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Screaming Obscenities At Assholes

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Gerard and Winter get cuddly.

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I guess I fell asleep while crying because the next thing I knew I could hear furious banging on My front door.

I got up off My bed, walked down stairs and opened the door to see a worried looking Gerard.

"God how long does it take for You to open a door?"

"I don't know- I was asleep so You tell Me"

"About 5 minutes. Can I come in?"

"Sure" I replied and moved so He could walk in.

Gerard walked right into the loungeroom while I waited at the door.

"This lounge room is so bare"

"Thats what happens when a fire burns everything You've got- the furniture doesn't pull itself back together" I replied sarcastically.

The lounge room only had a sofa and a tv with a tv cabinet.

"This house was My Aunts. When She died We decided to keep the house just in case. I guess this is the just in case" I said as I sat down on the sofa.

"What was Your Aunt like?" Gerard said as He sat down next to Me.

"She was a blast. We always said She was too american, She loved oreos and always wanted to go to an American school or teach at one and She even used to talk like an American. One day I said "maybe you should go marry an American guy, then you'd be really happy" and She did. She was so happy when She moved here" I finished and turned to look at Gerard, who just happened to be staring at Me intently.

"Your face lights up when You talk about happier times. You can have even more fun times with the guys and Me"

"I can't" I whispered and turned away.

Gerard gently touched My face and turned My head back to Him.


"I can't bare to lose anyone again, I never want to feel how I did when My friends died. It's better if I am on My own because then I don't have to see anyone else suffer"

"I don't want You to be on Your own, and the guys and I will never leave. and to prove it- where's Your phone?" Gerard asked.

"In the kitchen" I said.

"Ok You go and get 5 boxes of pizza and some dvds from down the street and I will have a surprise for You when you get back"

I looked at Gerard suspicously.

"Ok" I said, got My wallet and walked out the door and down the street.

When I walked into Little Caesar's I nearly died from laughter- Josh was working there and He looked like the biggest loser in his red and white uniform.

"Hello Winter, couldn't stay away?"

"No I couldnt- I just had to have 5 boxes of pizza" I said trying not to laugh and talk, it always sounds like gibberish when I do.

"I know You want Me, and there are other girls that want Me, but they don't compare to You, and I'll wait for the day you say to Me 'I want You Josh'"

"......Uhuh, well hold your breathe for My call, It will probably be a week from the apocalypse. Just gimme the damn pizzas" I snapped.

"Fine" Josh sighed and handed Me the pizzas.

I walked into the dvd store next to Little Caesar's and got My faveourite movies- Dead Man On Campus, Nightmare Before Christmas, Species and Corpse Bride.

As I walked in the door I saw all the guys on the floor except Gerard who was sitting on the sofa.

"Hey Winter" Bob said from His position on the floor.

"PIZZA!!!" Frankie cried and lunged at Me.

I screamed and fell backwards landing on the floor with a thud, Frankie rescuing the pizza's just before they hit the floor.

"Thanks for catching Me Frankie" I muttered.

Gerard hopped up and extended a hand to Me, and I took it, suddenly being lifted off the floor. What I wasn't expecting was the fact that My momentum didn't stop and I crashed into Gerard's body which ended up being a hug.

I blushed and untangled Myself from Gerard without looking at Him and sat on the sofa while Bob put a dvd in.

Gerard sat next to Me again.

"The guys are sleeping over" Gerard said as the movie started.

"Pipe down behind us" Ray yelled.

I nodded and got up.

"What are You doing?" Frankie said.

"If Your sleeping over I'm going to make the spare rooms liveable"

"How many do you have?" Mikey asked.

"4 excluding Mine and the beds are all singles except for Mine so someone will have to sleep in My bed considering the sofa isn't comfortable to sleep on and neither is the floor" I said and walked up the stairs to prepare the rooms.


"Gerard You can sleep with Winter" Bob stated.

"What? why?" I asked.

"Because You like Her" Ray said matter of factly.

"Is it obvious?"

"Yes" Mikey laughed.

"She likes You too You know" Frankie stated.

"Uh Frankie how do you know that?" Bob questioned.

"Did You see Her face when She pulled away from Gerard- She was blushing"

I was thinking about Winter. If She did like Me then maybe I should ask her out.


I was upstairs in the third room fixing the bed when I started thinking about Gerard.

I was thinking how maybe, just maybe, He liked Me. I shook My head and kept fixing the bed, theres no way He liked Me like that.

When I finished the final bed and walked downstairs half the pizza was gone and the Guys had started Dead Man on Campus without Me.

"THATS IT GUYS" I yelled, watching Them all jump in fright.

"You are all so dead for starting one of My fave movies without Me" I said and walked into the kitchen and locked the door.

Lucky for Me They didn't come anywhere near the kitchen, and when I returned to the loungeroom I had an old messenger bag hanging off My shoulder and a water balloon in My hand.

"Holy shit She's armed!" Frankie said as He got up.

"DUCK FOR COVER" Ray screamed.

I threw a water balloon right at Ray's hair and drenched it completely.

I threw most of My water balloons at Mikey and Bob considering Frankie was hiding behind Them.

I couldn't see Gerard and when I turned to get the last water balloon from My messenger bag there he was with the last water balloon which He just casually let slip from his fingers and onto My head.

The freezing cold water slid down My head and down My back and I shivered slightly.

"Note to self, next time We piss off Winter, make sure it's away from water and balloons" Frankie shivered as he reappeared from behind Bob and Mikey, who were dripping but sitting down like nothing happened.

"I second that note" Ray replied ringing His hair of water.

I was still looking at Gerard, then shivered and shook Myself mentally and sat back down on the sofa, Gerard again joining Me.

After about the third movie I was starting to get sleepy.

"Ok it's time to go to bed guys cos i'm getting sleepy" I said as I yawned.

"Come on, I'll show You where Your sleeping" I got up and walked up the stairs.

"These four rooms are the spare rooms, and this room on the other side of the corridor is Mine" I finished.

Frankie and Ray ran past everyone and hopped into the first two rooms, and Bob and Mikey casually walked into the last 2 spare rooms.

"I guess Your in My room then" I said as I walked into My room.

"Yeah" Gerard replied as He looked around My room.

Black silk queen size bed, purple curtains, rosewood furniture comprised of desk wardrobe and dresser and My lap top computer on the desk.

"There's a bathroom in here" I said as I opened the door and turned the light on.

"You can change in Here while I change in the bathroom ok?" I said and closed the door.

I heard a muuffled "Did I have a choice?" from the other side of the door and smirked.

I changed into a black tanktop and purple boxers and opened the door to see gerard in just His boxers.

I blushed like crazy but thankfully Gerard didn't notice because He wasn't facing Me.

"Uh do You need a tshirt?" I said trying not to look at Gerard.

"No this is fine, thanks anyway though" Gerard replied as He hopped into My bed.

I walked around to the other side and slid in so that I was as far away from Gerard's body as comfortably possible.

All of a sudden I started shivering.

"Are you ok?" Gerard asked from the other side of the bed.

"I'm fine, I guess the cold water has given Me a chill" I said shivering madly.

Before I knew what was going on Gerard had circled His arms around My waist and pulled Me closer to His body.

I wasn't facing Him but I quickly turned around and looked at Him.

"What are You doing?" I whispered.

"Keeping You warm" Gerard whispered back.

I did something stupid, very very stupid then. I leaned in and softly kissed Him for a few seconds.

"Thankyou" I said as I pulled away and turned over, still in Gerards arms.
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