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When Singing Is No longer A Comfort

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How close are Autumn and Winter?

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"I cannot believe that disgusting music teacher" Autumn shrieked when we got home- the guys went to go get pizza per My request- if theres one thing I know it's that I am the only girl that can dish back as much as Autumn gives out.

"He's just doing His job" I replied sitting on My bed.

"Yeah? well His job is a joke- We are the Harpies, He can't push us into a new band under a new name" Autumn punctuated by slamming Her fist into My wardrobe, making a dent.

"Sit down before You break anything else" I demanded.

She sat down on My bed.

"Look, The other Harpies died in the fire. We aren't who We used to be Autumn. Look at Us- We are in another country with a new environment and new friends. We can't be the Harpies anymore, and We have to adjust here ok?" I finished, touching Autumns hand.

Autumn rose, even angrier then before.

"I think You just want to get lucky with Gerard and forget all about everyone else that died. What about your own ex-boyfriend who died that fire-"


"You slut. He never mattered to You did He?"

"f course He did- everyone did. But I closed My heart the moment I was told they were all dead. When I came here I blocked Gerard and the others out too for a while, but Gerard made Me realise I didn't have to block out what happiness I could still have-"

"Or what sex You could get from a guy that will leave You after He's finished taking You. How naieve can You get? Did everyones deaths screw You up to the point where You let anyone in?"

That made Me think- was I really being that cliche? was I hurting so bad that I just let Gerard into My heart.

"No Autumn, I'm not naieve- and just because You made the mistake of sleeping with a sleeze and having to deal with the consequences doesn't mean I will too-"

I didn't get to finish because Autumn had lunged at Me, wrapping Her hands around My throat.

I growled and punched Her square in the jaw, knocking Her off guard and into the dented wardrobe.

She lunged at Me again but this time I was ready for Her and kicked Her in the stomach, pushing Her back again.

She picked up My laptop and flung it at Me and I dodged it and rushed down the stairs, but She caught Me halfway down the stairs, wrapping Her arms tight around My neck and pulling backwards.

I didn't stop going backwards so when the guys opened the door They saw Me go backwards and have Autumns black slide down the stairs with Me ontop of Her.

Growling and snarling at each other We kept fighting while the guys stood there in shock for a minute.

I faintly heard Mikey say "Shouldn't We do something?" and Frankie answering "You want to willingly get involved in that?!?!"

I'd have laughed but Autumn had punched My mouth and I started bleeding from it.

I grabbed Her and forced Her into a headlock.

"Take it back" I growled.

"FINE I"M SORRY" Autumn screamed.

I let go of Her and She got to the other side of the room.

She had a bleeding lip and was clutching Her side in pain, and I could see from the tv's reflection that I had a black eye and marks around My throat.

Gerard walked up to Me and touched My face gently.

"What happened" He asked.

"Nothing a little fighting couldn't fix, right Autumn?" I asked over Gerard's shoulder.

Autumn didn't say anything, but I could see that when Mikey walked over to Her and offered to dress Her wounds She blushed.

It figures that My twin sister would take Her own problems and think They were My own- She was scared Mikey would do what her last shy boyfriend did-Sleep with Her and then leave Her.

For this reason, I couldn't be mad at Her.

"Did You take any special training in kicking ASS!" Frankie yelled.

"If Your about to say that that was the biggest turn on of all time, don't" Autumn replied.

"I'll go get the first aid kit" Gerard said, trying not to laugh at Frankie's scared face as He walked up the stairs.

"Ok guys, park Yourselves in front of the tv, but don't You dare watch Dead Man on Campus without Us"

Autumn and I walked into the kitchen and Mikey followed.

"I-I want to help Autumn" Mikey whispered while blushing.

I had an idea when Gerard walked into the room.

I swiped the first aid kit from Him and emptied half of the contents.

"Ok Mikey, heres the stuff You'll need, Gerard left something that I need upstairs in the bathroom so I'll dress My wounds up there" and grabbed Gerard's hand walking upstairs and into My bathroom.

"What was that about?" Gerard asked.

"Mikey and Autumn like each other, so let Him be intimate with Her" I said as I sat on the basin and spread My legs so Gerard could stand between Them and fix My face.

"What is it about first aid kits that get you girls going?" Gerard asked.

"Because it gives people an oppurtunity to do this" I said and kissed Gerard's soft cheek.

"Ah well then for a guy it's an oppurtunity to do this" Gerard said kissing My lips.

I shovered slightly as He brushed His tongue softly against My bottom lip wanting Me to open My mouth, and I did, where He explored My mouth and I His, wrapping My arms around His neck and pulling Him closer while He wrapped His arms around My waist.

"Hey guys I was just wondering what was taking so-ARGHHH!" Screamed Ray as He ran back downstairs.

"You think He'll be ok?" I asked.

"I have no idea" Gerard replied as We heard screams of "MY EYES MY EYES" coming from the loungeroom.
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