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Do My Ears Deceive Me? A Duo?

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Winter explains.

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"Winter" My twin whsipered.

"A-Autumn" I said in disbelief.

I walked closer to Her and looked closeley at Her, looking for anything that might show She wasn't My twin.

Her eyes, Her hair, Her skin, it was identical to Mine.

"Uh is anyone going to clue us in here?" Mikey asked.

"Guys this is someone that looks like My twin sister Autumn, Fake Autumn this is Ray, Bob, Mikey, Frankie and Gerard"

"I am Your twin Winter" Fake Autumn stated.

"My sister is dead, the hospital told Me so Myself"

"Your only half right-" Autumn started.

"You never said You had a sister" Bob whispered.

"Because it's too painful to say. Autumn was in Our room when I got upstairs, and when We stood in front of the loungeroom and got told to run We ran. We both made it outside the house safely. But there was an explosion and it sent the both of Us back a few feet. I hit the ground while Autumn hit the brick garage full force and crushed a few ribs as well as earned Herself a concussion. I just had a broken arm so We were rushed to hospital together. An hour later Autumn was fighting for Her life, a rib had pierced Her lung. 15 minutes later The doctor told Me She passed away-"

"Which is when You ran out of the hospital" Fake Autumn finished.

"How did You know?"

"They told Me. See after You left the doctor notcied I had a weak pulse. 10 minutes later I was stabilised and I was going to be fine, and I wasn't in a coma, I was just sleeping. 2 days later I wake up to find that You had fled to our Aunt's house in America and were finishing school there"

"Tell Me something only We would know" I asked Her.

"We are the Harpies" Autumn replied.

My eyes welled up with tears and I hugged Her crying.

"Harpies?" Ray asked before Bob slapped Him upside the head to tell him to be quiet.

"It's strange" Frankie said out loud.

"What is?" I asked.

"You wear black and purple, while Autumn wears red and black. uncommon in teenage twins- shouldn't one of You be into chearleading?"

"You watch too much cliche tv sitcoms" Autumn smirked.

"More like tv sick coms" I replied.

Autumn and I giggled which made everyone look at Us funny.

"Y-You guys giggle the same!??!" Mikey said slightly freaked out.

"Well We are twins, what did You expect-"

"-Us hating each others guts or something?"

"So what do You do for fun around Here, and please tell Me there are some bass guitarists here with vision" Autumn pleaded.

Mikey blushed.

"I wouldn't know about vision but Mikey here plays bass" I said point Mikey out to Autumn.

"And the music class is like a battle of the bands all the time" Bob added.

"Oh and Winter has a jock strap stalker" Gerard added.

"And a guy that is very interested in Her" Autumn replied.

Gerard just blushed.
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