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Singing For Sympathy

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Winter gets closer to the guys.

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I woke up and felt strangely warm, and when I opened My eyes I saw Gerard lying next to Me, so I did the most rational thing at the time- I screamed blue murder.

Gerard harshly woken by Me shreiking fell out of My bed, and from what I had just seen of the blur of Gerard it looked like He wasn't wearing anything either, so I screamed even louder.

Gerard hit His head pretty badly when He landed on the floor so by the time the Frankie, Ray, Mikey and Bob had rushed into the room all They saw was Me shrieking in bed and Gerard on the floor in boxers clutching His aching head.


I finally stopped screaming when I remebered everything from last night.

"Winter what happened?"

"I forgot Gerard was sleeping in My bed and when i woke up I started screaming and then He fell out of the bed and hit His head and He fell like a blur and I thought He wasn't wearing anything so I screamed louder wondering what the hell He did to Me" I finished.

It took the Guys a fraction of a second to start laughing so hard that They were on the floor with Gerard.

I waited a good ten minutes until They finally stopped.

"Ok Guys shoo I need to get the first aid kit for Gerard" I said hopping out of bed.

"Ok We will go make breakfast" Mikey replied.

"But You are going nowhere near the toaster" Frankie replied.

"Yeah You can make the eggs" Bob suggested.

"If there are any" Ray muttered as all 4 walked out of My room.

"Come on" I said as I picked Gerard up off the floor and walked Him into the bathroom.

He sat on the sink as I rummaged around in the cupboards for the first aid kit.

"Are Your ears bleeding from My screaming?" I asked as I still looked.

"No but I guess I'm shocked You can scream that loud" Gerard replied.

"Found it" I said and placed it beside Gerard.

"Let Me see Your head to make sure Your not bleeding" I said as I stood in between Gerard's legs and touched his hair gently.

"Your hair's really smooth to touch" I said, finding a small patch of blood.

"Thanks" Gerard replied while I cleaned up the blood.

"Ok You can look up now" I said as I removed My hands from His head.

"Winter about the kiss" Gerard started as He looked at Me.

"Yes?" I whispered.

"I like You and I was wondering if You wanted to go to the movies with Me sometime?" Gerard asked.

"Sure, but I thought You wanted to talk about the kiss"

"Oh yeah, I liked the kiss" Gerard said blushing.

"Me too"


I groaned and walked downstairs with Gerard and into the kitchen.

"So what's for breakfast?" I asked.

"We have no idea, there isn't anything in the fridge" Bob replied.

"Well then let's get dressed and go to the supermarket" I said rushing up the stairs for a shower.

By the time I had had My shower, brushed My hair and got dressed into a black ripped shirt and blue jeans with sneakers grabbed My wallet and got down the stairs everyone else was ready.

"Let's go" I said and walked out the door.

10 minutes later We walked into the supermarket.

"Ok Frankie, ice cream section, Mikey cookie section, Bob milk products, Ray meat products and Gerard is on trolley duty"

After half an hour of getting Mikey unstuck from sitting inside the trolley with everything We bought We made it out of the supermarket and back home.

"Now what's for breakfast" Bob asked.

"Bacon omlette and toast so go sit down in the lounge room and I will call You when it's ready" I replied as I started cooking the bacon and cracking the eggs.
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