen and I was just watching everyone around Me being happy. I left the room to try on the band tshirt that Greg had bought Me, and when I got to My room and looked out the window I saw flames. I rushed towards the window and saw that the flames were already down in the kitchen so I ran downstairs and into the lounge room when I was stopped by flames. The entire lounge room with all my friends and family inside was literally burning away in front of Me. I swear I heard Greg scream for Me to get the hell out of there above the screams of everyone else. So I did, I ran out the door and into the town to get help. When the fire brigade had stopped the fire at My house all that was left of My friends were charred corpses. I had to get away from Australia, so I signed up for the exchange student program and moved here" I finished.

I had didn't have tears in My eyes and when Mikey tried hugged Me I pushed Him away.

"You can't be My friend, none of You can" I said and got up to leave.

"Why?" Mikey asked shocked.

"Because You will wind up in an early grave just like My other friends" I said and walked out the door and back to school.

I knew that the early graves thing was harsh, but what I meant to say was that I didn' want to lose another friend, and it was better for Me to be on My own.

By the time I got back to school it was time for Music and when I got there Mikey and the others were there too, all of them with sympathy shining in their eyes which meant only one thing- Mikey told them what I never tell anyone else. I was about to get extremely enraged when the teacher came up to Me.

"So have You thought about what I said last lesson about being in a band or going solo?"

"Yeah" I said as I looked at Mikey meaningfully.

"Good, join Gerard and His band then" The teacher said.

"What? NO that's not my decision, I want to stay solo"

"Oh dear, I'm afraid I already assigned You to them, in fact I assigned You after yesterday when I saw You get along so well with them, sorry but Your stuck with them" The teacher said as He walked away.

Defeated I sat down next to Gerard.

Frankie was about to open His mouth when I growled "The next person to say ANYTHING about what Mikey has told you will be choking on their own severed tongue".

Frankie whispered "I'll be good" and went back to playing tic tac toe with bob.

"Scared He's going to make You cry with His words?"
Gerard whispered.

I didn't say anything to that, instead I just got through that music lesson and lunch and sat alone in Study Hall, thus culminating to a boring walk home and into My room to lie on My bed and cry.
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