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Slamming Doors Make A Good Drum Rhythm

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Winter cooks.

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"No Frankie for the 10th time I am NOT having kinky fantasies of You and Me with food" I sighed as I finished making the bacon omlette and placed it neatly upon the last piece of toast.

"Ok Guys, come and get it" I said as I sat down at the table in the kitchen and ate My omlette on toast.

I should have ducked and covered because the next thing I knew My face was on the plate.

Frankie in His hurry to get food had elbowed the back of My head by accident as He grabbed His plate of food from the other side of the table (Why He didn't just walk around Me is a mystery) and considering the plate was kinda heavy His elbow slipped.

"Uhoh" Frankie said while retreating rather quickly into the loungeroom.

"Dude did You have to elbow Her in the HEAD!?!" Ray yelled as I sat upright.

"I look like I have an omlette facial mask don't I?" I said.

Bob, Ray, Mikey and Gerard nodded.

I sighed and went up to the bathroom and washed My face, wondering how I was going to pay Frankie back.

And then I saw it. I grinned evilly.

I tiptoed down the stairs and carefully looked into the loungeroom.

Frankie was superglued to a spot in front of the tv.

"What are You doing?" Bob whispered.

"Playing a prank on Frankie, but I need help, can You tell Gerard to call Frankie into the kitchen 5 seconds after You come back here and stall Him until You go back into the kitchen" I whispered back.

Bob nodded and walked into the kitchen and then came back.

5 seconds later I hear Gerard yell "Frankie get Your ass in the kitchen".

I saw from where I was hiding with Bob that Frankie groaned and stood up, stretched and walked into the kitchen.

"All clear" I whispered as I rushed silently into the loungeroom and sat down in front of the tv.

"Do Me a favour, take this plaster from My hand and stick it on the plug behind this tv, make sure the plug can't come out at all" I said.

Bob took the plaster and did as He was told while I snuck in a secret dvd and pressed repeat.

"Ok go back to the kitchen" I said as I snuck out of the room and sat on the very top step.

Frankie walked back into the loungeroom, sat down and pressed play.

What came up wasn't Dead Man On Campus that He had put into the dvd player, it was Aqua's Barbie Girl that came up- full blast.

Frankie screamed like a girl and turned the tv off then rushed into the kitchen babbling about barbies and the horror.

I walked casually into the kitchen and said "You know I just heard the Barbie girl song in the loungeroom, is there something You're not teling Us Frankie?"

Frankie twitched and didn't answer.
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