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Step Up and Sing

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The next day Autumn enrols in school.

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"..So Your Winter's twin sister?" The music teacher said.

"Isn't it obvious" She replied smirking.

"Well what's Your specialty?"

"Singing" Autumn replied curtly.

"Well get up and show Us"

"Alright, but theres a catch" Autumn replied.

"I sing with Her" I finished.

"Alright You two step up"

The two of Us stood in front of the class and nodded to each other.

We started singing Alanis Morisette's So Much Easier.

We did a call and response in the verses and did a hramony during the chorus.

When We were finished the teacher applauded same with the guys.

"Well I hope You have fun with the guys band. I'm assigning You both to them"

Autumn stood there shocked. She wasn't going to take this very well.

"Sir You can't do that" Autumn indignantly remarked. Yep She didn't take it well.

"Oh? and why is that?"

"Because We work together and thats it. We've been singing together for years-"

"-An now it's time to broaden your voices. End of discussion" The teacher said and moved on.

"Hey cheer up, We are still together" I said hugging Her.

"LESBIAN TWINS" some random guy in the class yelled out.

I stopped hugging Autumn and looked Her straight in the eye and came up with the same plan as Her.

I walked straight up to him and punched him in the nose, breaking it and also making it bleed a heck of a lot and then sat back down with the guys.

Autumn walked up to him and kicked him in the family jewels and sat down next to Me.

"The only thing I hate about breaking noses is that Your always left with this" I said as I held up My hand which was covered in blood.

"Yeah well at least you didn't touch His family jewels, I'm going to be scrubbing this shoe for a month"

"Yeah, but it was worth it" I said and giggled.

"You guys....are very creepy...." Frankie shuddered.

"Awww is fwankie scawed?" Autumn baby talked.

"If I say no what does it entail?"

"A sharp implement to the but" Autumn replied.

"YES I AM VERY SCARED" Frankie yelled.

"That's good to know Frankie" the teacher said.

Everyone was laughing for the rest of the afternoon.
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