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Show Me the Music

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Winter goes on a date with Gerard and gets a HUGE shock!

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"So after Your Prank which I will get You back for mwahaha it is now 5:00 in the afternoon so what are We going to do?" Frankie managed to say.

"Well Winter do you want to have that date tonight?" Gerard asked.

"Date? what date? oh that date" Ray said finally realising what was going on.

"Sure" I said. What was I supposed to say 'of course for I have been waiting for this moment My whole life'. Not that I would say that.

"There We have it folks enthusiasm ala Winter" Mikey said waving His arms in the air for show.

"Weazing show pony" I mutterd.

Bob Who was downing a glass of juice suddenly started to cough and splutter.

"There We have it folks, the man that hears all!" I smirked.

"Aren't You going to get ready for the date" Frankie asked.

"Why? it's a movie not a formal. You ready?" I asked Gerard.

He nodded.

"Ok, under no circumstances are You allowed in the kitchen-"

"Winter how are You going to stop us?" Ray interjected.

"Heres 50 bucks for pizza" I said smirking.

"We won't be in the kitchen" Frankie said while saluting.

"Come on, let's go" Gerard said as He took My hand and led Me out the front door.

When We got to the end of the block We heard Frankie yell "SAFE SEX" before rushing back inside.

It wasn't till We got to the movie theatre that I realised Gerard hadn't let go of My hand.

I blushed at the thought and then snapped back to reality when Gerard went to pay for My ticket into the movies.

"Hey I'm supposed to pay for Myself" I said.

"Yeah well I'm paying this time and You can pay next time"

"That seems fair. What are We seeing again?" I asked.

"Hide and Seek" Gerard replied.

Halfway through the movie I saw all these girls clinging to their dates because they were scared.

Honestly it's if they've never seen Rober DeNiro open a door!

I noticed Gerard was glancing back and forth from the movie to Me so I did what any girl would do to set a guy's mind at ease- I jumped at the next plausible scary thing that happened, grabbed Gerard and held onto Him tightly, burying My face in His chest.

Gerard wrapped His arms around Me and I cuddled closer, still supposedly terrified of the movie.

I smiled, liking the moment just for what it was- comforting.

When the movie was over We walked home laughing at the guy in the third row who tripped and threw all his popcorn onto his date who squealed and slapped him, but still allowed him to get to second base.

"Hey guys whats u-" I stopped and looked into a mirror.

No not a mirror- My twin sister.
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