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Have We Been Caught

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Frankie's pissed at Gerard. Gerard's apologetic. What will happen? READ AND REVIEW!!!!!

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Ch 7 Disclaimer- I write sins, not tragedi- I mean, not the truth.

A/N- Hey, wazzup? I only got three reviews this time 'round, and that made me sad. :( You know? Geez. Okay, now here's chapter 7 of "You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison?" Enjoy...

I cannot believe that I just said that. Why don't I ever think before I speak?

The look on Frankie's face was of pure horror. He was backed against the window, and his mouth was hanging open.

"Frankie...," I started, then trailed off. The look on his face was heartbreaking. At this point, though, I wasn't even sure that I even had a heart.

He whimpered and started to cry. I just sat there. I knew that I should comfort him, but I couldn't. He had comforted me earlier, why couldn't I return the favor?

Why did I have so many damn problems?

Frank crossed his arms over his chest, physically turning away from me.

"Can we just get to the damned bank and get this over with?" he asked, his voice filled with pain.

"Yeah," I said softly, not sure how to apologize. I turned the key in the ignition, but nothing happened. Frowning, I turned it again. The engine made a soft sputter, and then, nothing.

Frank heard this, and gasped lightly.

"Gee...please tell me that the car didn't just-."

"Yeah. It did," I said grimly.

"Dammit all to hell!" he screamed suddenly, banging his fist against the dashboard. I jumped, surprised. Frank never showed extreme emotion. I guess it was for the better. Bottling up emotion is never good for you.

"Well, we passed a sign about a mile ago that said Las Vegas was just five miles away. We can take the guns and go rob a casino, I guess," I said hopefully.

"You want us to walk five freaking miles?!!?" he screamed, his face turning red and the veins popping out of his neck.

I backed up a bit, and blinked.

"No, Frankie. I want us to jack a car."

He narrowed his eyes at me, and sneered.

"No way in hell am I going to hurt someone else."

"I never said that we'd hurt them, I just said that we'd steal the car from them. You know, turn on our emergency lights, get them out of their own car, and then slip into their car. Quick, easy, and painless," I explained gently.

He shook his head.

"No. Freaking. Way."

"Well," I shot back, "the only other option is to walk."

"Then I'll freaking walk!!!!" Frank screamed, shoving the door open and jumping out.

I gasped, fumbling with my buckle. I looked up in horror to see Frank walking in the opposite direction. At least he was going towards Las Vegas.

"Come on!" I screamed, ripping the buckle out of its clasp. I shoved the door open and jumped out, running after my boyfriend.

"Frankie!" I yelled, chasing after him. He glanced behind himself, saw me, and took off running.

"Stop it! Don't come after me!" he yelled over his shoulder.

I was panting by now, unable to catch up with the younger man. I really should stop smoking. All those years of drinking and drugs definitely caught up with me.

I stopped, leaning over and gasping for breath. This situation sucked donkey balls. It was the middle of December and it was nighttime, so the fact that we were in Nevada was useless against the insane cold. Not only was it cold, I only had on my favorite zip-up hoodie, a pair of tight jeans, a thin black T-shirt, and my Vans. Oh, and don't forget that we just left all our food and money in the car. Thankfully, I had remembered to grab the guns and slip them into a small back-pack. We were in the middle of nowhere, and my boyfriend was leaving me.

Dammit. My life sucks donkey balls.

I looked up to see Frank stop running. He stopped moving completely and his head leaned backwards. I stopped too, and looked at him, confused.

He took a small step forward but he ended up going sideways.

"Frankie!" I gasped, running forward. I got to him just as he collapsed in my arms, unconscious.

His weight was too much for my already exhausted body, and I slipped to the ground with him. I cradled him in my arms, crying my eyes out.

"Why the hell is all this happening to us??!!??" I screamed to the sky.

My answer came in a blinding light.

"Holy God!" I cried, staring into that bright, bright light. "Jesus?"

The light stopped growing brighter, in fact, there was the sound of two voices.

"Oh my God. Jesus? Have you come to show me the light?" I asked, clutching Frank to my chest.

Two blurry figures came towards us, and their worried voices floated towards me.

"Jesus?" I asked again, my voice getting lighter. My head was spinning, and I looked at the road. Funny. Why was the road coming up to meet me?

The last thing I remember was a female voice shouting, "Oh my God! It's Gerard Way and Frank Iero!"

Dammit. We've been caught.

A/N- Real short, sorry. I had to leave it there. That was too good of a cliff-hanger. REVIEW!!!!

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