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Singing A Different Tune

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Autumn and Mikey get together...poor Ray.

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While Gerard and I walked downstairs We saw Ray sigh and say "I guess I'll get Myself a drink".

It wasn't until After I heard Him scream that I realised what Mikey and Autumn were doing.

I ran into the kitchen to see Mikey trying to fix His glasses that had slipped slightly and Autumn fixing Her messed up hair.

"My my Autumn You HAVE been busy" I smirked.

"Oh? what about You Winter"

"Out of curiosity" Gerard asked, "I don't suppose You can both feel what the other is feeling in any way"

"Only slightly- We can tell what We are doing faintly but that's about it" I replied as I continued to smirk at My twin.

"Come on, lts watch movies with Rays remaining eye span" Autumn said, taking Mikey's hand and walking Him into the lounge room.

"Mikey, You hurt My sister and I will castrate you with a rusty saw while You sleep" I muttered as He walked by Me.

He turned extremely pale and sat next to Autumn on the couch.

"Look what I found" Autumn said from the couch and picked up the dvd 10 things I hate about You.

"Screw watching the whole thing threw cut to the Letters To Cleo Bits" I grinned.

As the song Come On by Letters To Cleo came on Autumn and I got up and danced while singing.

It was Our favourite part of the movie to do and it was tradition to do it, although when We finished the guys stared at Us oddly.

"I'm bored- can We go walking?" Bob asked.

"Sure, let's go" I said.

We all walked out of the house and down the street until We reached a park.

We went in to find not just Josh, but 6 of His friends as well.

"Does anyone get the feeling that Josh has a major jones for Us?" Autumn muttered.

I nodded just as Josh and His friends spotted Us.

"Ah Winter, did You want to see Me?" Josh said in an oh-so sickly manner.

"If I wanted to see You all I'd have to do is look into a pig pen" I growled.

"Now now Winter, that's insulting the real pigs" Autumn added.

We all laughed.

All except Josh and His friends.

"Bitch, Your gonna pay for that" Josh growled back, clicking His fingers.

His goons decided to fight Us.

Autumn and I grinned madly.

"Autumn Your My tag, stay here" I said as I ran straight towards the guys and landed a roundhouse kick into the gut of the first goon.

"Winter always gets all the fun, but that doesn't mean You can't" I heard Autumn say to the guys.

Mikey stayed with Autumn as Gerard, Ray, Bob and Frankie ran to where I was and started to help Me out.

After 10 minutes the goons were groaning on the ground, and it wasn't until then that I realised Mikey was bleeding on the ground a little bit away from Us.

"MIKEY!" Gerard yelled as We all ran over to Him.

"Josh took Autumn" Mikey spluttered with blood pouring from the corner of His lip.

"Ray, Bob, take Mikey back to My place, Gerard, Frankie, Your coming with Me" I growled as I started to march into a certain direction.

"How do You know where She is?" Frankie said.

"Because I can see drag marks here" I said, pointing to the freshly disturbed ground.

"Will She be alright until We get to Her?" Gerard asked.

"Of course, She's a Harpie. She knows I will come for Her" I said.

5 mintues later I could Hear Her screaming from inside a nearby house.

"Come on, HURRY!" I yelled as I ran up the steps to the house, not stopping just kicking down the door and stepping inside trying to figure out where She was.

Unfortunatley I picked the wrong house- the tv was blaring with a screaming girl on it and a bewildered family looking at Me.

"Well that was a poor reflex, I am a cop trying to get people more aware of the fact that it is that easy to break into a house and be killed- You'd all be dead by now, next time be more prepared bye" I said quickly and ran out the door and into the next house which just so happened to be the right one.

Kicking down the door again I saw Josh trying to force Autumn down into the basement.

"BASTARD!!" I screamed and rushed at Him kicking Him in the back and grabbing Autumns wrist so that He fell down the stairs while She didn't.

"Not bad Sis" Autumn said, slightly out of breath.

"Come on, lets go home" I said.

"And I thought We were going to fight some more" Frankie pouted.

"You could always fight Me or Autumn" I replied, wrapping My arm around Gerards waist, Him doing the same to Me.

"No thanks- I only want a workout, not being slaughtered" Frankie replied.

Autumn and I just laughed.
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